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Too Much Trouble lyrics
Genre: Rap
Too Much Trouble (1985) 01. You Don't Know Me [add]
02. Have I the Right? [add]
03. Blind Passion [add]
04. On and On [add]
05. Too Much Trouble [add]
06. Vickie [add]
07. When I'm Down [add]
08. Hard Life [add]
09. Evermore [add]
10. Itchy Feet [add]

Bringing Hell on Earth (1992) 01. Intro [add]
02. Only the Strong [add]
03. Invasion of the Purse Snatchers [add]
04. Take the P---- [add]
05. Hoe [add]
06. Ghetto M.C. [add]
07. Mother Fuckin' Thugs [add]
08. Fugitives on the Run [add]
09. Life of the Gangsters [add]
10. Wanted Dead or Alive [add]
11. Jealous Niggas Hy Cappen [add]
12. Bad Attitueds [add]
13. Definite Cashflow [add]

Players Choice (1993) 01. Pimptro [add]
02. Pleasin' My Pimp [add]
03. Pimpin' Ain't Dead [add]
04. Bring It On [add]
05. Break Yourself [add]
06. If You Ain't Suckin' [add]
07. Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [add]
08. Family [add]
09. We Want [add]
10. Still on the Run [add]
11. Jack Mission [add]
12. Red Light Victim [add]
13. Let's Get It On [add]
14. Don't Squab No More [add]
15. How Much Ghetto Can You Take [add]
16. Outro [add]

Too Much Weight (1997) 01. Take Me to War [add]
02. Go Get It [add]
03. Busted Open [add]
04. Smoke With Me [add]
05. Ballin' Azz G'z [add]
06. P-Thang [Radio DJ] [add]
07. P-Thang [add]
08. DPL [add]
09. Hustler's Got It Ruff [add]
10. Let Me Take You Home [add]
11. Hoe Money [add]
12. C.A.S.H. [add]
13. Player's Life [add]
14. Pimp Drunk [add]
15. Hit the Road [add]

Too Much Weight [Chopped & Screwed] (2006) 01. Ballin' Azz G'Z [add]
02. Hoe Money [add]
03. C.A.S.H. [add]
04. Pimp Drunk [add]
05. Skit [add]
06. D.P.L. [add]
07. Let Me Take You Home [add]
08. Go Get It [add]
09. Take Me to War [add]
10. Busted Open [add]
11. Hustler's Got It Ruff [add]
12. P-Thang [add]
13. Smoke with Me [add]

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