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Alice Di Micele lyrics
Genre: Women's
Make a Change (1988) 01. Let It Rain [add]
02. Dismantle [add]
03. In a Gentle Way [add]
04. Surface of the Water [add]
05. Celebrate the Rain [add]
06. Make a Change [add]
07. Wise Old Woman [add]
08. Song for Leonard Peltier [add]
09. Water's Melody [add]

Too Controversial (1990) 01. American Dream [add]
02. I Won't Say Goodbye [add]
03. Georgie Boy Blues [add]
04. Everybody Needs to Be Free [add]
05. The Water Is Wide [add]
06. If I Was a Wolf [add]
07. Naomi [add]
08. New Moon [add]
09. Too Controversial [add]
10. Missing You [add]

Searching (1992) 01. In a World [add]
02. Moonrise and Emotion [add]
03. Safe Tonight [add]
04. Lift Us Up [add]
05. Everything [add]
06. Thorns and Brambles [add]
07. Land of Broken Promises [add]
08. Searching [add]
09. Defend the Earth [add]
10. That Sweetness [add]

Naked (1996) 01. Bring Back the Rain [add]
02. Trouble in Mind [add]
03. If I Could Move the World [add]
04. I Don't Know What It Is [add]
05. The T.V. Song [add]
06. Out of Control [add]
07. The Gentle Breeze [add]
08. Like a Picture [add]
09. Make It Last [add]
10. Pretty Blue [add]
11. Wake up in the Morning Blues [add]
12. Naked [add]

Demons & Angels (1998) 01. Spirit of the River [add]
02. Alligator [add]
03. Taking Flight [add]
04. Tell Me the Way [add]
05. Find It There [add]
06. Angel [add]
07. Locked Inside [add]
08. Witch's Magic [add]
09. Do You Dare [add]
10. Alive, Awake [add]
11. Chinook Blues [add]

Alice Live (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Throw It Away [add]
03. Walk with Me [add]
04. The Other Side [add]
05. Wise Old Woman [add]
06. Faith Lives [add]
07. Wake Up in the Morning Blues [add]
08. Taste of Revenge [add]
09. The Beaver Song [add]
10. Chinook Blues [add]

Raw, Unfiltered, Organic (2006) 01. Bring on the Rain [add]
02. The Cottonwoods [add]
03. Everything I Am [add]
04. Heart Pound [add]
05. Remember [add]
06. Bungee Jumping [add]
07. Mexico [add]
08. I Am a Snake [add]
09. Take Me Down [add]
10. Hole in the Bottom [add]
11. Conjuring [add]
12. Crush [add]
13. Promise of the Sun [add]
14. Lullaby [add]

By Ebb and By Flow (2007) 01. Mexico [add]
02. Conjuring [add]
03. Take Me out on the Water [add]
04. Made out of Water lyrics
05. Crush [add]
06. The Way Your Heart Pounds [add]
07. Downstream [add]
08. Promise of the Sun [add]
09. Everything That I Am [add]
10. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
11. The Cottonwoods [add]

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