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The World Players lyrics
Genre: World
The World of Celtic Fiddle (2006) 01. Lakes of Silgo/Top of Maol [add]
02. Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord [add]
03. Lady Madeline Sinclair/Orange and Blue/The Keel Row/Kafoozalum/Lord Moi [add]
04. An Buachail Caol Dubh [add]
05. Ash Grove/Last Rose of Summer [add]
06. Biddy the Bowl Wife/Pet of the Pipers/Garry Owen [add]
07. Plearaca Na Ruarcach [add]
08. Na Connerys [add]
09. Cameron's Got His Wife Again/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Highland Whiskey/Spe [add]
10. An Goirtin Fornan [add]
11. Carolan's Air [add]
12. Rory O'Moore/The Donnybrook Boy/The Humours of Donnybrook [add]
13. A'raibh Tu Ag an G Carraig [add]
14. Stirling Castle/Cock O' the North/Drowsy Maggie/Trumpet Hornpipe [add]
15. Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) [add]
16. Tuirne Mhaire/Planxty Irwin [add]
17. Sialh Na Mban/Winnie's Air [add]
18. De'll Amang the Tailors/Mason's Apron/Soldier's Joy [add]
19. Triumph/Old Bog Hole/Callum Beg [add]
20. Larry O'Gaff/Lannagan's Ball/The Young May Morn/St. Patrick's Day/Paddy [add]
21. Mrs. McLeod/The Wind That Shakes the Barley/Fairy Dance [add]
22. Taimse im Chodladh [add]
23. Blackthorn Stick/Father O'Flynn/Sorry to Part/Roaring Jelly/Rakes of Ki [add]
24. Aisling Gheal [add]
25. Baidin Fheilimi [add]
26. Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond/Cam' Ye by Athol/Miss Forbes' Farewell to B [add]

The World of French Café Music (2006) 01. No Regrets [add]
02. Chanson d'Amour [add]
03. Milord [add]
04. Amarcord [add]
05. C'est Si Bon [add]
06. Under the Bridges of Paris [add]
07. La Mer [add]
08. I Love Paris [add]
09. Claire de Lune [add]
10. Un Homme et une Femme [add]
11. C'est Magnifique [add]
12. Fleur de Paris [add]
13. Pigalle [add]
14. La Vie en Rose [add]
15. (Weekend Au)Balajo [add]
16. Song from Moulin Rouge [add]
17. Under Paris Skies [add]
18. La Marseillaise [add]
19. April in Paris [add]
20. L' Accordeoniste [add]
21. Vlad's Tango 2 [add]
22. Falling in Love Again [add]
23. Gigi/Thank Heaven for Little Girls [add]

The World of Celtic Harp (2006) 01. The Lamb's Fold [add]
02. The Willow Tree [add]
03. Farewell to Happy Llangyfelach [add]
04. Two Manx Dances: Berry Dhone/Mona's Delight [add]
05. The Cockle Gatherer [add]
06. Jezebel Carol [add]
07. Lord Willoughby [add]
08. Kill Cash [add]
09. Sheep Under the Snow [add]
10. Willie Drooned in Yarrow [add]
11. Mary Young and Fair [add]
12. The Banks of the Suir [add]
13. All Through the Night [add]
14. Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes [add]
15. The Rising of the Lark [add]
16. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose [add]
17. Royal Dream/Winter Has Gone [add]
18. Scarborough Fayre [add]
19. The Queen's Marsh [add]
20. Flowers of the Forest [add]
21. Skye Boat Song [add]
22. The Foggy Dew [add]
23. Gather Ye Rosebuds [add]
24. Harp of Gold [add]
25. Cornish Dance [add]
26. Keel Row/Hundred Pipers [add]
27. Royal Lament [add]
28. Ned of the Hill [add]
29. The Silkie [add]

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