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Alien Bliss lyrics
Genre: Rock
Alien Bliss (1995) 01. Alien Bliss [add]
02. Touched [add]
03. Fast [add]
04. Between Scenes [add]
05. The Ballad of Filip and Little Joe [add]
06. Too Much Fun [add]
07. Rock It Off [add]
08. Sci-Fi Creatures [add]
09. Let's Pretend [add]
10. Go the Limit [add]

The Southpoint Chronicles (2004) 01. Pele [add]
02. Hard Rock Lava Stone [add]
03. Southern Gothic [add]
04. Prejudice [add]
05. Evil Twin [add]
06. Elvis in Milolii [add]
07. That Was Then [add]
08. Where the Warm Winds Blow [add]
09. Waiohinu [add]
10. A Songsmith's Saga [add]
11. Island Girl [add]
12. Endless Summer [add]
13. Planet on the Prairie [add]

Island Girl (2005) 01. Bucket 'O Bolts [add]
02. Island Girl [add]
03. Prejudice [add]
04. Elvis in Milolii [add]
05. Pele's Got a Hold on Me [add]
06. Love Her So [add]
07. Where the Warm Winds Blow [add]
08. Can't Be Elvis [add]
09. Mental Feng Shui [add]
10. Hard Rock Lava Stone [add]

Peace in Our Time (2006) 01. The Door Is Open [add]
02. Peace in Our Time [add]
03. Canterbury Overture/The Road to Canterbury [add]
04. Through the Looking Glass [add]
05. Kindred Spirits/Road Angel [add]
06. Secret Waterfall [add]
07. The Story of Your Life [add]
08. Rain Dance [add]
09. Endless Summer [add]

Time and the River (2006) 01. Time and the River [add]
02. Ordinary Magic [add]
03. Jumpin' [add]
04. Forest and the Fall Part 1 [add]
05. Forest and the Fall Part 2--The Amnesiac [add]
06. Forest and the Fall Part 3 [add]
07. Forest and the Fall Finale [add]
08. The Philosopher [add]
09. Nosferatu [add]
10. Diana [add]
11. Stranger in a Strange Land [add]

Vampire Surfers (2006) 01. Vampire's Kiss [add]
02. Dangerous Curves Ahead [add]
03. Holy Man [add]
04. Train of Thought [add]
05. Vampire Surfers Part 1 [add]
06. Vampire Surfers Part 2 [add]
07. House of Mirrors [add]
08. Better at Sayin' Goodbye [add]
09. Tsunami [add]
10. Brains on Fire [add]
11. Creatures of the Night [add]

Bandito d'Amore (2006) 01. The Girls [add]
02. Hearts Collide [add]
03. World of Our Own [add]
04. You and Me Tonight [add]
05. Smile [add]
06. Streamline [add]
07. Hills of Home [add]
08. Invitation to the Dance [add]
09. Goddess [add]
10. Film Noir [add]

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