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DJ Micro lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Coast to Coast (1997) 01. Techon Trance [Omar Santana Mix] [add]
02. Believe in Me [add]
03. Boogie (Sunking's Boogie Joint) [add]
04. Here We Go [Original Mix] [add]
05. Make Me Feel (Filtered Beats) [add]
06. Make Me Feel [Shake & Break Mix] [add]
07. Acid or XTC [Breakz for Ya Face Mix] [add]
08. Use Your Tool [add]
09. Free Your Soul [Kingsize Mix] [add]
10. 7 Deadlies [add]
11. Long Distance Call to Heaven [add]
12. Long Distance Call to Heaven [Progression Mix] [add]
13. Tone Exploitation [Rabbit in the Moon Mix] [add]

Micro-Tech Mix (1998) 01. Flowtation [Digital Blondes Remix] [add]
02. Return Trip [add]
03. Majick [D'Still'D Mix] [add]
04. Heaven's Gate [add]
05. Prologue [Carl Cox and Paul Van Dyke mix] [add]
06. Epidemic [JDS Remix] [add]
07. Thumpa [add]
08. Leader of the North [add]
09. Jack Tweaker [add]
10. Acperience [Dex and Jonesey's Funk 2 Dub remix] [add]
11. Someone [Slacker's Rolling Mix] [add]
12. Gotta Have Hope [Bubbleman Vs. JC Remix] [add]
13. I Will Be Free [Original Version] [add]

Caffeine: The Natural Stimulant (1998) 01. Love [DJ Stews Gate Rockin' Dub] [add]
02. Uh-Yea [DJ Icey's 407 Mix] [add]
03. Electric [add]
04. Free [add]
05. I Will Be Free [add]
06. Feel Me [add]
07. Love [DJ Stew Bonus Beats] [add]
08. The Exploding Fist [add]
09. Impact [add]
10. The Exploding Fist [Angle Alanis Mix] [add]
11. Jack Tweaker [add]

Presents: Micro-Tech-Mix Version 2.0 (1999) 01. Stop and Panic [add]
02. Higher [add]
03. You'll Know [add]
04. Le Dome [add]
05. Behind the Sun [add]
06. Godspeed [add]
07. Breathe in You [add]
08. Raise Your Hands [add]
09. Oriental [add]
10. Move On [add]
11. Drive By [add]
12. S-Express [add]

Tech-Mix 2000 (2000) 01. Sound Barrier [add]
02. Cream [Paul Van Dyk Remix] [add]
03. Bangers and Mashed [add]
04. Drugs [DJ Wag Remix] [add]
05. See the Light [Onkels Remix] [add]
06. Supernova [Original Version] [add]
07. Liberation [Ferry Corsten Remix] [add]
08. Unreal [add]
09. Stargazer [Retroactive Mix] [add]
10. Light up My Life [DJ Scott Project Remix] [add]
11. M.A.D. (Mental Ability to Be Different) [add] DJ Micro (2000) 01. Emotions [add]
02. Freebase [add]
03. F [add]
04. Yimini [add]
05. Digital Dialogue [add]
06. Vimana [add]
07. Standin' [add]
08. Tell Me Why [add]
09. Drowning [add]
10. Thunderclap [add]
11. Dreaming [add]

Micro Tech-Mix Live (2001) 01. Blood Is Pumpin' [Pumpin' Club Mix] [add]
02. On the Move [DuMonde Remix] [add]
03. (Instru) Mental [add]
04. We're Alive [Breathless Remix] [add]
05. Synaesthesia (Fly Away) [Thrillseekers Club Mix] [add]
06. Fly Away [Generation X Remix] [add]
07. Amorak [add]
08. 7 Years [add]
09. Ghosts [add]
10. Tenshi [Transa Remix] [add]
11. The Sun [Dominator Remix] [add]
12. Fall into Me [add]

Music Through Me (2002) 01. Precious Heart [Joshua Ryan Remix] [add]
02. Locked Tight [Locked Trance Mix] [add]
03. Inside of Me [add]
04. Jareth's Church [add]
05. Drifting Away [Beam Vs. Cyrus Mix] [add]
06. Tremble [Riva Remix] [add]
07. Final Frontier [add]
08. Can You Dig It? [add]
09. Buildings Inbetween [add]
10. Forever [add]
11. Jetstream [add]
12. Arise [add]

My Frequency (2003) 01. Born to Synthesize [add]
02. Sun Is Coming Out [Intrance Remix] [add]
03. Revolution [Alphazone Remix] [add]
04. Screaming Inside [Yatari Vocal Mix] [add]
05. Awakening [add]
06. Electro Buzz [add]
07. Blind Visions [Accadia Club Mix] [add]
08. Fury [add]
09. Broken [Pitch and Sulphur's "Back in Time" Remix] [add]
10. Instensify, Pt. 1 [add]
11. Obsession [add]
12. I'm Alone [Ronki Speed Mix] [add]
13. Inside of Me [Original Vocal Mix] [add]

Tech-Mix 5 (2005) 01. Flash [add]
02. The Spell [the Deutchmann Remix] [add]
03. Chemistry [add]
04. The World Around Me [add]
05. Massive Motion [add]
06. Home [Michael Parsberg Remix] [add]
07. Holding On [add]
08. Second Thoughts [add]
09. Isolation [add]
10. Alive [add]
11. Fate [add]
12. Blueness [add]
13. Everything With You [J Hazen + DJ3 Remix] [add]

Direct Konnect (2006) 01. The Chamber [add]
02. Immerse in the Blue [Daniel Kaufman Remix] [add]
03. Alluring Wishes [add]
04. Carry Me [Martin Roth Remix] [add]
05. Generate the Wave [add]
06. Cops [add]
07. Punk'd [add]
08. Moonball [add]
09. Brasilia [Antiphus Remix] [add]
10. Till We Meet Again [add]
11. K.I.A. [add]
12. Liberation [add]

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