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Jack Walrath lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Master of Suspense (0000) 01. Meat [add]
02. Children [add]
03. No Mystery [add]
04. A Study in Porcine [add]
05. The Lord's Calypso [add]
06. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
07. Monk on the Moon [add]
08. A Hymn for the Discontented [add]

Journey, Man! (0000) 01. Bouncin' with Ballholzka [add]
02. Ancient Intrigues [add]
03. When Love Has Gone (It Comes Out Like This) [add]
04. Pete's Steps [add]
05. (I Wanna Be) Out There Somewhere [add]
06. Butt! (Tails from the Backside) [add]
07. Sarah Hurts [add]
08. Song of Everywhen [add]
09. Orange Has Me Down [add]

In Montana (1980) 01. Lodgelian Mode [add]
02. Ron's Blues [add]
03. A Wolf Gang of Arabia [add]
04. What a Thing [add]
05. Where Have I Been Here Before? [add]
06. Grey and Blue [add]
07. Blues in the Guts [add]
08. Montana [add]
09. Remembrance [live] [add]
10. Seper B [add]
11. A Nod or a Wink [add]
12. At Home in Rome [add]
13. Reverend Red [add]

In Europe (1982) 01. Duesin' in Duesseldorf [add]
02. Where Have I Been Before [add]
03. At Home in Rome [add]
04. Reverend Red [add]

A Plea for Sanity (1982) 01. Jinx [add]
02. Ballad for Old Time's Sake [add]
03. Li'l Stinker [add]
04. Free Fall [add]
05. Mucene the Genie [add]
06. A Plea for Sanity [add]
07. St. Home in Rome [add]

Out of the Tradition (1990) 01. Clear Out of This World [add]
02. So Long Eric [add]
03. Stardust [add]
04. Wake Up and Wash It Off! [add]
05. Come Sunday [add]
06. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? [add]
07. Cabin in the Sky [add]
08. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]

Gut Feelings (1990) 01. The Serpent's Kiss [add]
02. Jump Monk [add]
03. Adagio for Strings and Organ [add]
04. Gagaku (Fourth Movement of Sept Haikai) [add]
05. Blues in the Guts [add]
06. Faith [add]

Serious Hang (1992) 01. Anya and Liz on the Veranda [add]
02. Get on the Good Foot [add]
03. Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul [add]
04. Izlyal E Delyo Haidoutin (Haidouk Delyo Has Joined the Rebels) [add]
05. Monk's Feet [add]
06. Decisions [add]
07. Gloomy Sunday [add]
08. Weird and Wonderful [add]

Portraits in Ivory & Brass (1992) 01. Bess, You Is My Woman Now [add]
02. Epitaph for Seikolos [add]
03. Shadows [add]
04. Kirsten [add]
05. Monk's Feet [add]
06. Road to Sophia [add]
07. Blues in F (Improvised) [add]
08. Green Eyes [add]

Hi Jinx (1994) 01. Hi Jinx [add]
02. Ballad for Old Time's Sake [add]
03. Li'l Stinker [add]
04. Free Fall [add]
05. Mucene the Genie [add]
06. A Plea for Sanity [add]
07. Revenge of the Fat People [add]
08. Duke Ellington's Sound of Love [add]
09. Beer! [add]
10. Sliding Doors [add]
11. Piggy Love [add]
12. Blues in the Guts [add]

Hip Gnosis (1996) 01. Sweet Hip Gnosis: Hip Gnosis [add]
02. Sweet Hip Gnosis: Trane Trip [add]
03. Sweet Hip Gnosis: Philosopher Stone [add]
04. Sweet Hip Gnosis: Mingus' Piano [add]
05. Blues Sinistra [add]
06. The Games [add]
07. Baby Fat [add]
08. Premature Optimism [add]
09. Eclipse [add]
10. Love Enough for Everybody [add]

Solidarity (1996) 01. Azathoth [add]
02. Dawn/Dusk [add]
03. The Loneliness of a Child [add]
04. Solidarity [add]
05. Hot-Dog for Lunch [add]
06. Political Suicide [add]
07. Psychotic Indifference [add]
08. Pegasus [add]

Sonage by Duplexus (2000) 01. Variations on "Oh, Lord! Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me! " [add]
02. Ogdoad [add]
03. Landing on Uranus [add]
04. Sintagma [add]
05. Sonata in G Minor [add]
06. Piange Madonna [add]
07. Breakfast [add]
08. Industrial Sonata #1 [add]
09. Narcissus [add]

Invasion of the Booty Shakers (2001) 01. Rats and Moles (Black Bats and Poles) [add]
02. Da Thrill of Vasectomy, da Agony of da Feet [add]
03. If Anya Goes to Edinburgh [add]
04. Freedom [add]
05. Reptilian Phantasies [add]
06. Quiero Ser T? Cerdo (I Want to Be Your Pig) [add]
07. In Heaven [add]
08. Dreamtrack [add]
09. Just Another Romanian Reggae [add]

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