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Benny Green lyrics
Genre: Jazz
In This Direction (0000) 01. The Fruit [add]
02. What Is There to Say? [add]
03. Dealin' With a Feelin' [add]
04. I'll Keep Loving You [add]
05. Trinkle, Tinkle [add]
06. Air Dancing [add]
07. Toku-Do [add]
08. To Wisdom, The Price [*] [add]

Lineage (0000) 01. Dat Dere [add]
02. I'll Wait and Pray [add]
03. Phoebe's Samba [add]
04. See See Rider [add]
05. Debo's Waltz [add]
06. Ask Me Now [add]
07. Crazy [add]
08. Lil' Darlin' [add]
09. Repetition [add]
10. If Ever I Would Leave You [add]
11. Trust [add]
12. Grass Enclosure [add]

Greens (0000) 01. Greens [add]
02. Bish Bash [add]
03. Captain Hook [add]
04. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
05. Time After Time [add]
06. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]
07. Decidedly [add]
08. Soon [add]
09. Cute [add]
10. I See Your Face Before Me [add]
11. Second Time Around [add]
12. Shiny Stockings [add]

That's Right! (0000) 01. Wiggin' [add]
02. Ain't She Sweet [add]
03. That's Right [add]
04. Something I Dreamed Last Night [add]
05. Celia [add]
06. Hoagie Meat [add]
07. Cupcake [add]
08. Just a Tadd [add]
09. Glad to Be Unhappy [add]
10. Me and My Baby [add]

Prelude (1988) 01. Take the Coltrane [add]
02. The Girl Next Door [add]
03. Peresina [add]
04. Certainly [add]
05. The Song Is You [add]
06. Debo's Delight [add]
07. Countdown [add]

Testifyin'!: Live at the Village Vanguard (1992) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Don't Be 'Shamed [add]
03. Humphrey [add]
04. Bu's March [add]
05. Beautiful Moons Ago [add]
06. Testifyin' [add]
07. Carl's Blues [add]
08. Down by the River Side [add]
09. I Should Care [add]
10. The Sheik of Araby [add]
11. MC Thing [add]
12. Billy Boy [add]

Place to Be (1994) 01. Nice Pants [add]
02. Playmate [add]
03. I Want to Talk About You [add]
04. The Place to Be [add]
05. I Felt That [add]
06. Pensativa [add]
07. One of Another Kind [add]
08. Which Came First? [add]
09. Noreen's Nocturne [add]
10. Concertina [add]
11. Gravy Waltz [add]
12. The Folks Who Live on the Hill [add]

Kaleidoscope (1997) 01. Kaleidoscope [Take 1] [add]
02. Thursday's Lullaby [add]
03. The Sexy Mexy [add]
04. Patience [add]
05. Central Park South [add]
06. My Girl Bill [add]
07. Apricot [add]
08. You're My Melody [add]
09. Kaleidoscope [Take 2] [add]

These Are Soulful Days (1999) 01. Virgo [add]
02. Bellarosa [add]
03. Summer Nights [add]
04. Punjab [add]
05. These Are Soulful Days [add]
06. Ernie's Tune [add]
07. Hocus-Pocus [add]
08. Come on Home [add]

Naturally (2000) 01. Love You Madly [add]
02. Naturally [add]
03. Pittsburgh Brethen [add]
04. Captain Hook [add]
05. Grooveyard [add]
06. Learnin' the Blues [add]
07. Russelln' [add]
08. Beg Your Parlan [add]
09. Lester Left Town [add]

Green's Blues (2001) 01. I've Heard That Song Before [add]
02. I Wish You Love [add]
03. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
04. You Make Me Feel So Young [add]
05. Just You, Just Me [add]
06. Green's Blues [add]
07. Green Eyes [add]
08. Misty [add]
09. Nice Work If You Can Get It [add]
10. Ain't Misbehavin' [add]
11. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]
12. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) [add]

Jazz at the Bistro [live] (2003) 01. Ask Me Now [add]
02. Tale of the Fingers [add]
03. A Bient?t [add]
04. Sing [add]
05. When Lights Are Low [add]
06. Wabash [add]
07. Killilng Me Softly [add]
08. The Intimacy of the Blues [add]
09. Moment's Notice/Lazy Bird [add]
10. Love Letters [add]
11. Russell's Introduction [add]
12. Quiet Girl [add]
13. Benny's Introduction [add]
14. Hand-Told Stories [add]
15. The Intimacy of the Blues [alternate take] [add]

Bluebird (2004) 01. Reunion Blues [add]
02. It's Alright With Me [add]
03. You Are the Sunshine of My Life [add]
04. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) [add]
05. Love for Sale [add]
06. Flowers for Emmett Till [add]
07. Bluebirld [add]
08. Feel Like Makin' Love [add]
09. Passport [add]
10. Moonglow [add]
11. Where Is the Love [add]
12. Wheatland [add]

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