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Alex Grant lyrics
Genre: New Age
Evening's Last Light (1995) 01. Falling In [add]
02. Dinner Cooking and Children Playing [add]
03. Grand Ballroom [add]
04. Karen's Ocean [add]
05. Morning Wind [add]
06. On the Plains [add]
07. The Rain of Peace [add]
08. The Bridge [add]
09. Hurrying Home [add]
10. Mother's Dream [add]
11. Marching On [add]
12. Useless Armor [add]
13. 2 A.M. [add]
14. Unexpectedly [add]
15. Evening's Last Light [add]

Metaphor (1996) 01. The Dancing [add]
02. The Courtship [add]
03. Butterflies on Parade [add]
04. The Tulip and the Acorn [add]
05. Civil War and Peace [add]
06. Dance of the Male Tigers [add]
07. Changing of the Guard [add]
08. Farewell [add]
09. In the Canopy [add]
10. Poets and Painters [add]
11. Hide and Seek [add]
12. The Trees in Your Orchard [add]
13. Ballerina [add]
14. While We Can [add]

Old Father Road (2000) 01. El Chupacabra [add]
02. The Waterfall [add]
03. Old Father Road [add]
04. Chasing Fireflies [add]
05. The Doctor and the Dove [add]
06. Sledding [add]
07. The Promise in Our Fields [add]
08. Flight of the Ostrich [add]
09. Words Often Fail [add]
10. High Over Grandmother's Pond [add]
11. Gifts of the Storm [add]
12. And Call Her Princess [add]
13. Asleep in the Meadow [add]
14. Happy in Scotland [add]
15. Silhouette [add]

Elements (2005) 01. Unexpectedly [add]
02. Clowns and Hammers [add]
03. The Weaver [add]
04. Feeding the Dying [add]
05. El Chupacabra [add]
06. Skating with Puppets [add]
07. Ma Pajama [add]
08. Hop Scotch Sortie [add]
09. Procession Fom Chennai [add]
10. Callisto's Ocean [add]
11. Broken Cherub [add]
12. Two Roads, One Tale [add]
13. Sand Dancing [add]
14. The Last Boxcar Home [add]
15. The Home at the End of the World [add]

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