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Valery Ponomarev lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Means of Identification (0000) 01. Dialogue [add]
02. Means of Identification [add]
03. Mirage [add]
04. I Remember Clifford [add]
05. Fifteenth Round [add]
06. Envoy [add]
07. Take Care [add]
08. Take Care [alternate take] [add]
09. Russian Christmas Song [add]

Moscow (0000) 01. Same Place, Same Time [add]
02. Gettin' to Bolshoi [add]
03. Gorky Park [add]
04. Trip to Moscow [add]
05. For You Only [add]
06. The Best Thing for You [add]
07. Tell Me When/Skazshi Kagda [add]

Profile (0000) 01. I Was Afraid You'd Never Call Me [add]
02. I Concentrate on You [add]
03. Time [add]
04. High Voltage at Rudy's [add]
05. Appointment in the North Country [add]
06. My Shining Hour [add]

Live at Sweet Basil (0000) 01. Announcment [add]
02. Valey's Changes [add]
03. Be Careful of Dreams [add]
04. Friend of Foe [add]
05. Theme for Ernie [add]
06. My Alter Ego [add]
07. Shocking News [add]

A Star for You (0000) 01. Commanndments from a Higher Authority [add]
02. First Draft [add]
03. Dance Intoxicant [add]
04. A Star for You [add]
05. Uh Oh [add]
06. We'll Be Together Again [add]
07. Blues Fro Elena [add]

Live at Vartan Jazz (1996) 01. Carlos' Introduction [add]
02. One for Morgans [add]
03. For Better or for Worse [add]
04. To Waltz With You [add]
05. Autumn in New York [add]
06. N.Y. Theme [add]
07. Unfinished Business [add]
08. Credi Me [add]
09. Long Way from Gorky Park [add]
10. See You at Vartan's [add]

The Messenger (2001) 01. Driving to a Gig, No. 2 [add]
02. Messenger From Russia [add]
03. Long Distance Relationship [add]
04. Escape from Gorki Park [add]
05. Dark Alley [add]
06. Stardust [add]
07. Mirage [add]

Beyond the Obvious (2006) 01. You Dig, I Hear You, You Know What I Mean, Etc. [add]
02. Close Your Eyes [add]
03. Party Time [add]
04. The Blessing [add]
05. From Cat to Nat [add]
06. Sale on Love [add]
07. Chelsea Bridge [add]
08. Gina's Cooking [add]

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