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R.L. Burnside lyrics
Genre: Blues
Bad Luck City [live] (1992) 01. Talking About the Ghetto [add]
02. Bad Luck City/Friend of Mine [add]
03. Shake for Me [add]
04. Boogie Chillen [add]
05. All She Do [add]
06. Long Haired Doney/Poor Boy Long Way from Home [add]
07. Burnsides Blues [add]
08. Crosscut Saw [add]
09. Outskirts of Town [add]
10. My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble) [add]
11. Look on Yonder's Wall [add]
12. Jumper on the Line [add]
13. No Place to Go [add]
14. Bad Sign (Based on Born Under a Bad Sign) [add]
15. Killing Floor [add]
16. You Don't Love Me [add]

Too Bad Jim (1994) 01. Shake 'Em on Down [add]
02. When My First Wife Left Me [add]
03. Short Haired Woman [add]
04. Old Black Mattie [add]
05. Fireman Ring the Bell [add]
06. Peaches [add]
07. Miss Glory B. [add]
08. .44 Pistol [add]
09. Death Bell Blues [add]
10. Goin' Down South [add]

A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (1996) 01. Goin' Down South [add]
02. Boogie Chillen [add]
03. Poor Boy [add]
04. 2 Brothers [add]
05. Snake Drive [add]
06. Shake 'Em on Down [add]
07. The Criminal Inside Me [add]
08. Walkin' Blues [add]
09. Tojo Told Hitler [add]
10. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) [add]

Mr. Wizard (1997) 01. Over the Hill [add]
02. Alice Mae lyrics
03. Georgia Women [add]
04. Snake Drive [add]
05. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
06. Out on the Road [add]
07. Highway 7 [add]
08. Tribute to Fred [add]
09. You Gotta Move [add]

Sound Machine Groove (1997) 01. Shake, Little Baby [add]
02. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
03. Bad Luck City [add]
04. Goin' Down South [add]
05. Sound Machine Groove [add]
06. Sitting on Top of the World [#] [add]
07. Begged for a Nickel [#] [add]
08. Can't Let You Go [#] [add]
09. Jumper Hanging Out on the Line [add]
10. Searching for My Baby [add]
11. Long Haired Doney [add]
12. Pretty Woman [add]
13. Goin' Away Baby [add]

Acoustic Stories (1997) 01. When My First Wife Left Me [add]
02. Death Bell Blues [add]
03. Skinny Woman [add]
04. Monkey in the Pool Room [add]
05. Hobo Blues [add]
06. Walking Blues [add]
07. Long Haired Doney [add]
08. Poor Black Mattie [add]
09. Meet Me in the Bottom [add]
10. Miss Glory B. [add]
11. Kindhearted Woman Blues [add]

Mississippi Blues (1997) 01. Jumper Hanging Out on the Line [add]
02. Sweet Little Angel [add]
03. Long Haired Doney [add]
04. Nightmare Blues [add]
05. Poor Black Mattie [add]
06. Catfish Blues [add]
07. Death Bells [add]
08. Dust My Broom [add]
09. Bad Luck and Trouble [add]
10. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
11. When My First Wife Quit Me [add]

Come on In (1998) 01. Been Mistreated [add]
02. Come On In [live] [add]
03. Let My Baby Ride [add]
04. Don't Stop Honey [add]
05. It's Bad You Know [add]
06. Just Like a Woman [add]
07. Come On In, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Rollin' Tumblin' [Remix] [add]
09. Please Don't Stay [add]
10. Shuck Dub [add]
11. Come On In, Pt. 3 [add]
12. Heat [add]

Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down (2000) 01. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues [add]
02. Got Messed Up [add]
03. Miss Maybelle [add]
04. Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down [add]
05. Too Many Ups [add]
06. Nothin' Man [add]
07. See What My Buddy Done [add]
08. My Eyes (Keep Me in Trouble) [add]
09. Bad Luck City [add]
10. Chain of Fools [add]
11. R.L.'s Story [add]
12. Black Mattie [*] [add]
13. Pucker Up Buttercup [*] [add]
14. Laugh To Keep From Cryin' [*] [add]

Burnside on Burnside [live] (2001) 01. Shake 'Em on Down [add]
02. Skinny Woman [add]
03. Miss Maybelle [add]
04. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
05. Long Haired Doney [add]
06. Walkin' Blues [add]
07. He Ain't Your Daddy [add]
08. Bad Luck and Trouble [add]
09. Jumper on the Line [add]
10. Goin' Down South [add]
11. Alice Mae lyrics
12. Snake Drive [add]

A Bothered Mind (2004) 01. Detroit Boogie, Pt. 1 [add]
02. See What My Buddy Done [add]
03. Shake 'Em On Down [add]
04. Goin' Down South [add]
05. My Name Is Robert Too [add]
06. Someday Baby [add]
07. Go to Jail [add]
08. Bird Without a Feather [add]
09. Glory Be [add]
10. Goin' Away Baby [add]
11. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
12. Stole My Check [add]
13. Detroit Boogie, Pt. 2 [add]

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