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Genre: Jazz
River Flows (1990) 01. Rough House [add]
02. Try Again [add]
03. Thinking of You [add]
04. Children Need a World [add]
05. Reach Out [add]
06. The River Flows [add]
07. In Your Arms [add]
08. Tiananmen [add]
09. Born Yesterday [add]

After Dark (1991) 01. After Dark [add]
02. Secret of the Seasons [add]
03. Along the Way [add]
04. Remembering When [add]
05. It Only Happens Once [add]
06. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
07. Take Me There [add]
08. Head Start [add]
09. Waiting for Melissa [add]
10. Close Your Eyes [add]
11. I Never Knew [add]

The Labor of Love (1992) 01. Hands on the Wheel [add]
02. The Labor of Love [add]
03. After All These Years [add]
04. Fortunate Son [add]
05. From Now On [add]
06. Night Light [add]
07. What Could Be [add]
08. Don't Give Up [add]
09. One Wish [add]
10. Taking Her Time [add]

I Can't Complain (1993) 01. Touch of Faith [add]
02. Live and Learn [add]
03. Something She Said [add]
04. Timbertown [add]
05. Choices & Chances [add]
06. Skating on the C & O Canal [add]
07. Looking On [add]
08. Back on the Beat [add]
09. I Can't Complain [add]
10. Patience [add]

Pride & Joy (1994) 01. Give It Away [add]
02. It's Cold Out There [add]
03. Imperfect Things [add]
04. A Friend of Mine [add]
05. Nothing Stays the Same [add]
06. I'll Follow My Heart [add]
07. Pride and Joy [add]
08. Children Need a World [add]
09. Here for You [add]
10. Stand Your Ground [add]
11. Company Man [add]

Brighter Days (1995) 01. T.W.'s [add]
02. Give and Take [add]
03. Connected [add]
04. Eric's Dream [add]
05. Trying Not to Care [add]
06. One Step at a Time [add]
07. Brighter Days [add]
08. Footprints in the Sand [add]
09. Compassion [add]
10. Be Nice to Me [add]

When Night Calls (1996) 01. When Night Calls [add]
02. My Lucky Stars [add]
03. Club Midnight [add]
04. The Night Is Young and You're So Beautiful [add]
05. Let Me Love You Tonight [add]
06. Make It Rain [add]
07. All the Time You Need [add]
08. Can't Get Enough [add]
09. The Test of Time [add]
10. Morning Glory [add]

Christmas Cheer (1996) 01. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
02. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [add]
03. Skating in Central Park [add]
04. We Three Kings of Orient Are [add]
05. The Christmas Song [add]
06. Skating on the C & O Canal [add]
07. O' Christmas Tree [add]
08. Silent Night [add]
09. Rain on Christmas [add]
10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]

Smooth Sensation (1997) 01. Time and Love [add]
02. Smooth Sensation [add]
03. I'll Tell You What [add]
04. By My Side [add]
05. I've Always Loved You [add]
06. Out of the Blue [add]
07. Magic [add]
08. Why [add]
09. All I Need [add]
10. Kiss of Life [add]

Ablaze in Orlando (1998) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Live and Learn [add]
03. Make It Rain [add]
04. Intro to Eric's Dream [add]
05. Eric's Dream [add]
06. Skating on the C & O Canal [add]
07. I'll Tell You What [add]
08. Intro to Fortunate Son [add]
09. Fortunate Son [add]
10. Can't Get Enough [add]
11. After Dark [add]
12. The Blues [add]

In My Wildest Dreams (1999) 01. In My Wildest Dreams [add]
02. Dancing With Melissa [add]
03. Touch [add]
04. Big Heart [add]
05. Deep Blue [add]
06. Beauty Spot [add]
07. Insatiable [add]
08. Firelight [add]
09. Sly-Fi [add]
10. Street Smarts [add]

Island Life (2000) 01. Wake up Call [add]
02. Island Life [add]
03. Pluse Point [add]
04. A Part of It All [add]
05. Sweet Mercy [add]
06. Souvenir [add]
07. A World of Our Own [add]
08. Delicioso [add]
09. Heaven & Earth [add]
10. Try Again [live/*] [add]

Slow Dance (2002) 01. So Fine [add]
02. Healing Hands [add]
03. Workin' It [add]
04. Lady's Choice [add]
05. Shootin' the Breeze [add]
06. Hookin' Up [add]
07. Slow Dance [add]
08. Meet Me at Midnight [add]
09. Things We Never Say [add]
10. 28 [add]

All the Way (2003) 01. It's Up to You [add]
02. Hey Cool Breeze [add]
03. Lost and Found [add]
04. In the Sky Today [add]
05. Learning to Dance [add]
06. All the Way [add]
07. Bringing Down the House [add]
08. Whenever You're Around [add]
09. Never Been to Paris [add]
10. Play Don't Worry [add]
11. In the Sky Today [Radio Mix] [add]

Love Coloured Soul (2005) 01. You Are Everything [add]
02. You Did It Again [add]
03. Glass Dolphins [add]
04. Stoned Soul Picnic [add]
05. Love Coloured Soul [add]
06. Breathe [add]
07. Parallel Lives [add]
08. Gentle Soul [add]
09. Let It Go [add]
10. Summer of Love [add]

The Meeting Place (2007) 01. Lucky [add]
02. Did You Heart That? [add]
03. I Wish I Knew [add]
04. No Other Way [add]
05. My Beautiful Girls [add]
06. The Meeting Place [add]
07. Lakes [add]
08. Just Like That [add]
09. Language of Peace [add]
10. That Time of Evening [add]
11. The Challenge [add]

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