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Santec Music Orchestra lyrics
Genre: New Age
Living Nature (2005) 01. Dawning Day [add]
02. The Dolphins [add]
03. Wings Over Fields [add]
04. Bird Island [add]
05. Promenade [add]
06. Forest Pathway [add]
07. Landscapes [add]
08. Living Nature [add]
09. The Rain [add]
10. Rising Moon [add]
11. Mountain Flowers [add]
12. Waves on the Coast [add]
13. Rainbow [add]
14. Northern Fjords [add]
15. Melody of the Soul [add]

Moments of Silence (2005) 01. Introduction and Pan- Harmony [add]
02. Canto Della Sera [add]
03. Sweet Dreams (P.I. Tschaikowsky) [add]
04. Fantasia Cantabile [add]
05. Heilig - Heilig (F. Schubert) [add]
06. Melodia Dell'anima [add]
07. Reflections [add]
08. From Rusalka Song to the Moon (A. Dvorak) [add]
09. Notturno (Adapted from E. Grieg) [add]
10. Will You Come and Follow Me (Trad.) [add]
11. Adagio Espressivo [add]
12. To a Wild Rose (Mac Dowell) [add]

Moving Elements (2005) 01. Starlight [add]
02. Dawning Spring [add]
03. Waltz of the Elves [add]
04. Silent Waters [add]
05. Eagle Wings [add]
06. Gliding in the Wind [add]
07. A Breath of Wind [add]
08. Wide Flowing River [add]
09. Waving Fields [add]
10. Summer Eve on the Lake [add]
11. Morning Dew [add]
12. Sailing in the Wind [add]
13. Water Lilies [add]
14. Thrusting Waves [add]
15. Warming Time [add]

Flowing Life (2006) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Garden of Waters [add]
03. Waves of Calm [add]
04. Ligurian Coast [add]
05. Star Voyage [add]
06. Mediterranean Sunset [add]
07. Whitecaps and Ripples [add]
08. Emerald Lake [add]
09. Enchanted Hills [add]
10. Alpine Meadows [add]
11. Round Dance [add]
12. Moon's Reflection [add]
13. Blue Planet [add]

Wind of the North (2006) 01. Skye Boat Song [add]
02. Last Night Joy [add]
03. Carolan's Welcome [add]
04. Casey's Hornpipe [add]
05. Fanny Power [add]
06. Arran Boat Song [add]
07. The Kerry Jig [add]
08. Chanter [add]
09. Maids of Shore [add]
10. I Lost My Love [add]
11. Eleanor Plunkett [add]
12. The Ballydesmond Polka [add]
13. Give Me Your Hand [add]

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