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Tall Paul lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Pump (1995) 01. Tempo Fiesta [add]
02. Emptiness [add]
03. Everybody Listen [D'Still'D Remix] [add]
04. Roller Skate Disco [Hanson & Nelson Mix] [add]
05. Sweet Harmony [Tall Paul's Remix] [add]
06. Technocat [Perplexer Remix] [add]
07. Cod 'N' Chips [add]
08. Tossin' and Turnin' [add]
09. Do You Want Me [Mudmens Dirty Mix] [add]
10. The Ultimate [add]
11. My Love [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
12. Piercing Love [add]
13. Drives Me Crazy [add]

Pump Harder (1996) 01. DJ FX [add]
02. Climbing on Top of Love [add]
03. Bells of Revolution [add]
04. Back One [add]
05. Paradise [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
06. Slapback [version] [add]
07. Kick up the Volume [Electroliners Remix] [add]
08. Lift Me Up [add]
09. The Second Coming [Red Jerry Remix] [add]
10. Loose Kaboose [add]
11. In the Dark We Live (Thee Lite) [add]
12. Into Your Heart [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
13. Caterpillar [add]

Duty Free (1999) 01. Stomping System! [UK Mix] [add]
02. Jumpin' & Pumpin' [Fred & Ginger TP Edit] [add]
03. The Hook [Original Mix] [add]
04. Flash [Original Mix] [add]
05. The Ultimate Disco Groove [Original TP Edit] [add]
06. 5:55 [add]
07. Love Supreme [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
08. Feel the Beat [Original Mix] [add]
09. Be There [Tormentor Mix] [add]
10. The Hook [Dave's Rubber Dub Mix] [add]
11. Be There [Sentinal Mix] [add]
12. The Sound (Pt. 1) [add]
13. Let Me Show You [Original Mix] [add]
14. Stomping System! [Camisra Mix] [add]

Clubber's Guide to... Australia (2000) 01. Touch Me [Armin Remix] [add]
02. Push That Thing [Original Mix] [add]
03. Heaven Scent [Original Mix] [add]
04. Red Sun Rising [Lange Remix] [add]
05. Diving Faces [Original Club Mix] [add]
06. Iguana [Maas Mix] [add]
07. Universal Nation [Ferry Corsten Remix] [add]
08. Too Loud [Trevor Rocklife Mix] [add]
09. Bullet in the Gun [Saturday Mix] [add]
10. The Launch [Original Mix] [add]
11. Riding on a Storm [Original Mix] [add]
12. Don't Stop [X Cabs Remix] [add]
13. Summertime [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
14. Love Shines Through [Space Brothers Dub] [add]
15. Moments in Time [Original Mix] [add]
16. Rock With Me [Lange Remix] [add]
17. Never Tell What You Think [Original Mix] [add]
18. Far and Away [Freespirit Remix] [add]
19. Feeling for You [DJ Food Mix] [add]
20. Don't Call Me Baby [The Dorenz Old Schol Mix] [add]
21. Feel the Same [DJ Sneak Dub] [add]
22. Latin Style Music [Original Version] [add]
23. Sing It Back [Booker T Mix] [add]
24. Jus' Funkin [Sushi Twins Remix] [add]
25. Get Down [Dub Extended Mix] [add]
26. Everybody Get Up [Capriccio Club Mix] [add]
27. Big Love [Eat Me Edit] [add]
28. What You Need [Full Intention Mix] [add]
29. Is It Love [Original Mix] [add]
30. Get It Up [Rhythm Master Vocal] [add]
31. History of Disco (I Love Your Disco) [Original Mix] [add]
32. Hazin and Phazin' [Choo-Choo Vocal Mix] [add]
33. Ibiza in My Soul [Rhythm Masters Mix] [add]
34. King of Snake [Straight Mate Mix] [add]
35. Hey Boy Hey Girl [Original Mix] [add]
36. Groove Line [Malt Darey Mix] [add]

Headliners: Tall Paul Live at the Gallery (2000) 01. The Man With the Red Face [Original Mix] [add]
02. Superfly 20019 Live at the Crystal Rooms [Alternative Club Mix] [add]
03. Anybody's Guess [Mr. G's Out Dub] [add]
04. Definition of Love [G Flame Dub] [add]
05. Afrika Shox [VW Remix] [add]
06. West on 27th [Original 'Subway' Mix] [add]
07. Mauna Kea [Volcanic Mix] [add]
08. Standing [Original Mix] [add]
09. La La La [Sharp 'Floorage' Remix] [add]
10. Down Down Down [da Klub Kings Mix] [add]
11. Flash [Timo Maas' Dirty Dub] [add]
12. Musak [Original Mix] [add]
13. Metropolis [Metro Us Mix] [add]
14. Pumped Up [Original Mix] [add]
15. The Orange Theme [Solar Stone Remix] [add]
16. Darkstar [Original Mix] [add]
17. Galaxia [Solar Stone Remix] [add]
18. Hysterie [Original Mix] [add]
19. Time to Burn [Mauro Picotto Mix] [add]
20. Skydive [Original Mix] [add]
21. The Return of Nothing [Original Mix] [add]
22. The Darkside [Original Mix] [add]
23. Overdrive [Junkie XL Remix] [add]
24. Universal Nation 2000 [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
25. Embrace [Original Mix] [add]
26. Blow Ya Mind [Yomanda Remix] [add]
27. Sandstorm [Original Mix] [add]
28. Freebase [Original Mix] [add]
29. Bang to the Drum [Durango 95 Remix] [add]
30. Till We Meet Again [Original Mix] [add]
31. Cosmos [Original Mix] [add]
32. Power of Love [Rob Searle Club Mix] [add]

Mixed Live (2001) 01. Like This Like That [add]
02. Sputnik One [add]
03. Plasmids [add]
04. The Virus [add]
05. (Always) A Permanent State [add]
06. Big Red Whoosh [add]
07. Funky Heroes [add]
08. Sunset on Ibiza [add]
09. Into the Dawn [add]
10. Precious Heart [add]
11. The Legacy [Club Mix] [add]
12. Please Save Me [add]
13. God's Love [add]
14. Bumper [add]
15. Discogogofiesta [Tech Mix] [add]
16. Soul Heaven [Dave Clarke Remix] [add]

Duty Free, Vol. 2 (2002) 01. Bushroot [Mr G's Gone Deep Dub] [add]
02. G's Strings [add]
03. Push That Thing [Timo Maas Phat Out of Hell Remix] [add]
04. Big Red Woosh [add]
05. I Can't Wait [Jan Driver Saturday Remix] [add]
06. Precious Heart [Riva Mix] [add]
07. 7 Years [Exchange Remix] [add]
08. Bumper [Gallery Mix] [add]
09. Freebass (Storm) [Only Class a Storm Mix] [add]
10. Stoned Trance [add]
11. Uni-Fiktion [add]
12. Eyes Wide Shut [add]

Back & Forth (2002) 01. Precious Heart [Lush Remix] [add]
02. Go Get It [add]
03. Everybody's a Rockstar [add]
04. Let Me Show You [add]
05. Precious Heart [add]
06. God's Love [add]
07. Be There [add]
08. Lunes Por la Noche [add]
09. Freebase [add]
10. Take It Easy [add]
11. Latin Base [add]
12. Rock da House [add]
13. Freefall [add]
14. Precious Heart [Nynex's Antibotic Remix] [add]
15. Be There [Sebubek Nux] [add]
16. Rock Star [Fergie Remix] [add]
17. Rock Star [Durango 95 Remix] [add]
18. Freebase [Only Class a Storm Remix] [add]
19. Precious Heart [Rich Kidz Remix] [add]
20. Rock da House [D'stilkl'd 1996 Remix] [add]
21. Alright [Original Version] [add]

Mixed Live 2nd Session (2003) 01. The Boat [add]
02. Dreaming [Danster Remix] [add]
03. Down and Dirty [add]
04. Pearl [add]
05. Pressure [add]
06. Overdrive [Junkie XL Remix] [add]
07. Shiny Disco Balls [Oliver Klein Dirty Disco Plums Mix] [add]
08. Revolution [add]
09. Why? [add]
10. Sunshine [add]
11. If You Want Me [add]
12. I'd Say Yes [Lee-Cabrera Mix] [add]
13. Magic Impuls [add]
14. The Boat [DVD] [add]
15. Dreaming [multimedia track] [add]
16. Down and Dirty [DVD] [add]
17. Pearl [DVD] [add]
18. Pressure [DVD] [add]
19. Overdrive [mix] [add]
20. Shiny Disco Balls [mix] [add]
21. Revolution [DVD] [add]
22. Why? [DVD] [add]
23. Sunshine [DVD] [add]
24. If You Want Me [DVD] [add]
25. I'd Say Yes [mix] [add]
26. Magic Impuls [DVD] [add]

Live in Bulgaria (2004) 01. Circus Paradise [add]
02. Bunch [add]
03. Teknoise [Pedro Delgardo Remix] [add]
04. Born Too Slow [Erick Morillo Remix] [add]
05. Get Down [D Ramirez Remix] [add]
06. Freebase [Argento Remix] [add]
07. The Power of Bhangra [Eric Prydz Remix] [add]
08. Satellite [add]
09. Love Comes Rushing [add]
10. Day One [Above and Beyond Remix] [add]
11. Ride [add]
12. Time [add]
13. Born Slippy [Paul Oakenfold Remix] [add]
14. Forbidden [Smith & Pledger Remix] [add]
15. Disco Geiger [Dave Aude Remix] [add]
16. Floor Control [Original Mix] [add]
17. Global Phases [Agnelli & Nelson Remix] [add]

The Beat Technique (2006) 01. Easy [add]
02. Oliebonk [add]
03. Just Get over It [add]
04. Manipulator [add]
05. Make You Rock [add]
06. Copy Rat [add]
07. Peep Show [add]
08. Float Away [add]
09. That Sound [add]
10. Other Side [add]
11. Common Ground [add]
12. No Submission [Original Club Mix] [add]

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