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Tom Grant lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Tom Grant (1983) 01. Dawn [add]
02. The Morning Show [add]
03. Lonesome Cowboy [add]
04. Sweet Dreams [add]
05. Part of Me [add]
06. Big Fun [add]
07. Candy [add]
08. Eyes [add]
09. Ain't Misbehavin' [add]
10. Witchi-Tai-To [add]

Heart of the City (1984) 01. Heart of the City [add]
02. Will to Survive [add]
03. Eye of the Hurricane [add]
04. What You Do to Me [add]
05. Mexican Restaurant [add]
06. Old Movies [add]
07. Teleport [add]
08. In a Special Way [add]

Just the Right Moment (1985) 01. Just the Right Moment [add]
02. Listen Very Hard [add]
03. Happy Feet [add]
04. One of These Days [add]
05. By George [add]
06. Whispers [add]
07. The Wild Surf [add]
08. Never Say Never [add]

Take Me to Your Dream (1986) 01. Change [add]
02. Alpha Centauri [add]
03. Girl Heaven [add]
04. Take Me to Your Dream [add]
05. We'll Be Right Back [add]
06. This Love [add]
07. Duke [add]
08. One Last Try [add]

Edge of the World (1991) 01. Bernie's Groove [add]
02. Land of Love [add]
03. Night on the Town [add]
04. The Awakening [add]
05. Don't Wait for Night [add]
06. Be With You [add]
07. Angels Crossing [add]
08. Street Vendor [add]
09. Edge of the World [add]
10. Need to Hear You Say I Love You [add]

In My Wildest Dreams (1991) 01. Monkey Magic [add]
02. Mambo to the Moon [add]
03. Show Me the Way [add]
04. In My Wildest Dreams [add]
05. I've Just Begun to Love You [add]
06. Time Traveler [add]
07. Squeeze and Please [add]
08. Love on Ice [add]
09. Heidi's Song [add]

Mango Tango (1991) 01. Mango Tango [add]
02. Private Beach [add]
03. Freedom Island [add]
04. If You Were My Girl [add]
05. Too Hot [add]
06. Tropical Lust [add]
07. Mango II - The Landing [add]
08. Ticket to Paradise [add]
09. Wildwood Trail [*] [add]
10. Any Sky [*] [add]
11. Before We Sleep [add]
12. In a Sentimental Mood [*] [add]

Night Charade (1991) 01. Forever Yours [add]
02. Hands [add]
03. Since I Don't Have You [add]
04. Invitation [add]
05. School's Out [add]
06. Secrets [add]
07. Night Charade [add]
08. Aerobics in Space [add]
09. Song for Richard [add]

The View from Here (1993) 01. Night Falls on the Casbah [add]
02. Dance Walker [add]
03. Hang Time [add]
04. The Next Life [add]
05. Your Tender Touch [add]
06. Your Look Says It All [add]
07. Lucky Dog [add]
08. Journey Within [add]
09. Clear Thoughts [add]
10. Everytime You Go Away [add]
11. The Water Spirits [add]
12. Some of the Old [add]

You Hardly Know Me (1994) 01. The Imposter [add]
02. Heaven Is Waiting [add]
03. Whatever Feels Right [add]
04. So Free [add]
05. Workers of the World [add]
06. You Hardly Know Me [add]
07. High School Fantasies [add]
08. Big Charlie [add]
09. Brain Damage [add]

Instinct (1995) 01. Fantasy [add]
02. Lovely Little Dreamer [add]
03. Dancing With You [add]
04. More Than You Know [add]
05. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars [add]
06. Shimmering Pools [add]
07. S.O.S. [add]
08. Blue Voyage [add]
09. Sitting on the Couch Waiting for Our Ship to Come In [add]
10. Goodbye Jealous Lover [add]
11. Blue Voyage, Reprise [add]

Have Yourself a Merry Little... (1996) 01. Winter Wonderland [add]
02. Sleigh Ride [add]
03. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
04. Blue Christmas [add]
05. Silver Bells [add]
06. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! [add]
07. What Child Is This? [add]
08. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
09. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
10. White Christmas [add]
11. O Holy Night [add]
12. Christmas at Martha's House [add]
13. The Christmas Song [add]
14. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]

Lip Service (1997) 01. Love and Desire [add]
02. Lip Service [add]
03. Poinciana [add]
04. Ain't Nobody [add]
05. Down the Road [add]
06. Western Hemisphere [add]
07. If You Want Me to Stay [add]
08. For No One [add]
09. I Need My Space [add]
10. Far from Home [add]

Tune It In (2000) 01. Tune It In [add]
02. Invisible Man [add]
03. Generous Heart [add]
04. Save the Best for Last [add]
05. Walking on the Wild Side [add]
06. Black Orpheus [add]
07. Mysterious Smile [add]
08. Calling the Spirits [add]
09. Overnight Sensation [add]
10. Sing [add]
11. Firefly [add]

Reprise (2001) 01. Change [add]
02. Angels Crossing [add]
03. Never Say Never [add]
04. Bernie's Groove [add]
05. Restless [add]
06. In My Wildest Dreams [add]
07. Alpha Centauri [add]
08. Who Slipped the Mickey in My Drink? [add]
09. Heidi's Song [add]
10. Lakota Ghost [add]
11. Witchi Tai-To [add]

Santa Claus Is Going To Town (2001) 01. Santa Claus Is "Going to Town" [add]
02. Baby, It's Cold Outside [add]
03. Christmas Time Is Here [add]
04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
05. Blue Christmas [add]
06. White Christmas [add]
07. Red Christmas [add]
08. Silent Night [add]
09. Winter Wonderland [add]
10. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
11. Hanukkah Candles [add]
12. Sleigh Ride [add]
13. My Favorite Things [add]

Solo Piano (2003) 01. Love Deluxe [add]
02. Home Town Boy [add]
03. Sighs and Whispers [add]
04. Fixed Not Broken [add]
05. Old Fashioned Girl [add]
06. Celia [add]
07. One Good Turn [add]
08. Meditation, No. 1 [add]
09. Safe Harbor [add]
10. In My Body Out of My Mind [add]
11. Meditation, No. 2 [add]
12. 2: 30 Am [add]
13. Outer Planets [add]
14. Meditation, No. 3 [add]

Nice Work If You Can Get It (2004) 01. Nice Work If You Can Get It [add]
02. You Make Me Feel So Young [add]
03. I Concentrate on You [add]
04. People Will Say We're in Love [add]
05. All of You [add]
06. Celia [add]
07. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
08. Desafinado [add]
09. Both Sides Now [add]
10. A Felicidade [add]
11. I'm Old Fashioned [add]

Side by Side (2005) 01. Exactly Like You [add]
02. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
03. Charade [add]
04. How About You [add]
05. Up on the Roof [add]
06. On the Street Where You Live [add]
07. Side by Side [add]
08. Midnight Sun [add]
09. Alone Together [add]
10. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
11. So Danco Samba [add]
12. Lover [add]
13. Two Sleepy People [add]

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