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Pieces of a Dream lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Pieces (0000) 01. Pieces [add]
02. ...And a Bag of Chips [add]
03. 1257 [add]
04. D'Vora [add]
05. Sittin' up in My Room [add]
06. Voices of Wisdom [add]
07. Any Way You Want It [add]
08. Knikki's Smile [add]
09. The Very First Time [add]
10. Epiphany [add]
11. Cut to the Chase [add]
12. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours [add]

Pieces of a Dream (1981) 01. Pieces of a Dream [add]
02. Warm Weather [add]
03. Steady Glide [add]
04. Touch Me in the Spring [add]
05. All About Love [add]
06. Easy Road Home [add]
07. Lovers [add]
08. Body Magic [add]

We Are One (1982) 01. Don't Be Sad [add]
02. Please Don't Do This to Me [add]
03. For Ramsey [add]
04. You Know I Want You [add]
05. Mt. Airy Groove [add]
06. We Are One [add]
07. When You Are Here With Me [add]
08. Pop Rock [add]
09. Yo Frat [add]

Imagine This (1983) 01. Imagine This [add]
02. For the Fun of It [add]
03. It's Time for Love [add]
04. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
05. It's Getting Hot in Here [add]
06. Fo-Fi-Fo lyrics
07. Foreverlasting Love [add]
08. Tell Me a Bedtime Story [add]

Joyride (1986) 01. Save Some Time for Me [add]
02. Say la La [add]
03. I Can Give You What You Want [add]
04. Joy Ride [add]
05. Love of My Life [add]
06. Careless Whisper [add]
07. Ouside In [add]
08. Winning Streak [add]
09. Sunshine [add]

'Bout Dat Time (1989) 01. Bout Dat Time [add]
02. I Just Want Your Love [add]
03. What Can I Do? [add]
04. Can't Be the One [add]
05. For You [add]
06. Pick Up the Pieces [add]
07. Lonely Hearts of Love [add]
08. Take Me Tonight [add]
09. Kicking - Instrumental [add]
10. Surrender [add]

Makes You Wanna (1990) 01. Ain't My Love Enough [add]
02. We Belong to Each Other [add]
03. Makes You Wanna [add]
04. Rising to the Top [add]
05. Round Midnight [add]
06. Mellow Magic [add]
07. Feelin' for You [add]
08. Holding Back the Years [add]
09. Yubie, Yubie [add]
10. Sam Place, Same Time [add]

In Flight (1993) 01. Club Jazz [add]
02. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? [add]
03. Evolution of Love [add]
04. All I Want Is You [add]
05. Satisfy My Love [add]
06. In Flight [add]
07. Love Fantasy [add]
08. Love for Eternity [add]
09. Skablictady [add]
10. In the Print [add]
11. Quiet Passion [add]

Goodbye Manhattan (1994) 01. Magens Bay [add]
02. Bassik Instinct [add]
03. After Dark [add]
04. Goodbye Manhattan [add]
05. We're All Alone [add]
06. How Much I Feel [add]
07. Ocean View [add]
08. Lights Out [add]
09. Have a Little Faith [add]
10. Let's Get Smooth [add]
11. Love of My Life [add]
12. Club Jazz (Quiet Storm) [add]

Ahead to the Past (1999) 01. Took So Long [add]
02. Malibu Nights [add]
03. Why Don't You Let Me Love You [add]
04. Love You for Life [add]
05. The Good Life [add]
06. You and I [add]
07. Philly High [add]
08. It's You That I Want [add]
09. Driving It Home [add]
10. You [add]
11. Bella Voce (Beautiful Voice) [add]
12. Cry of the Lonely [add]

Acquainted With the Night (2001) 01. Ru Ready [add]
02. Night Vision [add]
03. On That Note [add]
04. Upside Down [add]
05. Off the Hook [add]
06. Brand Nu Start [add]
07. Acquainted With the Night [add]
08. Do You Know Where You're Going To? (Theme from Mahogany) [add]
09. Saxitude [add]
10. Trance [add]
11. Picture This [add]
12. Silver Dreams [add]

Love's Silhouette (2002) 01. Turning It Up [add]
02. Love's Silhouette [add]
03. Mission Possible [add]
04. I Feel Like Singin' [add]
05. Tonight's the Night [add]
06. Nice & Easy [add]
07. Mystical Perception [add]
08. Pieceful Dreams [add]
09. Savoir Faire [add]
10. Enmascarada [add]
11. Let's Roll [add]
12. Rememberance (9/11/01) [add]
13. Slither [add]
14. My Funny Valentine [add]

No Assembly Required (2004) 01. It's Go Time [add]
02. Devotion [add]
03. Dyse It Up [add]
04. Yeah Baby [add]
05. Swerve [add]
06. Who U Wit? [add]
07. On Her Wings [add]
08. Summer [add]
09. Want a Piece of This? [add]
10. No Assembly Required [add]
11. Lunar Lullaby [add]

Pillow Talk (2006) 01. House Arrest [add]
02. Forward Emotion [add]
03. Triflin' [add]
04. Sincere [add]
05. Sailing [add]
06. Wake Up Call [add]
07. Teresa [add]
08. Those 3 Words [add]
09. In That Mood [add]
10. Attitude [add]
11. Your Love [add]
12. Pillow Talk [add]

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