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Father Jim O'Connor lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Visions of Faith: Answering the Call (2001) 01. You Are [add]
02. His Voice [add]
03. The Magnificat [add]
04. The Call of John Medley [add]
05. Living & Dying & Rising in Him [add]
06. Follow Me [add]
07. We Come to You [add]
08. Eyes to See [add]
09. Heavenly Strings [add]
10. There's a Song Inside of Me [add]
11. Jesus, You Are Lord [add]
12. One Spirit, One Church [add]

Heavenly Strings: Instrumental Music for the Soul (2002) 01. A Friend Like You [add]
02. Psalm 151 [add]
03. Awesome God [add]
04. Into Your Hands/Ave Maria [add]
05. Mi Amigo, Mi Dios [add]
06. Morning Breaks [add]
07. Do You Know the Power?/Come Dwell in This Temple [add]
08. Ecclesiastes 3 - There's a Season [add]
09. I Love You, Lord [add]
10. I Had a Dream [add]
11. Mary's Song of Praise [add]
12. I Said a Prayer for You/You Are [add]
13. Psalm 23 [add]
14. There's a Song Inside of Me [add]
15. Heavenly Strings [add]

A Pledge to America (2002) 01. A Pledge to America (Dedication) [add]
02. A Pledge to America [add]

On the Way (2002) 01. I Love You, Lord [add]
02. What Can I Give to You? [add]
03. A Friend Like You [add]
04. Psalm 151 [add]
05. On the Way [add]
06. It's in the Word [add]
07. Embrace the Cross [add]
08. Only This I Want [add]
09. Mary's Song of Praise [add]
10. Mi Amigo, Mi Dios [add]
11. You Are Mine [add]
12. Jesus Lullabye [add]

Morning Breaks (2002) 01. Morning Breaks [add]
02. I Had a Dream [add]
03. Who's Calling? [add]
04. To a Christian Friend [add]
05. Come, O Lord [add]
06. Into Your Hands/Ave Maria [add]
07. Do You Know the Power?/Come Dwell in This Temple [add]
08. Be Opened! [add]
09. Happy Being Me! [add]
10. If I Could Just Sit with You Awhile [add]
11. Blessing [add]

This Gift of Love (2002) 01. Your Grace Is Enough [add]
02. A New Beginning [add]
03. Blest by God [add]
04. With All My Heart [add]
05. In His Name [add]
06. The Holy Spirit Will Come to You [add]
07. I Said a Prayer/You Are Medley [add]
08. A Mother's Touch [add]
09. Stephanie's Song: This Gift of Love [add]
10. Awesome God [add]
11. You'll Be There [add]
12. Your Will Be Done [add]

Moments of Grace: Music for Prayer (2002) 01. Hide Me in the Shelter [add]
02. Be Still [add]
03. Psalm 23 [add]
04. Joseph's Song [add]
05. Deep Within [add]
06. My Little Child [add]
07. Heavenly Strings [add]
08. In Your Light [add]
09. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman [add]
10. Nearer Than Before [add]
11. St. Theresa's Prayer [add]
12. Draw Me Nearer Medley [add]

And I Love You So: Reflections & Songs, Vol. 1 (2004) 01. Intro * Reflection One [add]
02. Thank You, Lord [add]
03. And I Love You So * Reflection Two [add]
04. Reflection Three [add]
05. Praise Your Holy Name [add]
06. Reflection Four [add]
07. His Name Is Jesus [add]
08. Reflection Five [add]
09. Sing Hallelujah [add]
10. Reflection Six [add]
11. What a Wonderful World [add]
12. Reflection Seven [add]
13. The Rose [add]
14. Prayer for Peace * Prayer of St. Francis [add]
15. Reflection Eight [add]
16. I Will Sing [add]
17. Reflection Nine [add]
18. Heroes [add]

You've Got a Friend (2005) 01. Reflection One [add]
02. You've Got a Friend [add]
03. Reflection Two [add]
04. You Raise Me Up [add]
05. Reflection Three [add]
06. Into Your Presence [add]
07. How Great Thou Art [add]
08. Reflection Four [add]
09. Looking Through the Eyes of Love [add]
10. Reflection Five [add]
11. The Priestly Call [add]
12. Reflection Six [add]
13. Deliver Me, Lord [add]
14. Reflection Seven [add]
15. Lord, Today [add]
16. Reflection Eight [add]
17. Perhaps Love [add]
18. Reflection Nine [add]
19. The Seventy-Two [add]

In Your Light (2006) 01. In Your Light [add]
02. We Come to You (Song of Healing & Forgiveness) [add]
03. A New Beginning [add]
04. Awesome God [add]
05. Psalm 23 [add]
06. Your Grace Is Enough [add]
07. There's a Song Inside of Me [add]
08. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman [add]
09. Draw Me Nearer Medley [add]
10. Joseph's Song [add]
11. Stephanie's Song [add]
12. St. Theresa's Prayer [add]
13. You Are [add]

Home for Christmas (2006) 01. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
02. Home for the Holidays [add]
03. White Christmas [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. Silver Bells [add]
06. It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas [add]
07. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [add]
08. O Holy Night! [add]
09. On a Cold Winter's Night [add]
10. Mary, Did You Know? [add]
11. Silent Night [add]
12. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
13. Panis Angelicus [add]

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