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Genre: Soundtrack
SeaQuest DSV (1995) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Preparing for Battle [add]
03. Bridger's Dream [add]
04. Uncharted Waters [add]
05. First Engagement [add]
06. Darwin Speaks [add]
07. Dangerous Adversary [add]
08. To Adventures Bold [add]
09. Waltz With the Dead [add]
10. The Forgiving/Resurrection [add]
11. The Discovery [add]
12. Lucas Meets the Alien [add]
13. Solemn Oath [add]
14. End Credits [add]

Liar Liar (1997) 01. My Dad's a Liar [add]
02. To Court [add]
03. The Pen Is Blue [add]
04. I'm a Bad Father [add]
05. Pulled Over [add]
06. The Unwish [add]
07. Bathroom Folly [add]
08. I Love My Son [add]
09. Airport Chase [add]
10. It's Fletcher [add]
11. Together [add]
12. The Claw Returns [add]
13. End Credits [add]
14. Outakes Montage [add]

Cutthroat Island (1998) 01. Main Title: Morgan's Ride [add]
02. Carriage Chase [add]
03. The Language of Romance [add]
04. Setting Sail [add]
05. To the Bottom of the Sea [add]
06. Morgan Takes the Ship [add]
07. The Funeral [add]
08. The Rescue [add]
09. Discovery of the Treasure [add]
10. The Big Jump [add]
11. The Storm Begins [add]
12. Morgan Captured/Sword Fight [add]
13. Shaw Steals the Map [add]
14. Escape from Mordechai's [add]
15. Charting the Course [add]
16. First Kiss [add]
17. The Battle [add]
18. Dawg's Demise/The Triumph [add]
19. It's Only Gold/End Credits [add]

Paulie (1998) 01. Paulie Medley [add]
02. Ivy and Paulie Head Out [add]
03. Canciķn del Mariachi (Morena de Mi Corazķn) [add]
04. The Bungled Burglar [add]
05. Misha's Memory [add]
06. New Discoveries/Paulie and Cat [add]
07. Estoy Loco [add]
08. Paulie's Big Flight [add]
09. Reunion with Marie [Contains "Marie" by Randy Newman] [add]

End of Days [Score] (1999) 01. End of Days Main Title [add]
02. Porcelain Man [add]
03. The Shooter [add]
04. The Tunnel [add]
05. Alley Fight [add]
06. Baptism in Blood [add]
07. Helicopter Pursuit [add]
08. Satan Walks the Streets [add]
09. Crucifixion [add]
10. The Beast Comes a Callin' [add]
11. The Gates of Hell [add]
12. Subway Attack and Escape [add]
13. Jericho Finds Faith [add]
14. The Eternal Struggle [add]
15. Redemption [add]
16. End of Days Alternate Main Title [add]
17. End of Days Dance Mix [add]

The Replacements [Original Soundtrack] (2000) 01. The Replacements Remix [add]
02. I Don't Want to Be Your Girlfriend [add]
03. Second Chance [add]
04. Bust a Move [add]
05. I Will Survive [add]
06. The Dallas Game [add]
07. Falco [add]
08. Strikebreakers: The Bus Arrives/Armed Guards/Let's Play Football/Field [add]
09. Wild Yam/The Look in Your Eyes [add]
10. R.O.W.D.I.E. /Same Play [add]
11. Chicks Dig Scars [add]
12. Training Camp: Falco Drops the Ball/He's Wirey/Clifford Franklin [add]
13. Football, Replacement Style: Get Me the Ball/Cochran Scores/We're ... [add]
14. Rock & Roll, Pt. 2 [add]
15. Falco Changes the Play [add]
16. Martell Crossed [add]

Cats & Dogs (2001) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. The Neighborhood [add]
03. Lou the Dreamer [add]
04. Meet Mr. Tinkles/The Formula [add]
05. Kung-Fu Kats [add]
06. Meet the Team [add]
07. The Russian! [add]
08. Team Theme/Montage/The Discovery [add]
09. Tinkles Plots/Limo Ride/Flocking Factory [add]
10. Blasting to Headquarters [add]
11. Lou Saves the Day [add]
12. Lou's Alive! [add]
13. Dress-Up Time for Tinkles [add]

The Princess Diaries [Original Score] (2001) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Queen Clarisse [add]
03. Mia Invites Lily to the Ball [add]
04. The Princess Diaries Waltz [add]
05. Mia's Makeover [add]
06. Princess Lessons [add]
07. A New Mia [add]
08. Mia Flees [add]
09. Sorry, Dad [add]
10. Lana, the Traitor [add]
11. Mia Visits the Consulate [add]
12. Scooter Talk [add]
13. I Don't Want to Be a Princess [add]
14. Father Talk [add]
15. The Ball [add]
16. Meeting the Prime Minister [add]
17. A Letter from the King [add]
18. It's a Real Job [add]
19. Mia's Decision [add]
20. Learning to Walk [add]
21. Mia Apologizes [add]
22. Can I Call You Joe? [add]
23. The Kiss [add]
24. Harp Interlude [add]
25. The Princess Diaries Medley [add]

Dragonfly [Original Score] (2002) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Joe and Emily Flashback [add]
03. Donor Body Awakens [add]
04. Meeting Sister Madeline [add]
05. The Plane Ride [add]
06. Emily's Grave [add]
07. Emily's Message Revealed [add]

The Scorpion King [Score] (2002) 01. Boo! [add]
02. Main Titles [add]
03. Night Attack [add]
04. Vision of Doom [add]
05. Pickpockets [add]
06. Valley of the Dead [add]
07. The Cave [add]
08. Mathyus Arises [add]
09. Balthazar's Cramp [add]
10. I Had a Vision [add]
11. I've Come for the Woman [add]
12. Die Well Assassin [add]
13. Balthazar Arrives [add]
14. The Scorpion King [add]

The Tuxedo (2002) 01. Jimmy's Tux [add]
02. Skateboard Chase [add]
03. Mad Bike Messenger [add]
04. Jimmy's Dream [add]
05. "The Tuxedo" Main Title [add]
06. First Mission [add]
07. Swallow the Queen [add]
08. Demolition [add]
09. Putting on Tux [add]
10. Demolition Program [add]
11. Rope Fight [add]
12. Rope Fight [add]
13. Superhuman [add]
14. Walter Strider [add]
15. High Noon [add]
16. Banning Opens the Pods [add]
17. Banning Swallows Queen [add]
18. Jimmy Saves Blaine [add]
19. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine [add]

Bruce Almighty (2003) 01. One of Us [add]
02. God-Shaped Hole [add]
03. You're a God [add]
04. The Power [add]
05. A Little Less Conversation [add]
06. The Rockafeller Skank [add]
07. God Gave Me Everything [add]
08. AB Positive [add]
09. Walking on Water [add]
10. Seventh at Seven [add]
11. Bruce Meets God [add]
12. Bruce's Prayer [add]
13. Grace's Prayer [add]

Elf [Original Score] (2003) 01. Papa Elf [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. Buddy's Journey [add]
04. A Stroll With Buddy [add]
05. Christmas Medley [add]
06. Weird Wonderland [add]
07. The Frozen Battlefield [add]
08. Buddy's Theme [add]
09. Santa's in Trouble [add]
10. A Walk in the Park [add]
11. Attack of the Little People [add]
12. Central Park Rangers [add]
13. Working With Dad [add]
14. A Snowman's Advice [add]
15. Showdown in the Park [add]
16. Buddy and Santa's Flight [add]
17. Spaghetti and Syrup [add]

The Passion of the Christ (2004) 01. The Olive Garden [add]
02. Bearing the Cross [add]
03. Jesus Arrested [add]
04. Peter Denies Jesus [add]
05. The Stoning [add]
06. Song of Complaint [add]
07. Simon Is Dismissed [add]
08. Flagellation/Dark Choir/Disciples [add]
09. Mary Goes to Jesus [From "The Passion of the Christ"] [add]
10. Peaceful But Primitive/Procession [add]
11. Crucifixion [add]
12. Raising the Cross [add]
13. It Is Done [add]
14. Jesus Is Carried Down [add]
15. Resurrection [add]

Dreamer (2005) 01. Theme from Dreamer [add]
02. The Stand Off -- 1st Ride [add]
03. First Race [add]
04. Ben Asks Pop for Help [add]
05. Soņador in Harness [add]
06. Popsicles [add]
07. Manny's Story [add]
08. Testing Soņador's Leg [add]
09. 2nd Ride -- Thunderpants [add]
10. Runaway Horse [add]
11. Exercising Soņador [add]
12. The Noble King [add]
13. New Owner Montage [add]
14. Training Montage [add]
15. Smart and Beautiful [add]
16. Soņador Chosen [add]
17. Cale Won't Sell Soņador [add]
18. Leaving Sadir's [add]
19. She's Ready to Run [add]
20. She Wants to Race [add]
21. Last Race [add]
22. End Credit Medley [add]
23. Dreamer [Film Mix] [add]
24. Main Title [Film Version] [add]
25. Dreamer [add]

Chicken Little [Original Soundtrack] (2005) 01. Stir It Up [add]
02. One Little Slip [add]
03. Shake a Tail Feather [add]
04. All I Know [add]
05. Ain't No Mountain High Enough [add]
06. It's the End of the World Is We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [add]
07. We Are the Champions [As Used in the Film Chicken Little] [add]
08. Wannabe [As Used in the Film Chicken Little] [add]
09. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [add]
10. The Sky Is Falling [add]
11. The Big Game [add]
12. Dad Apologizes [add]
13. Chase to Cornfield [add]
14. Dodgeball [add]
15. Driving with Dad [add]

Duma (2005) 01. Duma/Phiry - The Bird Songs [add]
02. Duma/Duma Orphaned [add]
03. Duma/Cute Kitten Montage [add]
04. Duma/Dad Sick [add]
05. Duma/Move to City [add]
06. Duma/At School [add]
07. Duma/Coming Home [add]
08. Duma/Pushing Motorcycle [add]
09. Duma/Land Yacht [add]
10. Duma/Leaving Rip [add]
11. Duma/Duma Sees Crocs [add]
12. Duma/Land Yacht Remix [add]
13. Duma/Croc River [add]
14. Duma/Change [add]
15. Duma/Freedom [add]
16. Duma/Goodnight [add]
17. Duma/Run to Village [add]
18. Duma/Xan and Duma Say Goodbye [add]
19. Duma/Issa Lullaby [add]

Zathura (2005) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Finding the Game [add]
03. Meteor Shower [add]
04. Aftermath [add]
05. Robot Grows/Chase/Standoff [add]
06. Too Close to the Sun [add]
07. Zorgons' Appearance [add]
08. They're Not Friendly [add]
09. Couch Decoy [add]
10. Astronaut's Story [add]
11. Zorgons' Return [add]
12. The Dumbwaiter [add]
13. Stealing the Game [add]
14. Robot's Revenge [add]
15. Shooting Star Card [add]
16. Brother to Brother [add]
17. Danny Wins the Game [add]
18. Zathura Is a Blackhole [add]
19. Back Home [add]
20. Home Again [add]

The Ant Bully (2006) 01. Parade of Ants [add]
02. Destroyer [add]
03. Sad Lucas [add]
04. Zac Attempts Potion [add]
05. Head of Council [add]
06. Parents Leave on Trip [add]
07. Zac Makes Potion [add]
08. Colony Floods [add]
09. Colony Destroyed [add]
10. Mommo Awakens [add]
11. The Queen [add]
12. Team Competition [add]
13. Wasp Attack [add]
14. Honeydew Feast [add]
15. The Ant Mother [add]
16. Sneaking Home [add]
17. Hang Gliding [add]
18. Jellybeans [add]
19. Frog Attack [add]
20. Zac and Lucas [add]
21. Exterminator Arrives [add]
22. Asking for Wasp Help [add]
23. Launching the Attack [add]
24. Assault on Stan [add]
25. Lucas Gets Named [add]
26. Home Coming [add]
27. Bullies and Sweet Rock [add]

Evan Almighty [Score] (2007) 01. The Ark Theme [add]
02. Baxter's to Bed [add]
03. God's Theme [add]
04. Grooming Montage [add]
05. Genesis 6:14 [add]
06. Evan's Theme [add]
07. Evan Runs from Capitol [add]
08. God's Valley [add]
09. God Crane Arrives [add]
10. Congressional Animals [add]
11. I'm Noah [add]
12. Evan and God [add]
13. Hummer Ride [add]
14. Take It Down [add]
15. The Flood [add]
16. Acts of Random Kindness [add]

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