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Genre: Electronica
DJ's Take Control, Vol. 3 (1996) 01. This Time [Carl Craig Mix] [add]
02. Lost in Space [#] [add]
03. Deliver Me [Jazz-N-Groove Mix] [add]
04. Past and Present [Jazz-N-Groove Mix] [add]
05. Reach Higher [Todd Terry House Dub & Swing 52 Mix] [add]
06. Work Your Body [#] [add]
07. Jazz Fuc [add]
08. Won't Stop da Beat [Deep Dish Mix] [add]
09. Spiritu Indio [add]
10. Aha [add]
11. Pons [Dobre & Jamez Mix] [add]
12. Walk So Lonely [add]
13. Feeling Happy [add]
14. Disco Revenge [add]
15. I Want You (She's So Heavy) [#/*] [add]
16. Be Free [add]
17. I'm So Grateful [Roc-N-Kato's Master Mix] [add]
18. Let It All Out [add]
19. Satori [New Satori Sonic Mix] [add]
20. Sex on My Mind [DJ Pierre Mix] [add]
21. Heaven Knows (I Can't Understand) [Sound Factory Mix] [add]
22. Hideaway [Ali Needs to Score Mix] [add]
23. Until We Meet Again [Hani's Heavenly Mix] [add]
24. Reach Out to Me [Paper Boys Early Morning Mix] [add]
25. Philadelphia [add]
26. Nada Mas [add]
27. Fly to the Moon [Mood II Swing Mix] [add]
28. Giv Me Luv [add]

Junk Science (1998) 01. Intro- Morning Wood [add]
02. The Future of the Future (Stay Gold) [With Everything But the Girl] [add]
03. Summer's Over [add]
04. Mohammad Is Jesus [add]
05. Stranded [add]
06. Junk Science [add]
07. Sushi [add]
08. My Only Sin [add]
09. Monsoon [add]
10. Persepolis [add]
11. Chocolate City (Love Songs) [add]
12. Mohammad Is Jesus [In Dub] [add]
13. Wear the Hat [add]

Yoshiesque (1999) 01. Dancing in Outer Space [MAW Accapella] [add]
02. Wave 2081 [Vocal Mix] [add]
03. Dep Lounge 2 [add]
04. Here I Am [Rutabaga Mix] [add]
05. Under the Water [Deep Dish Underpressure Remix] [add]
06. All over Your Face [add]
07. Listen (Do You Hear It) [add]
08. Tall Stories [add]
09. The Right Way [add]
10. Remembering [Acappella Mix] [add]
11. Dep Lounge [dub] [add]
12. Music With a Feel [Jark Prongo Mix] [add]
13. Mohammad Is Jesus [Deep Dish Daddy Cool Remix] [add]
14. The Reality [Full Intention Dub Mix] [add]
15. Rollercoaster [Oakey's Courtyard Mix] [add]
16. Quantensprung 1 [add]
17. Jumbo [Rob Rives and Francois K Main Dish] [add]
18. Many Tentacles Pimping on the Keys [add]
19. See the Music [1 A.M. Mix] [add]
20. The N.Y. Experience [Jinx Super Chunk Mix] [add]
21. Fly Away [Joystick Dub Remix] [add]
22. Slid [Modwheel Remix] [add]
23. Honey [Deep Dish Hoojee Dub] [add]
24. Metro [Oliver Lieb's Us Remix] [add]
25. Music in My Mind [Deep Dish Twister Dub/El Nino UK Extended Mix] [add]
26. Darkness [Celvin-A-Pella] [add]
27. Westworld [Medival Funk Mix] [add]
28. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me [Quivvers Remix] [add]
29. True (The Faggot Is You) [add]
30. Slippin' into Darkness [Armand Van Helden Dub/Remix] [add]
31. Oh Mother Earth (Embrace) [Live Element Dub] [add]

Renaissance Ibiza (2000) 01. Pink Cigarettes [Atjazz Mix] [add]
02. Hope [Tonuri's Commercial Edit] [add]
03. Overflow [Paul Brtschitsch Remix] [add]
04. Temperamental [Hex Hector/Mac Quale Reverse Drum Dub/Club Mix] [add]
05. Loch Dub, Pt. 2 [add]
06. Kinetic [Commie's Remix] [add]
07. Barbarella [Deep Dish Armageddon Breakdown Mix] [add]
08. The Flying Song [Markus Schulz Vocal Mix] [add]
09. Moondiver [add]
10. Sexual [Deep Dish Cheez Whiz Dub] [add]
11. True (The Faggot Is You) [add]
12. I Know You Like It [Raw Fuzz Mix] [add]
13. Rise [Deep Dish Hi-Rise Dub/Remix] [add]
14. Ubik [Original Mix] [add]
15. Flim Flam [Smith & Selway Remix] [add]
16. Push That Thing [Timo Massa Phat Out of Hell Mix] [add]
17. Everytime [Timo Maas Dub/Vocal Remix] [add]
18. Red Horizon [add]
19. Porcelain [Futureshock Remix] [add]
20. Sunburn [Timo Maas Sunstroke Remix] [add]
21. Shape Shifting Sky Beats [add]
22. Flash [Danny Tenaglia's Nitrous Oxide Mix] [add]
23. Feet [add]
24. Circuit Breaker [add]
25. Dreaming [Evolution Mix] [add]
26. The Deep Edge [add]
27. I Am the Vibe [*] [add]
28. Darkness [*] [add]
29. She Says Hey [*] [add]

Yoshiesque, Vol. 2 (2001) 01. I Think I'm in Love [Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix] [add]
02. Back When We Was Attached [add]
03. Carambola [Roc Hunter Mix] [add]
04. Lovely [Johnny Fiasco's Lovely Vocal Remix] [add]
05. Marscarter [BLH III Original] [add]
06. What We Do in Life [Echoes in Eternity] [add]
07. Blair B*t*h [Solid Sessions Remix] [add]
08. Praying [Tom Middleton's A Cappella] [add]
09. Glow [add]
10. The Future [Future Vocal Mix] [add]
11. 165..... Drop [add]
12. Dubb Me Some'tin Fresh [add]
13. Surrender Yourself [Ballroom Mix] [add]
14. Feel Up [Salt City Orchestra Wednesday Mix] [add]
15. Finally [The Sting Reprise] [add]
16. So Strong [Cass/Slide vs. Meat Katie No Daddy, Not the Whip M] [add]
17. Samba [Roger Sanchez Darkstar Mix] [add]
18. Always Remember to Respect + Honor Your Mother, Pt. 1 [Deep Dish Loves] [add]
19. Lights Off [add]
20. Choose Life [Thomas Schumacher Remix] [add]
21. Strange World [Blackwatch King Monkey Dub] [add]
22. Afrika [add]
23. I Wish You Were Here [add]
24. Innocente (Falling in Love) [Deep Dish Gladiator II Remix] [add]
25. Funny Car [add]
26. Man Don't Cry [Mod Wheel Love You and Leave You Mix] [add]

Global Underground: Moscow (2001) 01. Escape (Driving to Heaven) [Omid's Full Vocal Mix] lyrics
02. Rise [M.A.S. Collective Mix] [add]
03. I Can See the Lights [add]
04. Night Watch [Tribal Mix] [add]
05. Hot [Original Mix] [add]
06. Waiting [John Creamer & Stephane K. Remix] [add]
07. Hold That Body [Wally Lopez & Dr. Kucho Remix] [add]
08. The Strong Rhythm [Urban Tribes Remix] [add]
09. Thank You [Deep Dish Remix] [add]
10. The Dub Session (A Cooler Dub/A Harder Dub) [add]
11. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) [Deep Dish Space Remix] [add]
12. Lost in Brixton [add]
13. Shame [Way Out West Mix] [add]
14. Word Unspoken [add]
15. Deeper Water [Sander Kleinenberg's Caffeine Remix] [add]
16. Falling [add]
17. Coming Down [add]
18. Autoporno [add]
19. I Feel Stereo [add]
20. Sunset (Bird of Prey) [Markus Schulz] [add]
21. Manilla Sunrise [Markus Schulz Remix] [add]
22. Foundation [add]
23. Skin Deep [Vocal Mix] [add]
24. I Wish You Were Here [16B Remix] [add]
25. Faith [Original Jericho Mix/Mv's Moody Mix] [add]

Global Underground: Toronto (2003) 01. Diamond Life/Numb [Meat Katie Remix/Deep Dish Numb Life Remix] [add]
02. Night Visions [add]
03. Sineweaver [add]
04. Drop Beat [Circulation Mix] [add]
05. Rezin [add]
06. In Love [Killer Mix] [add]
07. Sacred Dance [add]
08. Satellite [Evolved Mix] [add]
09. Flying [Sultan & the Greek Remix] [add]
10. Doves (I'll Be Loving You) [John Creamer & Stephane K Remix] [add]
11. Until the End [add]
12. Only Your Love [Holme Ives Remix] [add]
13. Way2tite [add]
14. Time [Planet Funk Mix] [add]
15. Breezer [add]
16. Work to Do [add]
17. Krafty [add]
18. Krafty [G-Pal's Sea Paradise Mix] [add]
19. Part 1 [add]
20. The One I Run To [add]
21. I Love You [add]
22. Never Felt This Way [Behrouz & Andy Remix] [add]
23. Hoochikoochi [add]
24. Break Them Up [add]
25. Nothing [93 Returning Mix] [add]

George Is On (2005) 01. No Stopping for Nicotine [add]
02. Sacramento [add]
03. Flashdance lyrics
04. Swallow Me [add]
05. Awake Enough [add]
06. Everybody's Wearing My Head [add]
07. Say Hello [add]
08. Dreams [add]
09. Dub Shepherd [add]
10. Sexy III [add]
11. Sergio's Theme [add]
12. In Love With a Friend [add]
13. Flashing for Money [*] [add]
14. Flashdance [*] [add]
15. Flashdance [*] [add]
16. Say Hello [*] [add]
17. Say Hello [*] [add]
18. Say Hello [*] [add]
19. Say Hello [*] [add]
20. Say Hello [multimedia track] [add]
21. Flashdance [multimedia track] [add]

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