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Dale Fielder lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Ocean of Love and Mercy: A Passion Suite (0000) 01. Invocation of the Goddess [add]
02. Ocean of Love and Mercy [add]
03. Interlude L [Thumbu] [add]
04. Prelude [add]
05. Interlude II [add]
06. Fourth Density [add]
07. Interlude III [add]
08. The Stars, Like Dust [add]
09. Interlude Lv (White) - [excerpt] [add]
10. At the Threshold [add]
11. Les Mots Flottant (Words Afloat) [add]

Free Flow (0000) 01. The Stroker [add]
02. Free Flow [add]
03. The Man from Lima [add]
04. Fait Accompli [add]
05. Full House [add]
06. I'll Take Romance [add]
07. Going Places [add]
08. Ballad for Beulah [add]
09. One By One [add]

Romance Serenade [live] (2000) 01. Swingin' with C [add]
02. Speak Like a Child [add]
03. Gloria's Sleep [add]
04. Romance Serenade [add]
05. All My Tomorrows [add]
06. I Love You [add]
07. Diane [add]
08. Lady in the White Print Dress [add]
09. How High the Moon [add]
10. Sensuous Universe [add]

The Hipster (2002) 01. The Hipster [add]
02. I Remember Britt [add]
03. Troubadour Dreams [add]
04. Nights Longing for You [add]
05. Thunderbirds [add]
06. The Healing [add]
07. A Quilt for Faye [add]
08. The Old Country [add]
09. Tamara's Tempo [add]
10. Hope for Tomorrow [add]

Howling Monk (2003) 01. Ad Astra [add]
02. Petite Story [add]
03. Raina's Theme [add]
04. All of You [add]
05. My Favorite Things [add]
06. I Waited for You [add]
07. Anomalies [add]
08. Moments Notice [add]
09. Prelude: In the Current of Eternal Life [add]
10. Clarity I: Angelic Gifts [add]
11. Clarity II: Nowspace [add]
12. Interlude: Percussion [add]
13. Clarity III: The Calling [add]
14. Interlude: Piano [add]
15. Clarity IV: Glimpse of the Goddess [add]
16. Clarity V: You Can Hide, But You Can't Deny [add]

Baritone Sunride (2005) 01. Isaiah's Idea [add]
02. Patti's Vigil [add]
03. Jupiter Soul [add]
04. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody [add]
05. Lover [add]
06. Carol's Nocturne [add]
07. Traverse Adverse [add]
08. Muezzin [add]
09. End of a Love Affair [add]
10. Pepper's Mood [add]

Dale Fielder Quartet Plays the Music of Pepper Adams (2007) 01. Rue Serpente [add]
02. Enchilada Baby [add]
03. Boss Allegro [add]
04. Lovers of Their Time [add]
05. I Carry Your Heart [add]
06. Bossa Nouveau [add]
07. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [add]
08. Now in Our Lives [add]
09. Frugal Apathy [add]
10. Dimensions [add]

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