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Genre: Jazz
Flying Colors (0000) 01. Stretching [add]
02. Soulfull Bill [add]
03. By Myself [add]
04. The Song Is You [add]
05. Flying Colors [add]
06. 'Round Midnight [add]
07. 1977 A. D. [add]

The Arioso Touch (0000) 01. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
02. Arioso [add]
03. Day Dream [add]
04. Remember [add]
05. Phineas: The Living Legend [add]
06. I Didn't Know About You [add]
07. Don't Explain [add]
08. Judge for Yourself [add]

Magical Trio 1 (0000) 01. Hammerin' [add]
02. Buhaina, Buhaina [add]
03. The Night We Called It a Day [add]
04. Old Times' Sake [*] [add]
05. The Soulful Mr. Timmons [add]
06. Love Letters [add]
07. Mean What You Say [add]
08. You're Lucky to Me [add]
09. J's Jam Song [add]

Meet the Magical Trio (0000) 01. Reedus Rendezvous [add]
02. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me [add]
03. Fingers [add]
04. Lazy Bird [add]
05. Be Real Special [add]
06. Arioso [add]
07. Shenanigens [add]
08. Single Petal of a Rose/Flower Is a Lovesome Thing [add]

For Piano, For Phineas (0000) 01. Fond Times With Junior [add]
02. Pass Me Not [add]
03. While My Lady Sleeps [add]
04. Back Home [add]
05. Sweet and Lovely [add]
06. Moonlight in Vermont [add]
07. Newborn Spirit [add]
08. Salt Peanuts [add]
09. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]

Meets the Saxophone Masters (0000) 01. Fourplay [add]
02. Lo Joe [add]
03. Centerpiece [add]
04. Calgary [add]
05. The Song Is You [add]
06. Old Folks [add]

Talkin' Trash (0000) 01. Serenade to a Bus Seat [add]
02. The Orator (C.T.'s Sermon) [add]
03. Chuckles [add]
04. Moonglow [add]
05. Talkin' Trash [add]
06. Lotus Blossom [add]
07. Embraceable You [add]
08. Boomerang [add]
09. SKJ [add]

Truth, Justice & The Blues (0000) 01. Truth, Justice & The Blues [add]
02. Self-Esteem [add]
03. For Old Times Sake [add]
04. Yes, Yes, Oh Yes! [add]
05. For All Intensive Purposes [add]
06. On His Word [add]
07. Take Time for Love [add]
08. You're My Alter Ego [add]
09. J's Rhythm Song [add]
10. Just a Feelin' [add]
11. Be Real Special [add]

Together (1981) 01. For My Nephews [add]
02. One for J.W. [add]
03. Blue in Dark-Green [add]
04. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
05. Double Play [add]
06. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise [add]
07. 1977 A.D. [add]
08. Rhythm-A-Ning [add]

Alter Ego (1984) 01. Black Scholars [add]
02. Alter Ego [add]
03. Havana Days [add]
04. Fourplay [add]
05. A Touching Affair [add]
06. Waltz for Monk [add]
07. Beauty Within [add]
08. Yours and Mine [add]

Progress Report (1985) 01. Progress Report [add]
02. Episode from a Village Dance [add]
03. Affaire d'Amour [add]
04. Mr. Day's Dream [add]
05. Unconscious Behavior [add]
06. Renaissance Lovers [add]
07. A Touching Affair [add]
08. Waltz for Monk [add]

Magical Trio 2 (1987) 01. Bohemia After Dark [add]
02. Too Late Now [add]
03. Portrait of Elvin [add]
04. Roadlife [add]
05. In the Opencoart [add]
06. You're Too Beautiful [add]
07. Lullaby of the Leaves [add]

I Remember Clifford (1990) 01. As I Live and Breathe [add]
02. I Remember Clifford [add]
03. Take the Coltrane [add]
04. Simone [add]
05. Focus [add]
06. Shelly [add]
07. Sweet and Lovely [add]
08. I'll Be Around [add]
09. Celestial Mood [add]
10. Plain But Simple Truth [add]

James Williams Meets The Saxophone Masters (1993) 01. Fourplay [add]
02. Lo-Joe [add]
03. Centerpiece [add]
04. Calgary [add]
05. The Song Is You [add]
06. Old Folks [add]

Up to the Minute Blues (1994) 01. Common Knowledge [add]
02. Afro Centric [add]
03. Girl Talk [add]
04. Three Card Molly [add]
05. The Masquerade Is Over [add]
06. Up to the Minute Blues [add]

Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Vol. 4 [live] (1996) 01. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
02. Footprints [add]
03. Dreamsville [add]
04. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
05. New York [add]
06. 'Round Midnight [add]
07. Inner Urge [add]
08. Street of Dreams [add]
09. Blues Etude [add]
10. Spirtual Medley: Holy, Holy, Holy [add]
11. Spirtual Medley: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [add]
12. Spirtual Medley: Blessed Assurance [add]
13. Spirtual Medley: Why We Sing [add]

We've Got What You Need (1998) 01. A Beautiful Friendship [add]
02. Dat Dere [add]
03. Playin' the Field [add]
04. Dialogue: A Few Miles to Holland [add]
05. You'll Never Walk Alone [add]
06. Vignette #1 [With Eespect to McCoy, Coltrane, Chick, and Babs] [add]
07. Day by Day [add]
08. Deliverence [add]
09. Lester Left Town [add]
10. Vignette #2 [With Respect to Mozart, Haydn, and T.J. Anderson] [add]
11. Calvary [add]
12. Praise Song for the People [add]

Awesome! (2000) 01. It's All Right With Me [add]
02. Quietude [add]
03. Time After Time [add]
04. Lonely Moments [add]
05. Somebody Loves Me [add]
06. Give Me the Simple Life [add]
07. Sophisticated Lady [add]
08. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
09. Sweet and Lovely [add]
10. Sommymoon for Two [add]

Classic Encounters! (2000) 01. Strike up the Band [add]
02. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
03. I Got Rhythm [add]
04. This Time the Dream's on Me [add]
05. Love Walked In [add]
06. My Shining Hour [add]
07. Golden Earrings [add]
08. Somebody Loves Me [add]
09. Come Sunday [add]

Jazz Dialogues, Vol. 1: Willpower (2003) 01. Rainy Days & Mondays [add]
02. Skylark [add]
03. Frank's Tune [add]
04. Le Wizard de Basso [add]
05. Whisper Not [add]
06. Willpower [add]
07. Be Real Special [add]
08. Close to You [add]
09. Inner Urge [add]
10. I Surrender All [add]

Jazz Dialogues, Vol. 2: Focus (2003) 01. Focus [add]
02. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You? [add]
03. Put on a Happy Face [add]
04. I Know It's You [add]
05. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
06. Easy Living [add]
07. Fourplay [add]
08. For My Nephews [add]
09. I've Got the World on a String [add]
10. Groovin' High [add]
11. These Foolish Things [add]
12. Daydream [add]

Jazz Dialogues, Vol. 3: Out of Nowhere (2003) 01. I Mean You [add]
02. That's My Desire [add]
03. That's My Desire [add]
04. Out of Nowhere [add]
05. When You're Smiling [add]
06. A Child Is Born [add]
07. Teach Me Tonight [add]
08. Bassically Simple [add]
09. For All We Know [add]
10. The Old Country [add]
11. Little B's Poem [add]

Jazz Dialogues, Vol. 4: Music for a While (2003) 01. Thermo [add]
02. Take Time for Love [add]
03. Undecided [add]
04. Walk with Me [add]
05. Old Times Sake [add]
06. If I Loved You [add]
07. The More I See You [add]
08. Pieces of a Dream [add]
09. East of the Sun [add]
10. Music for a While [add]

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