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Charlie lyrics
Genre: Rock
Fantasy Girls (1976) 01. Fantasy Girls [add]
02. Miss Deluxe [add]
03. TV Dreams [add]
04. Prisoners [add]
05. First Class Traveller [add]
06. Greatcoat Guru [add]
07. Please Let Me Know [add]
08. Don't Let Me Down [add]
09. It's Your Life [add]
10. Summer Romances [add]

No Second Chance (1977) 01. No Second Chance [add]
02. Don't Look Back [add]
03. Pressure Point [add]
04. Turning to You [add]
05. Thirteen [add]
06. Lovers [add]
07. Johnny Hold Back [add]
08. Love Is Alright [add]
09. Guitar Hero (False Messiah) [add]

Lines (1978) 01. She Loves to Be in Love [add]
02. No More Heartaches [add]
03. Life So Cruel [add]
04. Watching T.V. [add]
05. Out of Control [add]
06. L.A. Dreamer [add]
07. No Strangers in Paradise [add]
08. Keep Me in Mind [add]
09. I Like to Rock and Roll [add]

Fight Dirty (1979) 01. California [add]
02. Fight Dirty [add]
03. Don't Count Me Out [add]
04. Heartless [add]
05. Runaway [add]
06. Killer Out [add]
07. So Alone [add]
08. Just One More Smiling Face [add]
09. End of It All [add]
10. Too Late [add]

Good Morning America (1981) 01. Good Morning America [add]
02. I Can't Get Over You [add]
03. Roll the Dice [add]
04. Heading for Home [add]
05. Saturday Night [add]
06. All My Life [add]
07. Fool for Your Love [add]
08. My Perfect Lover [add]
09. I'm Angry With You [add]
10. Just One More Chance [add]
11. The Girl Won't Dance With Me [add]

Here Comes Trouble (1982) 01. Jealous [add]
02. There You Go Again [add]
03. Five Years [add]
04. Writing on the Wall [add]
05. Literary Love [add]
06. Take the Money [add]
07. Don't Stand in My Way [add]
08. Only Dreaming [add]
09. Mind Your Own Business [add]
10. Zero [add]
11. You Are My Life [add]
12. I'm a Consumer [add]
13. I'm Sorry [add]
14. Don't Let Go [add]
15. Stupid World [add]
16. All My Life [add]
17. Fool for Your Love [add]
18. Just One More Chance [add]

Charlie (1983) 01. It's Inevitable [add]
02. Tempted [add]
03. Spend My Life with You [add]
04. Never Too Late [add]
05. Playing to Win [add]
06. The Heartaches Begin [add]
07. You're Everything I Need [add]
08. This Time [add]
09. Can't Wait 'Til Tomorrow [add]

In Pursuit of Romance (1986) 01. The Kings of the World [add]
02. Swimming in a Secret Sea [add]
03. One More Day [add]
04. Missing a Heartbeat [add]
05. Take It or Leave It [add]
06. In Pursuit of Romance [add]
07. Don't Stand in My Way [add]
08. Everything's Safer Than Love [add]
09. Hang on to Your Dreams [add]
10. There You Go Again [add]

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