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Brain Wave Project lyrics
Genre: Rock
Buck Hunter & Brain Dead: Cancer Country (2002) 01. Angles Don't Wear Glasses [add]
02. Mexican Milkshake [add]
03. Every Color in the Rainbow (Except the Blues) [add]
04. Bedtime Boogie [add]
05. Long Lonely Highway [add]
06. Prayer for Peace [add]
07. Voodoo Doll [add]
08. Girl at the Window [add]
09. Got a Rock [add]
10. At a Glance [add]
11. Man of the Hour (From Exp-002) [add]
12. Stawberry Sand Castles [add]
13. Without You (You'll Never Know) [add]

Live 2001 (In Memory of 9-11) (2002) 01. Dawn of Primal Creation/I Guess I'll Throw It All Away [add]
02. Suite: Floor Show/Leg [add]
03. Electo Static Man [add]
04. Pieces of the True Cross/Visions of Sodom and Gomorrah [add]
05. The Martyr/In Memory of John Lennon [add]
06. Eulogy 2 the King [add]
07. Hope [add]
08. Into the Darkness [add]
09. Casablanca (1943) [add]
10. Artifacts in the Archives [add]
11. Let Me Take You Down [add]
12. Birthday (Lennon/McCartney) [add]
13. Isabella [add]
14. Shark Attack [add]
15. Mexican Milk Shake (Hunter/Murphy) [add]

Buck Hunter (2002) 01. Dawn of Primal Creation/Throw It All Away [add]
02. Isabella [add]
03. Electrostatic Man [add]
04. Let Me Take U Down [add]
05. Floor Show/Leg [add]
06. The Martyr (Dedicated to John Lennon) [add]
07. Pieces of the True Cross/Visions of Sodom and Gamora [add]
08. Eulogy 2 the King [add]
09. We Are Flesh and Blood [add]
10. Lusious and Lucretia [add]
11. Suite: Mortuary Monuments/Famous People [add]
12. Do the Melt Down (This Song Must Be Kept Radioactive) [add]
13. Cold Fool (Formally Titled...the Oldest Line in the Book) [add]
14. Artifacts in the Archives [add]

Asa Nisi Masa (2002) 01. Guyana [add]
02. Woman's Body [add]
03. Anyway [add]
04. Break the Spell [add]
05. On Ground Zero [add]
06. Hothead [add]
07. Casablanca (1943) [add]
08. Seals with No Mothers/Toxic Haste [add]
09. Hope [add]
10. Into the Darkness [add]
11. The Great Petolchemical Folly [add]
12. Song for Nuclear America [add]

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