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Bio Fractal Music Project lyrics
Genre: New Age
The Songs Lament the Child Passed Away (2003) 01. A Sudden Notice [add]
02. Attendance at a Funeral [add]
03. At the Night Which Cannot Sleep [add]
04. Recollections [add]
05. A Prayer and a Decision [add]
06. Embarkation in the Future [add]

Snowy Fairy Tale (2005) 01. .The Snowy Fairy Flew Down [add]
02. The Tale of the Love a Fairy Tells [add]
03. The Royal Prince Became a Frog by Dark Magic [add]
04. Dawn in the Woods of Winter [add]
05. The Royal Princess a Fairy Tells [add]
06. The Love and Prayer of a Royal Princess [add]
07. A Fairy Whispered Wisdom to the Royal Princess [add]
08. Incantation of Magic Was Broken [add]
09. The Royal Prince Returned to Man [add]
10. The Great Love Extinguished the Dark World [add]
11. After That of Prince and Princess a Fairy Tells [add]
12. Pass the Time Far. [add]
13. The Fairy's Greeting of Good-Bye [add]
14. The Noble Pace to the Future [add]

Autumn Wind (2006) 01. Wonderful Nostalgia [add]
02. Dusk [add]
03. A Cool Wind [add]
04. Storm [add]
05. From the Break of Clouds [add]
06. Curtain of Light [add]
07. Happy World Wrapped in Bright Yellow [add]
08. The Present from the Setting Sun [add]
09. The Flow of Clouds [add]
10. Going to a Crop [add]

Whisper of Lights (2007) 01. Stars [add]
02. Darkness [add]
03. Trees Shine with the Morning Sun [add]
04. Inside of a Tree Leak Day [add]
05. Trees Reflected in the Water Surface [add]
06. Light Shines with Water [add]
07. While Basking in the Setting Sun [add]
08. With a Night View [add]
09. What a Starlit Sky Says [add]
10. To You Who Were Attached [add]
11. Faint Light [add]
12. I Want to Say Thank You [add]

Pure Love Ballades (2007) 01. Yearning [add]
02. It Is a Walk Together. [add]
03. Palpitation [add]
04. Love Confirms. [add]
05. In the Inside of Sunlight [add]
06. Talkative [add]
07. Little Stream [add]
08. A Rise of Love [add]
09. With the Setting Sun [add]
10. On the Beach [add]
11. Night View [add]
12. It Looks Back Upon Today's Day. [add]
13. Way Back [add]

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