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Genre: Children's
The Seventh Day (0000) 01. Once Upon a Time [add]
02. I Cannot Wait [add]
03. Always Room for More [add]
04. Giving [add]
05. The Shabbat March [add]
06. Yom Ze l'Israel [add]
07. Chicken Soup [add]
08. Shabbat Shalom [add]
09. Let's Take a Sabbatical [add]
10. Today's Shabbat [add]
11. Yism'chu Hashamayim [add]
12. Down in the Garden [add]
13. Wondering [add]
14. Do You Remember? [add]
15. Noah [add]
16. Shalom Shabbat/Shalom Chaverim [add]

Mostly Matzah (0000) 01. What If? [add]
02. Yocheved's Lament [add]
03. DeSert Song [add]
04. Slaves [add]
05. Hurry Up [add]
06. The Miracle [add]
07. Today Is a New Day [add]
08. Dayenu [add]
09. Look Who's Here [add]
10. Togetherness [add]
11. What Do You Say? [add]
12. Mah Nishtanah [add]
13. The Matzah Boogie [add]
14. Cycle Song [add]
15. The Saga of Baby Moses [add]
16. Wandering [add]
17. History [add]

Latkes & Hamentashen (1980) 01. Walking to Jerusalem [add]
02. Antiochus [add]
03. The Marching Maccabees [add]
04. Cleaning the Temple [add]
05. Where Is It? [add]
06. The Chanukiah (How Many Candles) [add]
07. I'm a Dreydle [add]
08. The Latkes [add]
09. A Silly King [add]
10. Mirror, Mirror [add]
11. Esther, Marry Me [add]
12. Sad People [add]
13. Oy, Oy Uncle Mordechai [add]
14. The Plan [add]
15. The Meanest Man [add]
16. Purim's Here [add]

I'm All Ears: Sing into Reading (2001) 01. I'm All Ears [add]
02. Name Game [add]
03. Good for You [add]
04. I'm Playing with a Monster [add]
05. Caterpillar [add]
06. Dracula Came to Our School [add]
07. There's a Starfish Hidden Under My Bed [add]
08. Take a Word Apart [add]
09. Muffin Mix [add]
10. Listen, Listen [add]
11. Chugga Choo Choo [add]
12. Two Tired Toddlers [add]
13. Lily [add]
14. One Wet Windy Wednesday [add]
15. Bring Bat the Bat [add]
16. Down by the Track [add]
17. I Lost a Sound [add]
18. Drop It! [add]
19. Pineapple [add]
20. Topsy Turvy [add]
21. Fiddle Around with the Middle Sound [add]
22. On Your Lap [add]
23. Blow a Bubble [add]

Rhythm and Rhyme Time: Snappy Songs for Little Learners (2006) 01. Rhyme Time [add]
02. Good Morning [add]
03. Going to the City Zoo [add]
04. Row Row Row Your Boat [add]
05. Blow a Bubble [add]
06. Purple Plum [add]
07. Jumping Beans [add]
08. Face to Face [add]
09. Dandelions and Daffodils [add]
10. Always Room for More [add]
11. Dinosaurs to Dinner [add]
12. Going on Vacation [add]
13. To the Jungle [add]
14. Slither Like a Snake [add]
15. Tongue Twister [add]
16. Shirley Shaffer [add]
17. Licking Lemons [add]
18. Step and Stop [add]
19. Way Down Deep [add]
20. When Dinosaurs Lived on the Earth [add]
21. Busy Buzzing Bees [add]
22. A Twinkling of Stars [add]
23. All the Trees Are Standing [add]
24. Rainbow Fruit Bowl [add]
25. Rhyme Time Reprise [add]

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