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Alphonse Mouzon lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Funky Snakefoot (0000) 01. I've Given You My Love [add]
02. You Don't Know [add]
03. What How Much I Love You [add]
04. I Gotta Have You [add]
05. My Life Is Go Blue [add]
06. Funky Snakefoot [add]
07. My Little Rosebud [add]
08. A Perryanent Love [add]
09. The Beggar [add]
10. Oh Yes I Do [add]
11. Tara Tara [add]
12. Where I'm Drumming From [add]
13. Ism [add]

Virtue (0000) 01. Master Funk [add]
02. Baker's Daughter [add]
03. Come into My Life [add]
04. Nyctophobia [add]
05. Virtue [add]
06. Poobli [add]
07. The Mouzon Drum Suite: A. Jazz-Rock-Improvisation [add]
08. The Mouzon Drum Suite: B. Out of the Desert [add]
09. The Mouzon Drum Suite: C. Colors of Africa [add]
10. The Mouzon Drum Suite: D. Total Swing [add]

The Essence of Mystery (1972) 01. The Essence of Mystery [add]
02. Funky Finger [add]
03. Crying Angels [add]
04. Why Can't We Make It [add]
05. Macrobian [add]
06. Spring Water [add]
07. Sunflower [add]
08. Thank You Lord [add]
09. Antonia [add]

Mind Transplant (1974) 01. Mind Transplant [add]
02. Snowbound [add]
03. Carbon Dioxide [add]
04. Ascorbic Acid [add]
05. Happiness Is Loving You [add]
06. Some of the Things People Do [add]
07. Golden Rainbows [add]
08. Nitroglycerine [add]

The Man Incognito (1975) 01. Take You Troubles Away [add]
02. Snake Walk [add]
03. Before You Leave [add]
04. Just Like the Sun [add]
05. You Are My Dreams [add]
06. New York City [add]
07. Without a Reason [add]
08. Mouzon Moves On [add]
09. Behind Your Mind [add]

In Search of a Dream (1978) 01. Nightmare [add]
02. Electric Moon [add]
03. Shoreline [add]
04. The Light [add]
05. The Unknown Journey [add]
06. The Ram and the Scorpio [add]
07. In Search of a Dream [add]
08. Playing Between the Beat [add]
09. Nothing But a Party [add]
10. Happy Birthday [add]

By All Means (1981) 01. Do I Have To? [add]
02. Space Invader [add]
03. The Next Time We Love [add]
04. The Jogger [add]
05. By All Means [add]

Distant Lover (1984) 01. I Don't Want to Lose This Feeling [add]
02. When We Were Young [add]
03. Saving My Love for You [add]
04. The Lady in Red [add]
05. Get up and Dance [add]
06. That's Right [add]
07. Everybody's Party [add]
08. Step into the Funk [add]
09. By All Means [*] [add]

Back to Jazz (1985) 01. St. Thomas [add]
02. The Time We Love [add]
03. Poobli [add]
04. Space Commander [add]
05. Peace on Earth [add]
06. The Baker's Daughter [add]
07. Just Because of You [add]
08. Step into the Funk [*] [add]
09. When We Were Young [*] [add]
10. Hello, I Must Be Going [*] [add]

Love, Fantasy (1987) 01. Milestones [add]
02. Love Fantasy [add]
03. Your Eyes Are Beautiful [add]
04. Hello, I Must Be Going [add]
05. Baby Let Me Do It [add]
06. Get Down With the Funk [add]
07. Give It Up [add]
08. Shake It Baby [add]

Early Spring (1988) 01. Early Spring [add]
02. Alone in Paris [add]
03. Come Fly With Me [add]
04. We Almost Made It [add]
05. The Lady in Red [add]
06. Seven Steps to Heaven [add]
07. I Can Give You Love [add]
08. Waterfall [add]
09. By All Means [add]

As You Wish (1989) 01. Sure Nuff [add]
02. Thinking of You [add]
03. Obsession [add]
04. Straight from My Heart [add]
05. It's Now or Never [add]
06. As You Wish [add]
07. If Tomorrow Comes [add]
08. A Night for Love [add]
09. Poobli [add]
10. One More Time [add]
11. Give the Drummer Some [add]
12. I Remember Spain [add]

The Survivor (1992) 01. Games People Play [add]
02. Feeling Good [add]
03. Two Lonely Hearts [add]
04. All That Jazz [add]
05. After the Rain [add]
06. The Survivor [add]
07. It's Not over Yet [add]
08. Soft and Gentle [add]
09. Anticipation [add]
10. In Hot Pursuit [add]
11. Bedtime Stories [add]

On Top of the World (1994) 01. Aftershock [add]
02. Popcorn [add]
03. Soul Mates [add]
04. Mad About You [add]
05. Mafia the Talking Parrot [add]
06. Love's Alright [add]
07. The Morning After [add]
08. Mystic Crystal [add]
09. Cappuccino Girl [add]
10. Allison [add]
11. On Top of the World [add]
12. Wish You Were Here [add]
13. Child's Play [add]

The Night is Still Young (1996) 01. Protocol [add]
02. Daddy's Blues [add]
03. Daddy's Little Girl [add]
04. A Promise Kept [add]
05. A Waltz for Emma [add]
06. To Drum or Not to Drum [add]
07. What Are You Doing Later On? [add]
08. Seduction [add]
09. The Night Is Still Young [add]
10. Slammin' [add]
11. Just Another Samba [add]
12. Undulation [add]
13. Africa [add]

Live in Hollywood (2001) 01. The Baker's Daughter [add]
02. As You Wish [add]
03. Poobli [add]
04. A Waltz for Emma [add]
05. All That Jazz [add]
06. Anticipation [add]
07. The Funky Waltz [add]
08. If Tomorrow Comes [add]
09. Allison [add]
10. One More Time [add]

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