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Fascinating Aida lyrics
Genre: Comedy
A Load of Old Sequins [live] (1995) 01. Boring [add]
02. Radiating Love [add]
03. Yuppies [add]
04. Shattered Illusions lyrics
05. Song of the Homesick Traveller [add]
06. Lieder [add]
07. Another Man [add]
08. Whites Blues [add]
09. My Dream Man [add]
10. Allo! Bonjour Monsieur! [add]
11. Jealousy [add]
12. Sew on a Sequin [add]
13. Taboo [add]

It, Wit, Don't Give a Shit Girls (1997) 01. The Herpes Tango [add]
02. Shattered Illusions lyrics
03. The Magazine Song [add]
04. Sometimes [add]
05. Kangaroo (Reincarnation Song) lyrics
06. Let's Go to a Hotel [add]
07. Jealousy [add]
08. Saturday Night [add]
09. Lieder [add]
10. It Girls [add]
11. Charity [add]
12. Sous Les Ponts de Londres [add]
13. Look Mummy, No Hands lyrics
14. Swiss Navy Blues [add]
15. Mistaken Identity [add]
16. Taboo [add]
17. Kay, Why? [add]
18. Much More Married [add]
19. Old Home [add]
20. Nightie Nightie Ev'ryone [add]

Barefaced Chic (1999) 01. Intro Chat [add]
02. Painting on the Glitz [add]
03. Mr. Springer [add]
04. Best Seller [add]
05. The Image of Judy [add]
06. Don't Come Back [add]
07. One More Campaign [add]
08. One True Religion [add]
09. Little Lines [add]
10. Painting on the Glitz (Reprise) [add]
11. Kiss and Tell [add]
12. On the Piste [add]
13. Tabasco [add]
14. Give Me a Man [add]
15. Song for Tom lyrics
16. Getting It [add]
17. Beetroot Song [add]
18. Flowers in Winter lyrics
19. Taking off the Glitz [add]

Sweet Fa (1999) 01. The Herpes Tango [add]
02. Sloane Rangers [add]
03. Saturday Night [add]
04. Time [add]
05. My Favourite Tool [add]
06. Moscow, Moscow [add]
07. Sid [add]
08. Song of the Despairing Sales Assistant [add]
09. Kay, Why? [add]
10. The Jogging Song [add]
11. Bunker Lullaby [add]
12. Cheque Book Journalism [add]

One Last Flutter (2003) 01. Colleagues from Hell [add]
02. The Enemy of Beauty lyrics
03. Stately Smei-D [add]
04. Is It Me, Or Is It Hot in Here? [add]
05. You Keep Me Awake at Night [add]
06. Modest Dreams [add]
07. Little Shadows [add]
08. Yes, But Is It Art? [add]
09. Suddenly New Zealand lyrics
10. Poor Lizzie [add]
11. Stick Your Head Between Your Legs [add]
12. Goodbye Old Friends [add]
13. Viennese [add]
14. My Dearest Wish [add]
15. Ealing Broadway Baby [add]
16. The Last Time We Play Reading [add]

Absolutely Fascinating (2005) 01. Painting on the Glitz [add]
02. Shattered Illusions lyrics
03. One True Religion [add]
04. Magazine Song [add]
05. Another Man [add]
06. Whites Blues [add]
07. Song of Genetic Mutation [add]
08. Mistaken Identity [add]
09. Getting It [add]
10. Yes, But Is It Art? [add]
11. Enemy of Beauty [add]
12. Taboo [add]
13. Suddenly New Zealand lyrics
14. Let's Go to a Hotel [add]
15. Song of Sexual Re-Orientation [add]
16. Mistaken Identity (Reprise) [add]
17. Much More Married [add]
18. Goodbye Old Friends [add]
19. Stick Your Head Between Your Legs [add]
20. Lieder [add]
21. Taking Off the Glitz [add]

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