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Early Ears lyrics
Genre: Children's
Early Ears Three (1993) 01. Uncle Freddie's Breakfast Club [add]
02. The Lollipop Rock [add]
03. I Think I'll Take It With Me [add]
04. Magic Dragon [add]
05. Who's Afraid? [add]
06. Lost My Shoes [add]
07. Let's Go on a Safari [add]
08. Very Best Little Friend [add]
09. I Like to Act Silly [add]
10. Skating on the Moon [add]
11. The Kazoo Song [add]
12. Counting Sheep [add]
13. Tuck Me In [add]
14. Hugged by You [add]

Early Ears Five (1993) 01. Rock and Roll Dog [add]
02. Colores/Colores [add]
03. Wascawy Wabbit [add]
04. Raining Cats and Dogs [add]
05. Mad at Me [add]
06. Grandpa [add]
07. Brush Your Teeth [add]
08. I Can't Sleep [add]
09. Friends [add]
10. Yellow Beasty Food [add]
11. Home [add]
12. Secret Door [add]
13. Wishin' Star [add]

Early Ears Zero (1993) 01. Almost Time [add]
02. Falling in Love for the First Time [add]
03. Children of Light [add]
04. Two Ring Circus [add]
05. Home Sweet Home [add]
06. March and Fanfare [add]
07. Cuddle up With a Friend [add]
08. Waltz [add]
09. It's a Quiet Time [add]
10. Mommy's Lullaby [add]
11. You Are Love [add]
12. Golden Slumbers [add]
13. Lullaby [add]

Early Ears Six (1993) 01. The Boy-Girl Song [add]
02. Rules [add]
03. Monkey Man [add]
04. Sock Monster [add]
05. Eating Is Fun, Eating Is Serious [add]
06. A Collection of Beasts [add]
07. Fish Is Deelish [add]
08. One Hand, One Heart [add]
09. Dreams [add]
10. One World [add]
11. Brussels Sprouts [add]
12. The Color Song [add]
13. Part of the Family [add]

Early Ears One (1993) 01. The Choo-Choo Song [add]
02. I Will Always Love My Baby [add]
03. Piggy Wiggy Boogie Woogie [add]
04. Daddy Let's Play Some More [add]
05. Play & Play [add]
06. First Steps [add]
07. Sioux Indian Lullaby Chant [add]
08. Look What I Got! [add]
09. All the Colors of the World [add]
10. When We're Playing [add]
11. Night Rides in on Ships [add]
12. Time to Say Goodnight [add]

Early Ears Four (1993) 01. I Must Be Growing [add]
02. Get up, Get Down, Go Crazy [add]
03. Doggie Duet [add]
04. Be the Best [add]
05. Modern [add]
06. Monsters, Dragons & Ghosts [add]
07. The Boogie Man [add]
08. Friend to You [add]
09. You Can Dance [add]
10. Let Your Inside Out [add]
11. Cow's Night Out [add]
12. Land of Dreams [add]

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