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Gil Scott-Heron lyrics
Genre: R&B
Small Talk at 125th and Lenox (1970) 01. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [add]
02. Omen [add]
03. Brother [add]
04. Comment No. 1 [add]
05. Small Talk at 125th and Lenox [add]
06. The Subject Was Faggots [add]
07. Evolution (And Flashback) [add]
08. Plastic Pattern People [add]
09. Whitey on the Moon [add]
10. The Vultures [add]
11. Enough [add]
12. Paint It Black [add]
13. Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul? [add]
14. Everyday [add]

Pieces of a Man (1971) 01. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [add]
02. Save the Children [add]
03. Lady Day and John Coltrane [add]
04. Home Is Where the Hatred Is [add]
05. When You Are Who You Are [add]
06. I Think I'll Call It Morning [add]
07. Pieces of a Man [add]
08. A Sign of the Ages [add]
09. Or Down You'll Fall [add]
10. The Needle's Eye [add]
11. The Prisoner [add]

Free Will (1972) 01. Free Will [add]
02. The Middle of Your Day [add]
03. The Get out of the Ghetto Blues [add]
04. Speed Kills [add]
05. Did You Hear What They Said? [add]
06. The King Alfred Plan [add]
07. No Knock [add]
08. Wiggy [add]
09. Ain't No New Thing [add]
10. Billy Green Is Dead [add]
11. Sex Education: Ghetto Style [add]
12. ...And Then He Wrote Meditations [add]

Winter in America (1973) 01. Peace Go With You, Brother (As-Salaam-Alaikum) [add]
02. Rivers of My Fathers [add]
03. A Very Precious Time [add]
04. Back Home [add]
05. The Bottle [add]
06. Song for Bobby Smith [add]
07. Your Daddy Loves You [add]
08. H2O Gate Blues [add]
09. Peace Go With You, Brother (As-Salaam-Alaikum) [add]
10. Winter in America [live/*] [add]
11. Song for Bobby Smith [alternate take/*] [add]
12. Your Daddy Loves You [live/*] [add]
13. The Bottle/Guan Guanco [live/*] [add]

The First Minute of a New Day (1975) 01. Offering [add]
02. The Liberation Song (Red, Black and Green) [add]
03. Must Be Something [add]
04. Ain't No Such Thing as Superman [add]
05. Pardon Our Analysis (We Beg Your Pardon) [add]
06. Guerilla [add]
07. Winter in America [add]
08. Western Sunrise [add]
09. Alluswe [add]
10. A Talk: Bluesology/Black History/Jaws/The Revolution Will Not Be ... [add]
11. Winter in America [Solo Version] [add]

From South Africa to South Carolina (1976) 01. Johannesburg [add]
02. A Toast to the People [add]
03. The Summer of '42 [add]
04. Beginnings (The First Minute of a New Day) [add]
05. South Carolina (Barnwell) [add]
06. Essex Pt.1 [add]
07. Fell Together [add]
08. A Lovely Day [add]
09. Johannesburg [live/*] [add]
10. South Carolina [live/*] [add]
11. Save the Children [live/*] [add]
12. Let Me See Your I.D. [*] [add]

It's Your World [live] (1976) 01. It's Your World [add]
02. Possum Slim [add]
03. New York City [add]
04. 17th Street [add]
05. Trane [add]
06. Must Be Something [add]
07. Home Is Where the Hatred Is [add]
08. Bicentennial Blues [add]
09. Bottle [add]
10. Sharing [add]

Bridges (1977) 01. Hello Sunday! Hello Road! [add]
02. Song of the Wind [add]
03. Racetrack in France [add]
04. Vild (Deaf, Dumb and Blind) [add]
05. Under the Hammer [add]
06. We Almost Lost Detroit [add]
07. Tuskeegee #626 [add]
08. Delta Man (Where I'm Comin' From) [add]
09. 95 South (All of the Places We've Been) [add]

Secrets (1978) 01. Angel Dust lyrics
02. Madison Avenue [add]
03. Cane [add]
04. Third World Revolution [add]
05. Better Days Ahead [add]
06. Three Miles Down [add]
07. Angola, Louisiana [add]
08. Show Bizness [add]
09. Prayer for Everybody/To Be Free [add]

1980 (1979) 01. Late Last Night [add]
02. Shah Mot (The Shah Is Dead/Checkmate) [add]
03. Push Comes to Shove [add]
04. Corners [add]
05. 1980 [add]
06. Shut 'Um Down [add]
07. Willing [add]
08. Alien (Hold on to Your Dreams) [add]

Reflections (1981) 01. Storm Music [add]
02. Grandma's Hands [add]
03. Is That Jazz? [add]
04. Morning Thoughts [add]
05. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [add]
06. Gun [add]
07. "B" Movie [add]

Moving Target (1982) 01. Fast Lane [add]
02. Washington, D.C. [add]
03. No Exit [add]
04. Blue Collar [add]
05. Explanations [add]
06. Ready or Not [add]
07. Black History/ The World [add]

Spirits (1994) 01. Message to the Messengers [add]
02. Spirits [add]
03. Give Her a Call [add]
04. Lady's Song [add]
05. Spirits Past [add]
06. The Other Side, Pt. 1 [add]
07. The Other Side, Pt. 2 [add]
08. The Other Side, Pt. 3 [add]
09. Work for Peace [add]
10. Don't Give Up lyrics

Minister of Information: Live (1994) 01. Washington D.C. [add]
02. Save the Children [add]
03. Gun [add]
04. Blue Collar [add]
05. Alien (Hold on to Your Dreams) [add]
06. Winter in America [add]
07. The Bottle [add]

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