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Genre: Electronica
Bootleg Prescription Mixes (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Higher State of Bring the Noise [add]
03. Grand Canyon Suite [add]
04. Where Are They Hiring? [add]
05. Miami Breaks [add]
06. Don't Stop [add]
07. Drop the Boom [add]
08. Here We Go [add]
09. Fantasy [add]
10. Diamond Girl [add]
11. XTC [add]
12. Depression [add]
13. American Soviets [add]

Club 2000 (1999) 01. Take Me Away [add]
02. Feel My Energy [add]
03. Pepper Spray [add]
04. Take My Love [add]
05. Don't Stop the Rock 2000 [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
06. I Can't Stop This Flow [add]
07. Stay in Love [add]
08. Bring Your Love [Original Mix] [add]
09. Gravity [add]
10. Feels Gud [Original Mix] [add]
11. Underground Trilogy [add]
12. Move Over [Original Mix] [add]
13. Little of the Funk [add]
14. Why U Bumpin [Original Mix] [add]
15. Get Serious [DJ X Cold Chill'n Remix] [add]

Dose VI: Hardcore (2000) 01. My Posses's on Broadmoor [add]
02. Up Top No Good Vol. II [add]
03. Workout Mix [add]
04. When Doves Got [add]
05. Makeem Say Umh Make Crack Mix [add]
06. Smoke It up Smoke-N-Weed Mix [add]
07. I Wanna Freak "Orignal Mix" [add]
08. Workout Mix [add]

Funky Breakz, Vol. 2 (2000) 01. The Funk [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
02. Energy [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
03. Move to the Rhythm [add]
04. Music Turns Me On [add]
05. Another Dream [Sharaz's Twilight Mix] [add]
06. Feels Gud [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
07. Metamorphose [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
08. Kick'n-A-Heart Attack [add]
09. How a DJ Workz [add]
10. Raise Your Hands [1994 Icey Remix] [add]
11. Curiosity [add]
12. Breakdown [Damon Downs and DJ Scientist's Pong 2001 Mix] [add]
13. Down to the Beat [add]

Funky Breakz, Vol. 1 (2000) 01. Work 4 Love [add]
02. Feel My Energy [add]
03. What We Gonna Do? [add]
04. No Greater Love [add]
05. Sun God [add]
06. Groove Me [Remix] [add]
07. Into the Groove [add]
08. Shake 'Da Breaks [add]
09. Sacrificial Lamb [add]
10. Superweak [add]
11. Emotional Rollercoaster [add]

Club 2002 (2001) 01. Alright [add]
02. Jay and Jane [add]
03. Use Your Luv [R-Fresh and Infiniti Remix] [add]
04. Ride the Funk [add]
05. Just Can't Wait [add]
06. Sweet Music [add]
07. Beach Ball [DJ Icey's Bass Mix] [add]
08. I See Stars [Sharaz Remix] [add]
09. Do You Know [Knightlife Breakbeat Mix] [add]
10. Burning for You [add]
11. It's Funk N' Fresh [Mix 2] [add]
12. It's Funkadelick [add]
13. Make the Girls Dance [Original Mix] [add]
14. Breaks Adjustment [add]
15. Red Alert '98 [add]

Club Experience (2002) 01. My Friend [DJ Icey Around the Way Mix] [add]
02. The Sound of Goodbye [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
03. Say Yeah [Original Mix] [add]
04. We Are Alive [Dj Icey's Arctic Bass Mix] [add]
05. Mysterious World [Club Mix] [add]
06. Keep on Luv'n Me [Original Mix] [add]
07. Close My Eyes [DJ Trashy Remix] [add]
08. Cut'n and Scratch'n [Original Mix] [add]
09. No Alternative [Extended Mix] [add]
10. Everything [CS-Jay Remix] [add]
11. Impetus Viscus [Original Mix] [add]
12. Excalibur 2001 [Balloon Remix] [add]
13. Axel F [Vocal Mix] [add]
14. Woman That Rolls! [Original Club Mix] [add]
15. Downing [Ak 1200's Remix] [add]
16. My Sanity [Jeffee's Junglized Mix] [add]
17. Hide U [Original Mix] [add]

Dose, Vol. 1 (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Brave Beat [add]
03. Bring It On [add]
04. Hot in Here [D.J. Kyper Remix] [add]
05. Ordinary [add]
06. The Anthem [D.J. Kyper Mix] [add]
07. The Slim Shady Anthem [D.J. Kyper Mix] [add]
08. I See Right Through You [add]
09. Your Eyes [add]
10. I Can't Hear You [Germany Mix] [add]
11. Put Yo Hands Up [add]
12. Days Gone [Remix] [add]
13. Sounds of Goodbye [add]
14. Believe [add]
15. No Alternative [add]
16. Clear Blue Water [add]
17. Makin Ya Come [add]
18. Makin Ya Break [add]
19. Some One to Love Me [add]
20. Angel [add]
21. Outro [add]

Club Experience, Vol. 2 (2003) 01. Dreams [Original Mix] [add]
02. Dont Go [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
03. In Your Life [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
04. Beachball [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
05. Always Next to Me [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
06. Damaged '03 [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
07. Memories [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
08. Trip With Me [2nd Time Around Mix] [add]
09. After the Rain [Dale Askew Remix] [add]
10. USA Hard Break [Edit] [add]
11. Are You Listening [FL vs GA Mix] [add]
12. Make Some Noise [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
13. Somebody to Shove [Original Mix] [add]
14. Shiny Disco Balls /E [Acapella] [add]
15. Get'n Played [DJ X Jump Up Mix] [add]
16. Smoke [VIP Mix] [add]

Club Experience, Vol. 3 (2004) 01. Cherish the Day [Xquizit DJ X Mix] [add]
02. Journey of Love [South Beats Extended] [add]
03. The Great Escape [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
04. Sunshine [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
05. More Science [Xquizit DJ X Chop Shop Mix] [add]
06. Maybe [Xquizit DJ X Remix] [add]
07. Get'n Played [DJ Fixx 2004 Remix] [add]
08. Your Sound [2004 Vocal Edit] [add]
09. Funky Plaid Coat [Sissorkicks Remix] [add]
10. Swangin' [add]
11. Falling Away [DJ Self Remix] [add]
12. Avalanche [Club Mix] [add]
13. Cherish the Day [Antillas Mix] [add]
14. Mixin' Records [add]
15. Radio Rock'n [add]
16. Kink [add]
17. Overdrive [DJ Volume South Beach Club Mix] [add]

Club Experience, Vol. 4 (2006) 01. Easy Lover [2 4 Grooves vs. Vinylshakerz Remix] [add]
02. The Temperature Is Rising [Ekeltro Bass Extended Mix] [add]
03. You're the One for Me [Tekno Elektro Remix] [add]
04. What You Won't Do for Love [Original Mix] [add]
05. Once Upon a Time (In Jamaica) [Brothers Bud Remix] [add]
06. Bring Me Up [Scratch D. Remix] [add]
07. Window to My Heart [Xquizit DJ X Club Mix] [add]
08. Touch Your Toes [Deekline & Wizard Remix] [add]
09. Inspiration [Breakfastaz Remix] [add]
10. Ready 2 Rock [Original Mix] [add]
11. Just Be [Antillas Club Mix] [add]
12. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover [CS-Jay Remix] [add]
13. Finding My Way [Original Mix] [add]
14. Smoke [Party Wax Remix] [add]
15. The Logical Song [DJ Self Remix] [add]
16. Do You Like the Bass [Original Mix] [add]

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