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Cindy Blackman lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Autumn Leaves (0000) 01. Autumn Leaves [add]
02. On Green Dolphin Street [add]
03. Now's the Time [add]
04. Easy to Love [add]
05. Rhythm-A-Ning [add]
06. Lover Man [add]
07. Moment's Notice [add]

Trio + Two (0000) 01. Possession [add]
02. Anna [add]
03. Next Time Forever [add]
04. Chorillo [add]
05. Dreams So Real [add]
06. The Quest [add]
07. Timbuktu [add]
08. I Hear a Rhapsody [add]

The Oracle (0000) 01. The Oracle [add]
02. Crazy He Calls Me [add]
03. A.J. [add]
04. Beatrice [add]
05. Who Needs Forever? [add]
06. Traffic [add]
07. Why [add]
08. Our Blues [add]

Arcane (1987) 01. Late Autumn [add]
02. Teeter Totter [add]
03. The Awakening [add]
04. Arcane [add]
05. Dual Force [add]
06. Mirrored Glances [add]
07. Deceptacon [add]
08. Incindyary [add]

Code Red (1990) 01. Code Red [add]
02. Anxiety [add]
03. Next Time Forever [add]
04. Something for Art [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [add]
06. Circles [add]
07. Face in the Dark [add]
08. Green [add]

Telepathy (1992) 01. Reves Electriques du Matin (Electric Dreams in the Morning) [add]
02. Spank [add]
03. Telepathy [add]
04. Well, You Needn't [add]
05. Missing You [add]
06. Clubhouse [add]
07. Reves Electriques de l'Apres Midi (Electric Dreams in the Afternoon) [add]
08. Jardin Secret [add]
09. Persuasion [add]
10. Tune-Up [add]
11. Reves Electriques de Minuit (Electric Dreams in the Evening) [add]

In the Now (1998) 01. In the Now [add]
02. A Banana for Ron [add]
03. Passage [add]
04. A King Among Men [add]
05. Sophia [add]
06. Prince of Darkness [add]
07. Happy House [add]
08. A Strawberry for Cindy [add]
09. Let Love Rule [add]

Works on Canvas (1999) 01. Green Dolphin Street [add]
02. Mudee Ya [add]
03. My Isha [add]
04. The Three Van Goghs-1 [add]
05. Spanish Colored Romance [add]
06. Ballad Like [add]
07. My Ship [add]
08. April in Paris [add]
09. Beautiful World [add]
10. The Three Van Goghs-2 [add]
11. Sword of the Painter [add]
12. The Three Van Goghs-3 [add]

Someday (2001) 01. My Funny Valentine [add]
02. Call to the Ancestors (1st Interlude) [add]
03. Someday My Prince Will Come [add]
04. Walkin' [add]
05. Heaven Sent [add]
06. Call to the Ancestors (2nd Interlude) [add]
07. Eternal Justice [add]
08. Peebow's Vibe [add]
09. Glass Slippers [add]
10. Paradise Island [add]
11. Call to the Ancestors (Main Theme) [add]

Music for the New Millennium (2004) 01. Abracadabra [add]
02. Seven [add]
03. Insight (Past Wisdom) [add]
04. Letter to Theo [add]
05. Black Town (For Harlem) [add]
06. Insight (Right Now) [add]
07. For Wayne (Shorter That Is) [add]
08. The Infinite (For My Grandmother) [add]
09. The One (For God) [add]
10. Sam Pei [add]
11. The Drums and Me [add]
12. Stars in Eyes [add]
13. Insight (From My Father) [add]
14. Theme to Ginger's Rise [add]
15. All I Want [add]
16. Insight (From My Mother) [add]
17. Insight (The Future) [add]
18. I Come to the Garden Alone [As Played by Martha Blackman-Higby] [add]

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