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Zeena Parkins lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Opium War: A Radio Play (0000) 01. The Bedroom Over the Butcher Shop. Night. Manuel Smokes Opium in Bed ... [add]
02. The Butcher Shop. Next Morning. Amalia Holds Her Grandson Clemente, ... [add]
03. The Bedroom. Later That Morning. Manuel Is Sitting in Bed. Louie Enters. [add]
04. The Butcher Shop. That Night. Manuel Shows Louie How to Cook and Smoke ... [add]
05. Chinatown. Later That Night. Louie Stands on a Soapbox and ... [add]
06. The Butcher Shop. A Month Later. Morning. Amalia and Mariana Are ... [add]
07. The Dining Room. That Evening. Manuel, Mariana, and Amalia Sit at the ... [add]
08. The Butcher Shop. A Month Later. Evening. Louie, Very Well Dressed, Totals [add]
09. The Bedroom. That Night. Manuel Confides in the Young Clemente. [add]
10. The Butcher Shop. Dawn. Amalia Is Alone. She Sings Her Thoughts About ... [add]
11. The Parlor. Two Months Later. Afternnon. New Expensive Furniture, ... [add]
12. The Bedroom. That Evening. Mariana Reads a Letter Sent by Her Father ... [add]
13. The Parlor. That Night. Manuel Crouches, Naked, on the Window Ledge. ... [add]
14. The Parlor. Next Morning Evelyn Harding, a Fashionable Opium Customer, ... [add]
15. The Psychiatric Ward. A Month Later. Morning. Manuel Is Crouching in ... [add]
16. The Living Room. Six Months Later. Morning. Mariana and Amalia Are ... [add]
17. The Bedroom. That Night. Manuel Sleeps in an Opium Daze. Mariana Cuts ... [add]

Nightmare Alley (1992) 01. Sleep [add]
02. Empty Bottle [add]
03. Model for a Colossal Moment [add]
04. Love Letter [add]
05. Freak [add]
06. Nightmare Alley [add]
07. Wonder Woman [add]
08. Hula [add]
09. Peephole [add]
10. Zig X [add]
11. Black on Black [add]
12. Dirt Tone [add]
13. Out of the Past [add]
14. Dreamer...She Dreams [add]
15. Hairless [add]

Isabelle (1995) 01. Outside [add]
02. The Magician [add]
03. El Oued: Romance [add]
04. Si Mahmoud Essadi: The Convert [add]
05. La Petite Gironde: Victor Barrucand Lends a Hand [add]
06. Fever [add]
07. Monastery of Kenadsa [add]
08. Ain Sefra: In Captivity and Flood [add]
09. Oblivion Seekers [add]
10. The Breath of Night [add]
11. Look out for Gail Garrity/Girl Wonder [add]
12. Chamber of Eternal Wisdom [add]
13. ...The Uncanny Feeling of Being Watched... [add]
14. My God! Have I Flung Myself into an Endless Void? [add]
15. Ju-Jitsu Jimmy/Impulse Beam Rising [add]

Ursa's Door (1995) 01. Ursa's Door [add]
02. Flush [add]

Mouth=Maul=Betrayer (1996) 01. Maul: Benya Krik/Zero Hour [add]
02. Wie Sieben Meilen Miesen Dirach [add]
03. Betrayer [add]
04. Torrid Zone [add]
05. Dough/Weaponistic Charms/Itayid [add]
06. No Thing [add]
07. Simcha [add]
08. Chase [add]
09. Hod [add]
10. Blue Mirror: Ice Pick/The Dasher [add]
11. Red [add]
12. 2Gun [add]
13. Abbaddabbah [add]
14. Lucky [add]
15. Nails [add]

No Way Back (1998) 01. Vita Futuristica [add]
02. This Velvet Annihilation [add]
03. Dreaming Lips [add]
04. Vexed Zeit [add]
05. Slant Left [add]
06. Venus Smiles [add]
07. Bowed Body Bonewhite [add]
08. i-Go [add]

Pan-Acousticon (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Bowl Yr. Copper Hoop [add]
03. The 2 Infinites [add]
04. Solo [add]
05. Earshot [add]
06. D.I. 1 [add]
07. Damp Lilac [add]
08. D.I. 2 [add]
09. Duo [add]
10. Bels I [add]
11. Cav?re [add]
12. Organ of Corti [add]
13. Party Effect [add]
14. Sone [add]
15. D.I. 3 [add]
16. Balaton [add]
17. End [add]
18. Bels II [add]

Phantom Orchard (2004) 01. Jezebel [add]
02. Savage Flower [add]
03. Miura [add]
04. Ghostlake [add]
05. Deft [add]
06. 39 Steps [add]
07. Transparent Things [add]
08. Contraband [add]
09. Blue Noon [add]

Necklace (2006) 01. Persuasion, Fro String Quartet and Electronic Processing [add]
02. 16 Feet + Cello (Eight Dancers from Compagnie Sui-Generis) [add]
03. Solo for Neil [add]
04. Visible/Invisible/1. The Hand [add]
05. Visible/Invisible/2. Anamnesis [add]
06. Visible/Invisible/3. The Necklace [add]

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