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Baltimore Songwriters Association lyrics
Genre: Folk
Songs from Our Circle, Vol. 3 (2004) 01. Epic [add]
02. You Might Day It Was the Heat [add]
03. Antique Heart [add]
04. Some Other Soul [add]
05. Better Days [add]
06. Forevermore [add]
07. Just a Moment with You [add]
08. Baynesville [add]
09. The Hard Way [add]
10. What Do You Think [add]
11. Blue Sky [add]
12. A Beautiful Mistake [add]
13. With These Hands [add]
14. Modern Man in Sowetto [add]
15. Retrospect [add]
16. The Song [add]
17. Don't Touch Me [add]
18. Wilmington [add]
19. In Search Of [add]
20. Long to Be Latin [add]
21. Game Over [add]
22. Mermaid [add]
23. Revelation [add]
24. Too Many Questions [add]
25. It Was a Great Day [add]
26. The Love That I Come From [add]
27. Bijou Waltz [add]
28. If You Try [add]
29. This Old Life [add]
30. The Wind, The Rain [add]
31. Plane West [add]
32. I Haven't Been in Love [add]

Songs from Our Circle, Vol. 4 (2006) 01. Lost Inside Her Smile [add]
02. Goin Down to Memphis [add]
03. Perfect Enough [add]
04. Burning Grey [add]
05. Crossing the Poison River [add]
06. Everything Has Changed [add]
07. Top Down [add]
08. The Perfect View [add]
09. Honest [add]
10. Isn't It Funny [add]
11. Cicada: Why Have You Stayed Away So Long [add]
12. Henry [add]
13. My Sweet Rose [add]
14. Stare [add]
15. The Existential Boogie - Be Here Now [add]
16. Strings [add]
17. Cinderella Woman [add]
18. Once Our Roof [add]
19. Anything [add]
20. Good Night Best Friend [add]
21. This Is My World [add]
22. Back Again [add]
23. In the End [add]
24. The Great Attractor [add]
25. Place/Time [add]
26. Baltimore [add]
27. Going to God [add]
28. Two [add]
29. Shadow (Cat's Song) [add]

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