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Adolph Deutsch lyrics
Genre: Classical
Deutsch: The Maltese Falcon (2002) 01. Main Title [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
02. Street Scene [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
03. Door Slam [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
04. The Deal [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
05. The Plot [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
06. Gutman [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
07. End Title [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
08. End Cast [The Maltese Falcon] [add]
09. Main Title [George Washington Slept Here] [add]
10. Arrival at House [George Washington Slept Here] [add]
11. Uncle Arrives [George Washington Slept Here] [add]
12. The Phone [George Washington Slept Here] [add]
13. The Letter/Wheelbarrow [From "George Washington Slept Here"] [add]
14. Locust-End Title [From "George Washington Slept Here"] [add]
15. Main Title: Deadman [From "The Mask of Dimitrios"] [add]
16. Dimitrios Selects a Victim [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
17. Contract [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
18. Dirty Spy [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
19. The Traitor [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
20. Peter Writes a Letter [From the Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
21. The Escape [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
22. Blackmail Letter [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
23. The Black Hat [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
24. Struggle for the Gun [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
25. Revenge [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
26. Death of Dimitrios-Finale [The Mask of Dimitrios] [add]
27. Main Title [High Sierra] [add]
28. The Pardon [High Sierra] [add]
29. Velma's Plight [High Sierra] [add]
30. The Giveaway [High Sierra] [add]
31. Apprehended [High Sierra] [add]
32. Main Title [Northern Pursit] [add]
33. Nazi Sub-Customs-Train [From "Northern Pursuit"] [add]
34. Consultation [Northern Pursit] [add]
35. Planning the Escape [From Northern Pursuit] [add]
36. Escape [Northern Pursit] [add]
37. Preparation [Northern Pursit] [add]
38. Eavesdropping [Northern Pursit] [add]
39. Gun Battle [Northern Pursit] [add]
40. The Big Battle [Northern Pursit] [add]
41. End Title: What Am I Saying? [Northern Pursit] [add]

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