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Henry Townsend lyrics
Genre: Blues
Tired of Bein' Mistreated (1962) 01. Cairo Is My Baby's Home [add]
02. Tired of Being Mistreated [add]
03. Rocks Have Been My Pillow [add]
04. The Train Is Coming [add]
05. She Just Walked Away [add]
06. I Asked Her If She Loved Me [add]
07. I Got Tired [add]
08. My Home Ain't There [add]
09. All My Money's Gone [add]
10. She Drove Me to Drinking [add]
11. My Baby Have Come Back [add]

Music Man (1975) 01. Biddle Street Blues [add]
02. She Walked Away [add]
03. Every Day of My Life [add]
04. Sloppy Drunk Again [add]
05. Why Do We Love Each Other [add]
06. Deep Morgan Stomp [add]
07. Buzz Buzz Buzz [add]
08. Heart Trouble [add]
09. Doing Better in Life [add]
10. Do You Remember Me? [add]
11. Now or Never! [add]

Mule (1980) 01. Bad Luck Dice [add]
02. Nothing But Trouble [add]
03. Things Have Changed [add]
04. The Old Man's Soul [add]
05. Tears Come Rollin' Down [add]
06. It's a Hard Toad to Travel [add]
07. Talkin' Guitar Blues [add]
08. I'm Just an Ordinary Man [add]
09. Alley Strut [add]
10. Can't You See [add]
11. Dark Clouds Rising [add]
12. The Train Is at the Station [add]
13. Overstayed My Time [add]

St. Louis Blues Ace (2000) 01. Big City Blues [add]
02. People Need People [add]
03. Dirty Trick Blues [add]
04. I'm Having Bad Luck [add]
05. Too Pretty for Me [add]
06. I'm Gonna Stay [add]
07. Your Doggone Ways [add]
08. The Three GS Blues [add]
09. Night Is Falling [add]
10. Hey Dear Brother [add]
11. Heart Broken Man Blues [add]
12. Slap Her Down [add]
13. The Cut Back Blues [add]
14. Down by That Muddy Pond [add]
15. Baby Boy Blues [add]

My Story (2001) 01. Less Than a Man [add]
02. Tell Me [add]
03. World Full of People [add]
04. No Fuss and Fight [add]
05. Dreaming [add]
06. You Should've Told Me [add]
07. My Story [add]
08. Help Me Darling [add]
09. Screaming and Crying [add]
10. Put Me on Hold [add]
11. Goodbye [add]
12. Repentance Blues [add]

The Real St. Louis Blues (2004) 01. Can't You See [add]
02. Mercy [add]
03. Can't Help Myself [add]
04. So Long, So Long [add]
05. Pleasin' Myself [add]
06. My Babe [add]
07. Crying Won't Make Me Stay [add]
08. Sad Story [add]
09. I've Got to Go [add]
10. Long Ago [add]
11. Bye Bye St. Louis [add]
12. Room and Board [add]
13. What's on Your Mind? [add]
14. Let Her Go [add]
15. I Regret [add]
16. Every Once in a While [add]
17. Going Back Home [add]

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