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Eberhard Weber lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Colours of Chlo? (0000) 01. More Colours [add]
02. The Colours of Chlo? [add]
03. An Evening With Vincent Van Ritz [add]
04. No Motion Picture [add]

Silent Feet (0000) 01. Seriously Deep [add]
02. Silent Feet [add]
03. Eyes That Can See in the Dark [add]

Fluid Rustle (0000) 01. Quiet Departures [add]
02. Fluid Rustle [add]
03. A Pale Smile [add]
04. Visible Thoughts [add]

Little Movements (0000) 01. The Last Stage of a Long Journey [add]
02. Bali [add]
03. A Dark Spell [add]
04. Little Movements [add]
05. "No Trees" He Said [add]

Later That Evening (0000) 01. Maurizius [add]
02. Death in the Carwash [add]
03. Often in the Open [add]
04. Later That Evening [add]

Chorus (0000) 01. Part I [add]
02. Part II [add]
03. Part III, IV [add]
04. Part V [add]
05. Part VI [add]
06. Part VII [add]

Orchestra (0000) 01. Seven Movements [add]
02. Broken Silence [add]
03. Before Dawn [add]
04. Just a Moment [add]
05. Air [add]
06. Ready Out There? [add]
07. Too Early to Leave [add]
08. One Summer's Evening [add]
09. A Daydream [add]
10. Trio [add]
11. Epilogue [add]

Pendulum (0000) 01. Bird Out of Cage [add]
02. Notes After an Evening [add]
03. Delirium [add]
04. Children's Song No. 1 [add]
05. Street Scenes [add]
06. Silent for a While [add]
07. Pendulum [add]
08. Unfinished Self-Portrait [add]
09. Closing Scene [add]

Yellow Fields (1975) 01. Touch [add]
02. Sand-Glass [add]
03. Yellow Fields [add]
04. Ne Pas Se Pencher au Decors/Left Lane [add]

Following Morning (1976) 01. T on a White Horse [add]
02. Moana I [add]
03. Following Morning [add]
04. Moana II [add]

Endless Days (2001) 01. Concerto for Bass [add]
02. French Diary [add]
03. Solo for Bass [add]
04. Nuit Blanche [add]
05. A Walk in the Garrigue [add]
06. Concerto for Piano [add]
07. Endless Days [add]
08. The Last Stage of a Long Journey [add]

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