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Russell Garcia lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Johnny Evergreens (1956) 01. Body and Soul [add]
02. Who Do You Think You Are [add]
03. Living in Dreams [add]
04. Out of Nowhere [add]
05. I Wanna Be Loved [add]
06. The Steam Is on the Beam [add]
07. Trembling of a Leaf [add]
08. Easy Come, Easy Go [add]
09. I Cover the Waterfront [add]
10. Coquette [add]
11. You're Mine, You [add]
12. Not Bad [add]
13. Hello, My Lover, Goodbye [add]
14. There's a Ring Around the Moon [add]
15. I'm Yours [add]
16. With You, With Me [add]

Time Machine [Soundtrack] (1960) 01. Main Title/Credits [From "Atlantis: The Lost Continent"] [add]
02. London 1900 (Filby's Theme) [add]
03. Time Machine Model [add]
04. The Time Machine [add]
05. Quick Trip into the Future [add]
06. All the Time in the World [add]
07. Beautiful Forest/The Great Hall [add]
08. Fear [add]
09. Weena (Love Theme) [add]
10. Rescue [add]
11. Reminiscing [add]
12. Morlocks [add]
13. End Title (Reprise) [add]
14. Fight With the Morlocks [add]
15. Time Traveler [add]
16. Escape [add]
17. Prayer/Off Again [add]
18. Trapped in the Future [add]
19. Love and Time Return [add]
20. End Title [add]
21. Atlantis, The Lost Continent (Overture): Main Title/Credits/Love Theme [add]

Jazz Variations (1986) 01. Alchemy [Variation No. 1] [add]
02. Warm & Wonderful [Variation No. 2] [add]
03. 7th Montuno [Variation No. 3] [add]
04. Lament [Varitation No. 4] [add]
05. Innovation [Variation No. 5] [add]
06. Illusion [Variation No. 6] [add]
07. Swing Lightly [Variation No. 7] [add]
08. Waltz [Variation No. 8] [add]
09. Flyin' Free [add]
10. Joggin Jazz [add]
11. Row-Taxation [add]
12. Phoenix Bird [add]
13. Friendly Monster [add]

Los Angeles River (2005) 01. Worry-Go-Round [add]
02. Carefree [add]
03. Palo Alto [add]
04. Aren't You Glad You're You? [add]
05. One Love [add]
06. Good Humor [add]
07. When I Go, I Go All the Way [add]
08. Coronado [add]
09. The Boy Next Door [add]
10. I'm Confessin' That I Love You [add]
11. Never Never Land [add]
12. I Lead a Charmed Life [add]
13. Music City [add]
14. Fish Tail [add]
15. Smoggy Day [add]
16. Los Angeles River [add]
17. Number Four [add]

Time Machine [Original Soundtrack] (2006) 01. The Time Machine/Main Title/Credits/London 1900 [add]
02. The Time Machine/Terror/All the Time in the World/Fourth ... [add]
03. The Time Machine/A Sick World/Warm Friends [add]
04. The Time Machine/The Time Machine/People Scurry/Fast Change [add]
05. The Time Machine/Ancient Auto [add]
06. The Time Machine/A Good Friend Gone/Off Again/Quick Construction/Prayer [add]
07. The Time Machine/Beautiful Forest/Fear [add]
08. The Time Machine/Rescue [add]
09. The Time Machine/Weena [add]
10. The Time Machine/Trapped in the Future/Night Scare [add]
11. The Time Machine/Reminiscing [add]
12. The Time Machine/The Time Traveler [add]
13. The Time Machine/Morlocks/Fight/Escape [add]
14. The Time Machine/Love and Time Return [add]
15. The Time Machine/End Title [add]
16. The Time Machine/Outtakes Suite [add]

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