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Denny Zeitlin lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Carnival (0000) 01. Carol's Garden [add]
02. We'll Be Together Again [add]
03. All the Things You Are [add]
04. Skippying [add]
05. After the War [add]
06. The Boy Next Door [add]
07. Carnival [add]
08. Once upon a Summertime [add]
09. Minority [add]

Zeitgeist (0000) 01. Offshore Breeze [add]
02. Mirage [add]
03. Dormammu [add]
04. Put Your Little Foot Right Out [add]
05. The Hyde Street Run [add]
06. Here's That Rainy Day [add]
07. I Got Rhythm [add]
08. Maiden Voyage [add]
09. Night and Day [add]

Expansion (0000) 01. El Fuego de Las Intanus [add]
02. The Wheel de Ja Vu [add]
03. On Air [add]
04. A Scarf in the Air [add]
05. Vertical Horizons [add]
06. Wind Bone [add]

Soundings [live] (0000) 01. Gulf Stream [add]
02. The Edge [add]
03. Through the Arcade [add]
04. Whistle Stop [add]
05. Vulcan's Dolls [add]
06. Prelude & Groove [add]
07. Things Inside [add]
08. Pentacle [add]
09. Tensile Strength [add]

Tidal Wave (0000) 01. Tidal Wave [add]
02. Promenade [add]
03. Chelsea Bridge [add]
04. Country Fair [add]
05. Billie's Bounce [add]
06. Wherever You Are [add]
07. Hotline [add]

Time Remembers One Time Once [live] (0000) 01. Chairman Mao [live] [add]
02. Bird Food [live] [add]
03. As Long as There's Music [live] [add]
04. Time Remembers One Time Once [live] [add]
05. Love for Sale [live] [add]
06. Ellen David [live] [add]
07. Satellite/How High the Moon [live] [add]
08. The Dolphin [live] [add]

Cathexis (1964) 01. I-Thou [add]
02. 'Round Midnight [add]
03. Little Children Don't Go Near That House [add]
04. Nica's Tempo [add]
05. Cathexis [add]
06. Repeat [add]
07. Stonehenge [add]
08. Soon [add]
09. Blue Phoenix [add]

Live at the Trident (1965) 01. St. Thomas [add]
02. Carole's Waltz [add]
03. Spur of the Moment [add]
04. Where Does It Lead [add]
05. Lonely Woman [add]
06. My Shinning Hour [add]
07. Quiet Now [add]
08. At Sixes and Sevevs [add]
09. What Is This Thing Called Love [add]

In the Moment (1988) 01. Celebration [add]
02. Blues in the Night [add]
03. It Won't Take Us Any Time at All [add]
04. Monk-Y Business [add]
05. Just Passing By [live] [add]
06. I-Thou [live] [add]
07. Underlying [live] [add]
08. Requiem [live] [add]
09. Broad Way Blues [live] [add]

Trio (1988) 01. Brazilian Street Dance [add]
02. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]
03. Rolling Hills [add]
04. All the Things You Are [add]
05. Lament [add]
06. Shaver Grade [add]
07. Turnaround [add]
08. On the March [add]
09. And Then I Wondered If You Knew [add]

Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 27 (1992) 01. Blues on the Side [add]
02. Girl Next Door [add]
03. My Man's Gone Now [add]
04. Lazy Bird [add]
05. 'Round Midnight [add]
06. Love for Sale [add]
07. And Then I Wondered If You Knew [add]
08. Country Fair [add]
09. Sophisticated Lady [add]
10. The End of a Love Affair [add]
11. Just Passing By [add]
12. What Is This Thing Called Love?/Fifth House [add]

As Long As There's Music (1997) 01. As Long as There's Music [add]
02. They Can't Take That Away from Me [add]
03. For Heaven's Sake [add]
04. There and Back [add]
05. I'm All Smiles [add]
06. Cousin Mary [add]
07. Triste [add]
08. Canyon [add]
09. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
10. The Man I Love [add]

Slickrock (2004) 01. You and the Night and the Music [add]
02. Wishing on the Moon [add]
03. Every Which Way [add]
04. Put Your Little Foot Right Out [add]
05. It Could Happen to You [add]
06. Body and Soul [add]
07. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
08. E.S.P. [add]
09. Just Passing By [add]
10. Dawn; Gathering [add]
11. On the Trail [add]
12. Recovery [add]
13. On the Trail Again [add]

Solo Voyage (2005) 01. Bemsha Swing [add]
02. Miyako [add]
03. Cascade [add]
04. Quiet Now [add]
05. Walking, Prancing, Marching, Dancing [add]
06. Solo Voyage: Prelude [add]
07. Solo Voyage: In Your Own Sweet Way [add]
08. Solo Voyage: I Should Care [add]
09. Solo Voyage: Interlude 1 [add]
10. Solo Voyage: Lament [add]
11. Solo Voyage: Interlude 2 [add]
12. Solo Voyage: Moving Parts 1 [add]
13. Solo Voyage: Moving Parts 2 [add]

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