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Genre: Jazz
Very Early (0000) 01. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
02. I Love You Porgy [add]
03. Nature Boy [add]
04. You Won't Forget Me [add]
05. My Funny Valentine [add]
06. Very Early [add]
07. Leaving [add]
08. Effendi [add]

Present Tense (1959) 01. Masada/Summernight [add]
02. The Good Life [add]
03. Present Tense [add]
04. All of You [add]
05. Heart of Nowhere [add]
06. You Say You Care [add]
07. Beatrice Rose [add]
08. Smoke and Mirrors [add]

Little Presents Live Jazz (1983) 01. Restless Dreams [add]
02. My Foolish Heart [add]
03. Kahalid the Warrior [add]
04. May Moon [add]
05. You and I [add]
06. Calypso Nouveau [add]

But Beautiful (1994) 01. On a Misty Night [add]
02. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
03. Spring Is Here [add]
04. Single Pedal of a Rose [add]
05. But Beautiful [add]
06. The Island [add]
07. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) [add]
08. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [add]
09. My Foolish Heart [add]
10. Stolen Moments [add]

Longing (1994) 01. Back up/The Double Up [add]
02. Longing [add]
03. Etch-A-Sketch [add]
04. A Child Is Born [add]
05. Just for Now [add]
06. Celestial Moods [add]
07. Giant Steps [add]
08. Over the Rainbow [add]
09. Khalid the Warrior [add]

Wire Walker (1995) 01. A New Blue [add]
02. May You Shine [add]
03. Barbara [add]
04. Six Years Remembrance [add]
05. Stand Inside the Circle [add]
06. A Time for Love [add]
07. Young and Foolish [add]
08. Wire Walker [add]

Inner Space (1996) 01. Django [add]
02. Tripping [add]
03. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
04. Sanibel Island [add]
05. Skylark [add]
06. Truce [add]
07. Quiet Now [add]
08. Inner Space [add]

Sound Tracks (1997) 01. The English Patient [From the English Patient] [add]
02. Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) [From M*A*S*H] [add]
03. The Rainbow Connection [From The Muppet Movie] [add]
04. Sound of Silence [From The Graduate] [add]
05. Laura [From Laura] [add]
06. The Shadow of Your Smile [From The Sandpiper] [add]
07. In the Sky (Poison d'Amour) [add]
08. Maturity [From Cinema Paradiso] [add]
09. Tara's Theme from "Gone With the Wind" [add]

Slander (And Other Love Songs) (1998) 01. Song for Cables [add]
02. Saturn's Child [add]
03. Tuesday Heartbreak [add]
04. Mission Impossible [add]
05. Blue [add]
06. Cecil B. DeBop [add]
07. Slander [add]
08. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]
09. Second Story Man [add]

Mutual Admiration Society (1999) 01. K-Man Crew [add]
02. I Say a Little Prayer [add]
03. Can We Talk? [add]
04. The Haze Factor [add]
05. Tears in Her Heart [add]
06. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year [add]
07. Diamonds Remain [add]
08. For All We Know [add]

Beauty Burning (2000) 01. Litha [add]
02. Twilight [add]
03. Pools of Amber [add]
04. Somewhere Waiting [add]
05. Quiet as It's Kept [add]
06. Where Is Love? [add]
07. I-95 [add]
08. Rasputainian Dance [add]

Storytelling (2001) 01. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
02. Nature Boy [add]
03. Hello Like Before [add]
04. Who Killed Davey Moore? [add]
05. Midnight Star [add]
06. A Tale of Coincidence [add]
07. Blame It on My Youth [add]
08. I'll Be There [add]
09. Don't Let It Bring You Down [add]

State of Soul (2002) 01. It's Too Late [add]
02. Come Down Time [add]
03. Land of the Living [add]
04. Dimming of the Day [add]
05. Hello to the Wind [add]
06. Sometimes It Rains [add]
07. New Pompei [add]
08. For All We Know [add]
09. Stranger to Himself [add]

4 Walls of Freedom (2003) 01. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Surfacing [add]
02. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Prayer [add]
03. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Searching [add]
04. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Ballet of the Storni [add]
05. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Helping Hands (For Vince Casolaro) [add]
06. 4 Walls of Freedom Suite: Look to This Day [add]
07. Crescent Street [add]
08. Suite Di Morfeo: Now I Lay Me Down [add]
09. Suite Di Morfeo: Now in Darkness I Dream [add]
10. Suite Di Morfeo: Waking Now, I Wonder [add]

Dear Life (2004) 01. Wind in Your Willow [add]
02. Dear Life [add]
03. Cut and Paste [add]
04. Eva [add]
05. Ennui [add]
06. For B.B. [add]
07. Manhattan Rain [add]
08. Malonius [add]
09. Verrazano Moon [add]

Sailing (2004) 01. Sailing [add]
02. Just the Way You Are [add]
03. Stolen Moments [add]
04. Killing Me Softly [add]
05. Whisper Not [add]
06. Fragile [add]
07. Dedicated to You [add]
08. People Make the World Go Round [add]
09. Harbour Lights [add]

Rev-elation [live] (2005) 01. The Prophet Speaks [add]
02. Young and Foolish [add]
03. The Look of Love [add]
04. Rev-elation [add]
05. Opus de Funk [add]
06. Close Enough for Love [add]
07. Big Town [add]
08. Used to Be Jackson [add]

Live in Seattle (2006) 01. Van Gogh by Numbers [add]
02. Honu [add]
03. Fractured [add]
04. Native Son [add]
05. Miramar [add]
06. Tulipa [add]
07. The King (For T.M.) [add]

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