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Genre: New Age
In the Enchanted Garden (1996) 01. Through the Arbor [add]
02. Sundial Dreams [add]
03. The Enchanted Garden [add]
04. Butterfly [add]
05. Straw Hats [add]
06. Another Realm [add]
07. Water Lilies [add]
08. Fairy Wings [add]
09. Paper Clouds [add]
10. After the Rain [add]

Beyond the Sundial (1997) 01. Beyond the Sundial [add]
02. Threads of Light [add]
03. Where Paths Meet [add]
04. A Flurry of Golden Leaves [add]
05. Kristen's Serenade [add]
06. A Time Remembered [add]
07. A Distant Shade of Green [add]
08. Into the Realm [add]
09. Sundial Awakening [add]
10. Hide and Seek [add]
11. Until Tomorrow [add]

Summer Daydreams (1998) 01. Le Jardin [add]
02. Once in the Long Ago [add]
03. Twilight's Embrace [add]
04. Water Tapestry [add]
05. Pan's Return [add]
06. Pastel Reflections [add]
07. Whisperings [add]
08. Summer Daydreams [add]
09. Dance of the Dragonfly [add]
10. Return to Love [add]

In My Life (1999) 01. We All Fall in Love Sometime [add]
02. Love's First Smile [add]
03. Tomorrow's Promise [add]
04. Bittersweet [add]
05. To Sleep on Angels' Wings [add]
06. Touch the Sky [add]
07. Passages [add]
08. Twirling in Time [add]
09. Dance of the Searching Souls [add]
10. Emerald Legacy [add]
11. In My Life [add]

Embracing the Wind (2001) 01. Blossom on the Wind [add]
02. Through Your Eyes [add]
03. Childhood Remembered [add]
04. The Silence of Knowing [add]
05. Above the Clouds [add]
06. Bathed in Dawn's Light [add]
07. From the Day Forward [add]
08. A Secret Grove [add]
09. Fantasia's Lullaby [add]
10. A Gentle Whisper [add]

The Winding Path (2003) 01. The Touch of Love [add]
02. The Way of the Stream [add]
03. A Million Stars [add]
04. High Above the Valley [add]
05. Ancient Guardians [add]
06. Cauldron of Healing [add]
07. Filled With Light [add]
08. Through the Veil [add]
09. Softly Falling [add]
10. The Winding Path [add]

Imagination's Light (2005) 01. Remembering the Light [add]
02. Safe in Your Embrace [add]
03. Pearls of Joy [add]
04. Told to the Heart [add]
05. Fields of Gold [add]
06. Imagination's Key [add]
07. Keepers of the Flame [add]
08. Musings [add]
09. Sweet Dreams, Helena [add]
10. I Am Always Right Here [add]
11. And the Light Is Forever [add]

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