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Combichrist lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Everybody Hates You (2005) 01. This S*it Will Fcuk You Up [add]
02. Enjoy the Abuse [add]
03. Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood [add]
04. I'm Happy Anyway [add]
05. Blut Royale [add]
06. Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl? [add]
07. Feed Your Anger [add]
08. God Bless [add]
09. Like to Thank My Buddies [add]
10. Happy Fcuking Birthday [add]
11. This Is My Rifle [add]
12. Lying Sack of S*it [add]
13. Without Emotions [add]

Get Your Body Beat (2006) 01. Get Your Body Beat [Album Version] [add]
02. Products [Life Composer Version] [add]
03. What the Fcuk [Exclusive Track] [add]
04. Get Your Body Beat [Käpt'n K Mix] [add]
05. Get Your Body Beat [Rotten Blood Remix] [add]
06. Get Your Body Beat [Remix] [add]
07. Get Your Body Beat [Shooting Up Remix] [add]
08. Get Your Body Beat [Tortured Remix] [add]
09. Get Your Body Beat [Remix] [add]
10. DNA AM [*] [add]

What the F*ck Is Wrong with You People? (2007) 01. 5AM [(After Party)] [add]
02. What the F**k Is Wrong with You? [add]
03. Electrohead [add]
04. Adult Content [add]
05. F**k That S**T [add]
06. Braain Bypass [add]
07. Get Your Body Beat [add]
08. Deathbed [add]
09. In the Pit [add]
10. Shut Up and Swallow [add]
11. Red [add]
12. Are You Connected [add]
13. Give Head If You Got It [add]
14. All Your Bass Belongs to Us [add]

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