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The Abstractions lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Sonic Conspiracy [live] (2002) 01. Outfuck [add]
02. Urban Gothic Hoedown [add]
03. H-Bomb Transvestite Infiltration Bop [add]
04. Dinner With Blue Dragon @ Extending Claw Cafe [add]
05. On the Hell Bridge, Meat Market, Torture Process [add]
06. Don't Touch My Shit [add]
07. 4-Wheeling Waste -- Roam About As a Vagabond [add]
08. Telephone -- Long Distance [add]
09. Sonic Conspiracy [add]
10. If Ornette Askew Contankerous Insignificant Anti Cacti [add]
11. Hidden Conversation -- Who's Sensitive Here? [add]
12. Playground of Lost Souls - Shields and Arrows [add]
13. The File Room [add]
14. Your Table Is Ready [add]
15. The Wisperer -- American Pictorals [add]
16. Bloodsucker Money Bugs -- Glyph [add]
17. Sodium Pentathalon -- 400 Loads [add]
18. The Oval Office [add]

Ars Vivende (2003) 01. The Bitter Undiscovered Alienated (Male) Genius Club [add]
02. The Tower [add]
03. Cultivate the Voices in the Wilderness [add]
04. Your Eyes Taste Like Steel [add]
05. Lurch [add]
06. The Thread [add]
07. Amerika Not Beautiful [add]
08. A Furiously Fatal Future [add]
09. Companions on a Journey Through a Lost Amerika [add]
10. After the War [add]
11. Caress of the Claw [add]
12. Demon Down [add]
13. Rain of Bullets [add]
14. That Hideous Beauty [add]
15. Armageddon Under Glass [add]
16. Psychotronix Melodramatix [add]
17. But Not for Me [add]
18. Universal Flaw [add]
19. No More Loans [add]
20. Peeling Back the Layers of a Dead Foot [add]
21. Flow Between My Past and My Future [add]
22. Heart of Midnight [add]

Novo Navigatio (2005) 01. Freedom from the Known [add]
02. Our Gov. Schwarzenegger [add]
03. Media & Money Our DeMockracy [add]
04. Lament the Fallen [add]
05. Take off Leave Now Never Come Back [add]
06. Christian Bush [add]
07. Noise?What! [add]
08. Epiphany in Bitter Blue [add]
09. Bronze Tear Pass [add]
10. Take Yourself Seriously [add]
11. Red Dusk Over Red Dawn [add]
12. The Routinization of Modern Life [add]
13. Baroque in Black Fugue [add]
14. Who Killed Desiree Brown [add]
15. The Moon, My Visions [add]
16. Of Phantasmagoric Supposition [add]
17. Voodoo in America? [add]
18. Deadly Silence [add]
19. Burn It Down [add]

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