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Nancy Abercrombie lyrics
Genre: New Age
Divine Operation (2003) 01. Raise Ye a Song [add]
02. God in Me Can Do Anything [add]
03. Thank You, God [add]
04. God's Own Hand [add]
05. Don't Send Me Flowers [add]
06. God Is the Rock [add]
07. Namaste' to You [add]
08. Thanks Be to God [add]
09. Eyes of the Spirit World [add]
10. Something Good lyrics
11. Sweet Release [add]
12. Proverb [add]
13. The Great I Am [add]
14. Divine Operation [add]
15. Come into the Silence [add]
16. Peace & Understanding [add]

Journey of My Soul (2003) 01. One of a Kind (Vol. 1) [add]
02. Long, Lonely Road [add]
03. Ain't All Troubles & Heartaches [add]
04. Somebody Up There Likes Me [add]
05. Just Call It Love [add]
06. Father's Good Pleasure [add]
07. I Never Knew, Lord [add]
08. Through the Eyes of God [add]
09. All Things Have I [add]
10. I'll Put My Money on You [add]
11. This Thing Called You (Vol.2) [add]
12. Your Very Best Time [add]
13. Love Is Not Enough [add]
14. Dear God [add]
15. A Matter of Attitude [add]
16. I Am Your Life [add]
17. Life Is a Wonderful Place [add]
18. In My Father's House [add]
19. The Extra Mile [add]
20. Give Me Love [add]
21. Save the Playground [add]
22. I Do Believe [add]
23. One Song (Vol. 3) [add]
24. The Truth Is the Truth [add]
25. Be Still and Know [add]
26. The Lord Is My Agent [add]
27. The Keeper [add]
28. Ordinary Miracles [add]
29. I Danced with the Creator [add]
30. Breaking Through [add]
31. I See Divinity in You [add]
32. Untitled Prayer [add]
33. Surrender the Day [add]
34. Unfinished Business [add]

Tribute (2003) 01. Hats off to the Ladies [add]
02. She's Always Been Mama to Me [add]
03. American Anthems [add]
04. A Vow for Love [add]
05. A Wish for Christmas [add]
06. Christmas in My Heart [add]
07. Hey, I'm Talking 'Bout Jesus [add]
08. Help Me Hold On [add]
09. One Solitary Life [add]
10. Footprints in the Sand [add]
11. There Has Only Been One Jesus [add]
12. Tribute [add]

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