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Ellis Hooks lyrics
Genre: Blues
Undeniable (2002) 01. Something 4 Everyone [add]
02. Everything's Falling Around Me [add]
03. I Release You [add]
04. Blaze Up the Town [add]
05. I Been There [add]
06. Your Love Is Too Strong [add]
07. Undeniable [add]
08. Gypsy Head [add]
09. Hole in My Heart [add]
10. Waiting for the Rapture [add]
11. To Get Close to You [add]
12. Your Last Chance [add]
13. Burnt by the Flame of Love [add]

Up Your Mind (2003) 01. Ridin With Fire [add]
02. Up Your Mind [add]
03. Eight Months Ago Today [add]
04. Holding Out My Love [add]
05. Man of the Blues [add]
06. Controlling Picasso [add]
07. Still Waiting [add]
08. Last Chance for Happiness [add]
09. Down for the Last Time [add]
10. Jessie Got Shot [add]
11. Black Wolf Bone [add]
12. How Long [add]
13. To Get You Back in My Arms Again [add]

Uncomplicated (2004) 01. It's Gonna Take Some Time [add]
02. Forty Days & Forty Nights [add]
03. Can't Take This No More [add]
04. Sweet Justina [add]
05. Uncomplicated [add]
06. The Hand of God [add]
07. She Locked the Door [add]
08. I Don't Want to Go Home [add]
09. The Idea of You [add]
10. Never Give Up on Your Love [add]
11. It's a Hassle [add]
12. You Can't Change Me [add]
13. Slide the Gun [add]
14. M'Baby [add]
15. That's Not What I Need [add]

The Hand of God (2005) 01. Gonna Take Some Time [add]
02. Farm Dasys and Farm Nights [add]
03. Uncomplicated [add]
04. She Locked the Door [add]
05. It's a Hassle [add]
06. The Hand of God [add]
07. Never Give Up on Your Love [add]
08. The Idea of You [add]
09. Ready Nthis Time [add]
10. Slide the Gun [add]
11. Its Not Me [add]
12. Thats Not When I Read [add]
13. M'Baon [add]
14. Sunset Jushina [add]
15. Let Love Do It [add]
16. Can't Take This No More [*] [add]
17. I Dont Want to Go Home [*] [add]

Godson of Soul (2005) 01. Five Times [add]
02. Black Nights, Blue Moon [add]
03. High Roller [add]
04. Litta Bitta Lovin [add]
05. Was It Something I Said? [add]
06. Show Me Your Love [add]
07. Chainsaw [add]
08. Honeysuckle [add]
09. A Phase I'm Going Through [add]
10. You Changed My Life [add]
11. If God Brought You to It [add]
12. Go for It [add]
13. Sidetracked [add]
14. Rock My Stone [add]

Another Saturday Morning (2007) 01. Black Dirt [add]
02. You Move Too Fast [add]
03. Don't Stop Dancing [add]
04. Your River [add]
05. This Great Feeling [add]
06. Don't Come Running [add]
07. Bad MF [add]
08. I've Had It [add]
09. Rain on the Wood [add]
10. Another Sat Morning [add]
11. You Don't Know Me [add]
12. Do I Ever Cross Your Heart [add]
13. Feel My Vibration [add]
14. Churchyard Girl [add]
15. The Road to Your Heart [add]
16. If I Give You My Heart for Christmas [*] [add]

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