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Genre: Rock
New York Night (2000) 01. Take This Heart to the River [add]
02. California Sky [add]
03. Inside She Sleeps [add]
04. Musician's Tune [add]
05. Honor What Is Love [add]
06. Just Like Home to Me [add]
07. Learning to Fall [add]
08. Used to Be Two of a Kind [add]
09. Surrender to the Night [add]
10. I Love the Way You Look [add]

Hearts & Rivers (2003) 01. Big Two-Hearted River [add]
02. Country Boy With a Rock and Roll Heart [add]
03. Texas Rivers Song [add]
04. No Rolling Stone [add]
05. Down in Lafayette [add]
06. Cost Me a Heart [add]
07. Useful Girl [add]
08. Highland Rim [add]
09. Old Friends [add]
10. Molly and Dan [add]
11. Old Man Collecting Cans [add]
12. Don't Know Why Blues [add]
13. Heart Good as New [add]
14. Living With a Loaded Gun [add]
15. Rasputin [add]
16. That's Right [add]
17. Without You [add]
18. Liars' Polka [add]
19. Rock and a Soft Place [add]
20. Love Train [add]

Hum of the Wheels (2003) 01. Hum of the Wheels [add]
02. Trying to Keep My Feet on the Ground [add]
03. Magic and Danger [add]
04. The Fairest Outlaw [add]
05. I Give Myself Away [add]
06. Whoa Back [add]
07. It's the Women Who Choose [add]
08. Who Killed Jack Rabbit [add]
09. Coyote Waltz [add]
10. Ain't It Like a Circle [add]
11. Sant'anna [add]
12. Next Year Better [add]

One Bar Town (2003) 01. Long Long Way [add]
02. One Bar Town [add]
03. You Can't Love Nobody (If You Don't Love Yourself) [add]
04. When Souls Collide [add]
05. Money Talks [add]
06. Bus Stop Coffee [add]
07. Ballad of Captain Blake [add]
08. Incident in the Houston Post [add]
09. Stranger [add]
10. Doing the Same Old Thing [add]
11. Burning That Candle [add]
12. Faded Loves and Memories [add]
13. I Want to Be Your Microphone [add]
14. Big Red Sun [add]
15. ¿Que Se Yo? (What Do I Know?) [add]
16. Amsterdam [add]

Blue Collar Blues (2003) 01. Blue Collar Blues [add]
02. Pony Ride [add]
03. I Give Myself Away [add]
04. Mexican Honeymoon [add]
05. Whole Lotta Love [add]
06. Hearts Are Like Horses [add]
07. Foley [add]
08. Border Town [add]
09. Moving On [add]
10. A Rose Is a Rose [add]
11. Hole in My Heart [add]
12. Never Say Never [add]
13. A Vibe [add]
14. Uncertain Texas [add]

Salty Songs (2003) 01. Coda 1 [add]
02. I Believe [add]
03. Bordertown [add]
04. Talk Dirty to Me [add]
05. Hard by the Highway [add]
06. Coda 2 [add]
07. Hit Me Like a Train [add]
08. Living and Dying for Love [add]
09. A Rock and A Soft Place [add]
10. Coda 3 [add]
11. Hello Bluebird [add]
12. Mankind [add]
13. Without You [add]
14. Between Husbands and Wives [add]
15. Coda 4 [add]
16. Since You've Been Gone [add]
17. Molly and Dan [add]
18. Let It Go [add]
19. Coda 5 [add]

Doppelganger (2003) 01. Woody Knows Nothing [add]
02. Small Town Hero [add]
03. Forever, For Always, For Certain [add]
04. The Boll Weevil Song [add]
05. I Ain't Got No Home [add]
06. Uncertain Texas [add]
07. No Blue Song [add]
08. Woody Went Down in the Deep Hold [add]
09. Jesus Take Me Fishing [add]
10. Pastures of Plenty [add]
11. Across the Wide Missouri [add]
12. So Have I [add]
13. May You Glide Like a River/The Birthday Song [add]

Amigos: Richard Dobson Sings Townes Van Zandt (2003) 01. White Freightliner Blues [add]
02. Buckskin Stallion Blues [add]
03. The Catfish Song [add]
04. Pancho and Lefty [add]
05. Come Tomorrow [add]
06. No Place to Fall [add]
07. Quicksilver Dreams of Maria [add]
08. Loretta [add]
09. If I Needed You [add]
10. Snowing on Raton [add]
11. Don't You Take It Too Bad [add]
12. Dollar Bill Blues [add]
13. Two Girls [add]
14. Turnstyled Junkpiled [add]
15. Still Looking for You [add]

On Thistledown Wind (2006) 01. Come on Baby, Lets Dance [add]
02. The Ballad of Harpoon Barry [add]
03. She Was a Little Crazy [add]
04. On Thistledown Wind [add]
05. The Infidel [add]
06. Red Headed Woman [add]
07. Queen of My Heart [add]
08. Scissortail Bird [add]
09. Down Along the Reeperbahn [add]
10. Month of Mondays (A Song for the Muse) [add]
11. Slave to the Restless Wind [add]
12. New Morning Song [add]

Global Village Garage (2006) 01. Just to Hold You Through the Night [add]
02. Rocking to the Rhythm of the World [add]
03. Gator Bait [add]
04. Going to the Roundhouse [add]
05. Sweet Spot [add]
06. A Place Called Idaho [add]
07. Back to the Island [add]
08. Lonesome Riding Shotgun [add]
09. Ruester's Song [add]
10. The Long Liner [add]
11. Ballad of Chipita and Karla Faye [add]
12. If I String Along with You [add]
13. Long Gone Love Song [add]
14. Blues with No Reason [add]
15. They Call It Music City [add]

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