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Marty Ehrlich lyrics
Genre: Jazz
The Welcome (0000) 01. Hybrid [add]
02. Lament (In Passing) [add]
03. The Welcome [add]
04. Generosity [add]
05. Stride [add]

Pliant Plaint (0000) 01. Celebration in Capetown (Strangers No More) [add]
02. The All Told Alto Blues [add]
03. After After All [add]
04. Pliant Plaint [add]
05. After All [add]
06. Willie Whipporwill's Back Slidin' Heart Throb Two-Step [add]
07. What I Know Now [add]

The Traveller's Tale (0000) 01. The Short Circle in the Long Line [add]
02. The Reconsidered Blues [add]
03. The Traveller's Tale [add]
04. March [add]
05. Alice's Wonderland [add]
06. Melody for Madeleine [add]
07. Plowshares People [add]
08. Lonnie's Lament [add]

Emergency Peace (0000) 01. Emergency Peace [add]
02. Dusk [add]
03. The Painter [add]
04. The Tucked Sleeve of a One-Armed Boy [add]
05. Unison [add]
06. Double Dance [add]
07. Circle the Heart [add]
08. Charlie in the Parker [add]
09. Tribute [add]

Side by Side (0000) 01. Side by Side [add]
02. The Adding Song [add]
03. Hadrian's Wall [add]
04. Sugar Water [add]
05. Stride [add]
06. Silent Refrain [add]
07. Johnny Come Lately [add]
08. Time's Counsel/The Far West Woman [add]
09. The Far West Woman [add]

New York Child (0000) 01. New York Child [add]
02. Generosity [add]
03. Georgia Blue [add]
04. Tell Me This [add]
05. Elvin's Exit [add]
06. Prelude [add]
07. Time and the Wild Words [add]
08. Untitled [add]
09. Turn Again [add]

Just Before the Dawn (0000) 01. Spirit of Jah [add]
02. Thickets [add]
03. Mudpie Anthem [add]
04. Dance No. 1 [add]
05. Flight [add]
06. The Folksinger [add]
07. Side by Side [add]
08. Underground/Overground [add]
09. Eliahu [add]

Light at the Crossroads (0000) 01. Texas [add]
02. I Don't Know This World Without Don Cherry [add]
03. What I Lost [add]
04. Ask Me Later [add]
05. Dark Sestina [add]
06. Hopeless [add]
07. Twos [add]
08. April 4 [add]
09. Light at the Crossroads [add]

Live Wood (0000) 01. Introspection [add]
02. Dance No. 1 [add]
03. Tribute [add]
04. The Painter [add]
05. Eliahu [add]
06. Emergency Peace [add]
07. Thickets [add]
08. Bright Canto/Dark Sestina [add]
09. Time and the Wild Words [add]
10. Flight [add]
11. The Tucked Sleeve of a One-Armed Boy [add]
12. The Folksinger [add]

Falling Man (1989) 01. Falling Man [add]
02. Lament in Passing [add]
03. Wheels/Dice [add]
04. Phantoms [add]
05. The Terrible Twos [add]
06. Segue [add]
07. Bird's Mother [add]
08. The Protector [add]
09. You Don't Know What Love Is [add]
10. Mississippi House [add]

Can You Hear a Motion? (1993) 01. The Black Hat [add]
02. Welcome [add]
03. Pictures in a Glass House [add]
04. North Star [add]
05. Ode to Charlie Parker [add]
06. Reading the River [add]
07. One for Robin [add]
08. Comme II Faut [add]

Sojourn (1999) 01. The Open Return [add]
02. Eliahu: 2nd Variation [add]
03. Blind Willie McTell [add]
04. The Git Go [add]
05. The Secret of Light [add]
06. Hillel's Riddle [add]
07. Sojourn [add]
08. The Modzizer Nigun [add]

Relativity (1999) 01. Incident at Harpham Flat [add]
02. Eloi Lament [add]
03. Lucky Life [add]
04. The Pivot [add]
05. Holy Waters [add]
06. Round the Four Corners [add]
07. Jiggle the Handle [add]
08. Relativo [add]
09. Tagioni [add]
10. In a Child's Eyes [add]

Malinke's Dance (2000) 01. Rhymes [add]
02. The Cry of... [add]
03. Malinke's Dance [add]
04. Line on Love [add]
05. Pigskin [add]
06. Tears of Rage [add]
07. North Star [add]
08. Bright Remembered [add]
09. Willy Whippoorwill Steals a Bow [add]

Song (2001) 01. Waltz [add]
02. The Price of the Ticket (After James Baldwin) [add]
03. Day of the Dark Bright Light [add]
04. Blue Boye's Blues [add]
05. I Pity the Poor Immigrant [add]
06. Fauve [add]
07. The Falling Rains of Life [add]

Line on Love (2003) 01. Hymn [add]
02. Like I Said [add]
03. Line on Love [add]
04. Julian's Theme [add]
05. Turn Circle and Spin [add]
06. Solace [add]
07. St. Louis Summer [add]
08. The Git Go [add]

The Long View (2003) 01. The Long View: Movement I [add]
02. The Long View: Movement II [add]
03. The Long View: Movement III [add]
04. The Long View: Movement IV [add]
05. The Long View: Movement V [add]
06. The Long View: Movement VI [add]
07. The Long View: Postlude [add]

News on the Rail (2005) 01. Enough Enough [add]
02. Hear You Say [add]
03. Light in the Morning (Many Thousand Gone) [add]
04. News on the Rail [add]
05. Dance No. 2 [add]
06. Erica [add]
07. Seeker's Delight [add]
08. Keeper of the Flame [add]

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