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Clusone Trio lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Love Henry [live] (0000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Red Hots [add]
03. When I Lost You [add]
04. White Hot [add]
05. It's You [add]
06. White Spots [add]
07. Cuckoo in the Clock [add]
08. Uninhabited Island [add]
09. Red Spots [add]
10. The Bilbao Song [add]
11. Restless in Pieces [add]
12. Love Henry [add]
13. In the Company of Angels [medley] [add]
14. Temp Comodo [add]
15. Moeder Aller Oorlogen [add]
16. White Christmas/Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor [medley] [add]
17. Ao Velho Pedro/Marie Pompen [add]
18. Goodbye [add]

Clusone Trio (1992) 01. Pipistrello I [add]
02. Providence [add]
03. Pipistrello II [add]
04. Girl Talk [add]
05. Ao Velho Pedro [add]
06. Marie Pompoen [add]
07. Sunday Stroll [add]
08. B?b? [add]
09. 117th St. [add]
10. New Shoes [add]
11. Debbie Warden [add]
12. Rollo II [add]
13. Hinde-Wu [add]

Soft Lights and Sweet Music: Clusone Trio Plays the Music of Irving Berlin ... (1993) 01. Soft Lights and Sweet Music [add]
02. There's No Buisness Like Show Business/The Girl That I Marry/I Got the [add]
03. The Song Is Ended [add]
04. Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Better [add]
05. For the Folks Back Home/Chick to Chick [add]
06. What'll I Do? [add]
07. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody [add]
08. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
09. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor [add]
10. Marie [add]
11. They Say It's Wonderful [add]
12. Always [add]
13. Cuckoo in the Clock [add]
14. Let's Face the Music and Dance [add]
15. When I Lost You [add]
16. I'm an Indian, Too [add]
17. I Never Had a Chance [add]
18. White Christmas [add]

I Am an Indian (1995) 01. Wigwam [add]
02. Angelica [add]
03. Tlinglit [add]
04. I'm an Indian, Too [add]
05. The Gig [add]
06. I'm an Indian, Too [add]
07. Qow [add]
08. Bella Coola [add]
09. Celia [add]
10. Tsimshian [add]
11. Sonoroso [add]
12. Mijn Geheugen Is Een Zeef [add]
13. The Song Is Ended [add]
14. Salish [add]

Rara Avis (1999) 01. The Buzzard Song [add]
02. Avocet [add]
03. Yellow Bird [add]
04. El Condor Pasa [add]
05. Secretary Bird [add]
06. When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along [add]
07. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
08. Baltimore Oriole [add]
09. Skylark [add]
10. Duck [add]
11. O Pato [add]
12. Le Cygne [add]
13. Tico-Tico-No Fub? [add]
14. My Bird of Paradise [add]

An Hour With... (2000) 01. Medley 1: Pippistrello/Rollo II/Tinglit/I Am an Indian Too [add]
02. It's You [add]
03. Medley 2: Bella Coola/The Peacocks [add]
04. Medley 3: Duck/O Pato/Turkey in the Straw [add]
05. Medley 4: My Bird of Paradise/I Never Had a Chance [add]
06. Medley 5: Le Cygne/A Velho Pedro/Marie Pompoen [add]
07. Baltimore Oriole [add]

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