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Genre: Gospel
Joe Pace Presents: Let There Be Praise [live] (2001) 01. Call to Worship [add]
02. Let Everything That Hath Breath [add]
03. Let There Be Praise [add]
04. O, Clap Your Hands [add]
05. I Worship You Medley [add]
06. Lord We Bless Your Name [add]
07. I Will Bless the Lord at All Times [add]
08. Jesus I'll Never Forget Medley: Jesus I'll Never Forget/I Won't Forget [add]
09. We Offer Praise to You [add]
10. Lift the Savior Up [add]
11. This Is the Day [add]
12. I Worship You Medley: I Worship You Almighty God/Nobody Like You [instrumental] [add]

Glad About It! (2001) 01. He Paid the Price [add]
02. Glad About It [add]
03. Lord I Love to Praise You [add]
04. The Worship Medley: Oh Lord We Praise Your Name/Psalm 117/Praise Jehovah [add]
05. Medley: This Joy/Peace Like a River [add]
06. Glad About It [Stomp Interlude] [add]
07. Solid Rock [add]
08. While You Wait [add]
09. Faithful Medley: Great Is Thy Faithfulness/Faithful [add]
10. While You Wait (Reprise) [add]
11. Just Praise Him [add]
12. While You Wait [*/instrumental] [add]

Joe Pace Presents: Shake the Foundation [live] (2002) 01. I Was Glad [add]
02. Let Us Go into the House [add]
03. Highest Praise [add]
04. I Worship Thee [add]
05. Be Glorified Medley: That's the Way of the World/Be Glorified [add]
06. Be Glorified (Praise Break) [add]
07. Holy Spirit Move [add]
08. Have Your Way [add]
09. Shake the Foundation (Intro) [add]
10. Shake the Foundation [add]
11. Highly Exalted [add]
12. Great Is the Lord Medley: Great Is the Lord/How Great Thou Art [add]
13. Love You So Much [add]
14. Can't Live Without Your Love [add]
15. We Call Him Jesus [add]
16. Remember Jesus Medley: Always Remember/There's Something About ... [add]

Speak Life (2003) 01. God Can Do Anything [add]
02. Hallelujah Anyhow [add]
03. Speak Life [add]
04. Speak Life (Spoken Reprise) [add]
05. Hold On [add]
06. Stand [add]
07. Sing Unto the Lord Medley: Sing Unto the Lord/I Will ... [add]
08. Good to Me [add]
09. Everything I Need [add]
10. We Lift Our Hands [add]
11. We Worship You This Day [add]
12. Joy to the World Medley: Joy to the World/Heaven and Nature Sing [add]

Joe Pace Presents: Sunday Morning Service [live] (2004) 01. Enter In [add]
02. We've Come to Praise Him [add]
03. Our God Reigns [add]
04. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High [add]
05. High and Lifted Up [add]
06. High and Lifted Up (Reprise) [add]
07. You Are Everything to Me [add]
08. Holy Are the Lord [add]
09. I Will [add]
10. Spoken Word Introduction: Pastor Willis Polk, Imani Baptist ... [add]
11. Running Over [add]
12. King of Glory [add]
13. Spoken Word Introduction: Dr. Joseph L. Owens, Shiloh Baptist ... [add]
14. Precious Is the Blood [add]
15. Nothing But the Blood [add]
16. Spoken Word Introduction: Pastor Richard Gaines, Consolidated ... [add]
17. Down at the Alter [add]
18. Spoken Word: Minister Joseph Pace II God Be With You (Organ Interlude) [add]
19. We've Come to Praise Him (Musical Reprise) [add]

Mighty Long Way [live] (2006) 01. Opening Prayer [add]
02. Enter In [add]
03. Have Your Way [add]
04. Let Everything That Hath Breath [add]
05. Shake the Foundation [add]
06. We've Come to Praise Him [add]
07. Hallelujah Anyhow [add]
08. Glad About It [add]
09. Offering of Praise [add]
10. I Will Bless the Lord at All Times [add]
11. Stir Up the Gift [add]
12. So Good [add]
13. Mighty Long Way [add]
14. Mighty Long Way (Reprise) [add]
15. I Still Have Joy [add]
16. While You Wait [add]
17. Speak Life [add]
18. It's Not Over [Speak Life Reprise] [add]
19. The Worship Medley: Hallelu/Psalm 117/Praise Jehovah/Blessed Be the ... [add]
20. Hold On [add]
21. High and Lifted Up [add]

Joe Pace Presents: Worship for the Kingdom [live] (2007) 01. Spoken Word [add]
02. Welcome to This Place [add]
03. Lord You Are Welcome [add]
04. Spoken Word [add]
05. Great Is They Faithfulness [add]
06. Spoken Word [add]
07. It's Time to Praise Him [add]
08. You've Been Good [add]
09. You've Been Good (Reprise) [add]
10. Spoken Word [add]
11. Lord Have Your Way [add]
12. When I Worship [add]
13. Great and Mighty [add]
14. Spoken Word [add]
15. This Is Your Season [add]
16. Praise Him [add]
17. Spoken Word [add]
18. Sacrifice [add]
19. This Is Your Invitation/Spoken Word [add]
20. May the Lord God Be with You [add]

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