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Genre: Jazz
As Wave Follows Wave (0000) 01. Free Range Chicken [add]
02. Bingo [add]
03. Blue Pepper (Far East of the Blues) [add]
04. Old Porch Swing [add]
05. Tiny Prairie Landscape [add]
06. I Remember Lona [add]
07. As Wave Follows Wave [add]
08. Nice Colors [add]
09. Body and Soul [add]
10. Sweet Betsy from Pike [add]
11. July Hymn (For Don Cherry) [add]
12. Mr. Zimmerman's Farm [add]

Smile (0000) 01. Wooden Eye [add]
02. Boo Boo's Birthday [add]
03. A Dusting of Snow [add]
04. Big Butt [add]
05. Grand Central [add]
06. Strangers in the Night [add]
07. Making Babies [add]
08. Daymaker (For Audrey) [add]
09. Go Team Go! [add]
10. Cinderblock Shelter [add]
11. I've Found a New Baby [add]

Going Once, Going Twice (1998) 01. Searchlight [add]
02. Chit-Chatting [add]
03. Hey There [add]
04. Request Potato [add]
05. Going Once, Going Twice [add]
06. Brattleboro [add]
07. Land of Lincoln [add]
08. Andrew's Ditty [add]
09. The Blossoms [add]
10. Schoolboy Thug [add]
11. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) [add]

Arts and Crafts (2001) 01. Stompin' Grounds [add]
02. Lester [add]
03. Webb City [add]
04. Beija-Flor [add]
05. Final Answer [add]
06. There's No You [add]
07. Arts and Crafts [add]
08. Old Gospel [add]
09. Love Walked In [add]
10. All Through the Night [add]

Humidity (2003) 01. Thank You Billy Higgins! [add]
02. Swimming in the Trees [add]
03. Cooperation [add]
04. Free Willy [add]
05. Wall Shadows [add]
06. Raga [add]
07. Code Yellow [add]
08. Humidity [add]
09. Don't Blame Me [add]
10. Out Delight [add]
11. All My Children [add]
12. Beginning of a Memory [add]

Wake Up! (To What's Happening) (2004) 01. Sticky Mack [add]
02. Free Range Chicken [add]
03. Aluminum Baby [add]
04. There Comes a Time [add]
05. Luiza [add]
06. Cuban Carnival Song [add]
07. Silence [add]
08. We'll Be Together Again [add]
09. Fast Edd [add]
10. There Comes a Time (Meditative Reprise) [add]

The Scenic Route (2007) 01. The Scenic Route [add]
02. We See [add]
03. 25 Years of Rootabagas [add]
04. Feel the Sway [add]
05. Rejoicing [add]
06. The Bat [add]
07. In Touch with Dewey [add]
08. Little B's Poem [add]
09. Tenderly [add]
10. Our Prayer/Give Peace a Chance [add]

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