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Theo Bleckmann lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Theo & Kirk [live] (0000) 01. The Truth Is Spoken With Your Eyes [Mowgli Club Rub] [add]
02. Still at Sea [add]
03. Asphalt Nightmare [add]
04. Keepsake Mill [add]
05. In a Mellow Tone [add]
06. Bittersweet [add]
07. Freedom Jazz Dance [add]
08. Lonely Tears [add]
09. Dead Fish Funk [add]

Static Still (0000) 01. Floral Metal [add]
02. (Love Is Patient)(it Doesn't Matter) [add]
03. Barn to Dance [add]
04. Over a Door, Over a Mirror or on Its Own [add]
05. Bunnies on a Stick [add]
06. Be Mine and Love [add]
07. Splatter Screens [add]
08. Girl Painting Egg [add]
09. Swag [add]
10. Static Still [add]
11. Bottle Blow [add]
12. Add Characters to Any Corner [add]
13. I'm Sorry Shu-Mei I'm A... [Perc. Solo] [add]
14. Beatrix [Voice Solo] [add]
15. Lonely Spoons [add]
16. Let's Play [add]
17. Melodica Lewinsky [add]
18. Rebecca Will Take Your Thoughts to Days Gone By [add]

Looking Glass River (1995) 01. Looking-Glass River [add]
02. My Verse [add]
03. Lost in Loving You [add]
04. 7/4 [add]
05. To Me, Fair Friend [add]
06. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) [add]
07. Kaba Nestra [add]
08. Side by Side [add]
09. It Was the Lark [add]
10. The More I See You [add]
11. Sojourn [add]

No Boat (1997) 01. Late Green [add]
02. Gemini [add]
03. No Boat [add]
04. O.K. Chorale [add]
05. Polyhedron [add]
06. Out of This World [add]
07. Mercury [add]
08. E.K. [add]
09. Canady Hill [add]
10. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [add]

Origami (2001) 01. DNA [add]
02. Douce Dame Jolie [add]
03. None of the Above [add]
04. Origami [add]
05. Static Still [add]
06. Alloy [add]
07. I Remember You [add]
08. Like Brother and Sister [add]
09. Nova Scotia [add]
10. An Den Kleinen Radioapparat [add]
11. Without Sky [add]
12. Rhombicosidodecahedron [add]
13. Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries [add]

Anteroom (2005) 01. Anteroom [add]
02. A Small House Can Carry as Much Happiness as a Large One [add]

Las Vegas Rhapsody (2006) 01. Las Vegas Rhapsody (Prologue) [add]
02. Out of My Dreams [add]
03. The Night They Invented Champagne [add]
04. Teacher's Pet [add]
05. True Love [add]
06. You Make Me Feel So Young [add]
07. Chim Chim Cheree [add]
08. A Gal in Calico [add]
09. You Go to My Head [add]
10. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
11. We Kiss in a Shadow [add]
12. Button Up Your Overcoat [add]
13. I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo [add]
14. Luck Be a Lady [add]
15. My Favorite Things [add]
16. Las Vegas Rhapsody (Epilogue) [add]

At Night (2007) 01. Late, By Myself [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
02. Sunny Sunday [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
03. Carbon [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
04. Hymenium [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
05. Animal Planet [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
06. Swarm [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
07. Orchard [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
08. Norwegian Wood [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
09. At Night [Stereo and 5.0] [add]
10. Apocryphon [Stereo and 5.0] [add]

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