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Wild Goose Worship Group lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Many & Great (1990) 01. Gloria (Argentina) [add]
02. Santo, Santo, Santo (Argentina) [add]
03. Senhor Tempiedade de Nos (Brazil) [add]
04. He Came Down [Cameron] [add]
05. Stand Firm [Cameron] [add]
06. Halle, Halle Halle (Caribbean) [add]
07. May God Draw Near [Czechoslovakia] [add]
08. Lord Is My Light [Czechoslovakia] [add]
09. Kyrie Eleison (Ghana) [add]
10. Jesus Christ Our Living Lord (Hungary) [add]
11. Jesuve Saranam [India] [add]
12. Let the World in Concert Sing (Malawi) [add]
13. Sara Shriste (Nepal) [add]
14. Imela (Nigeria) [add]
15. Wa Wa Wa Emimino (Nigeria) [add]
16. Blessed Be God [Philippines] [add]
17. Amen. Alleluia! (South Africa) [add]
18. Amen Siakudumisa (South Africa) [add]
19. Ndingen' Endumisweni (South Africa) [add]
20. Mayenziwe (South Africa) [add]
21. Many and Great [USA Native Tradition] [add]
22. Agios O Theos (Russia) [add]
23. Kyrie Eleison (Russia) [add]
24. Your Kingdom Come (Russia) [add]
25. Jesu Tawa Pano (Zimbabwe) [add]

Innkeepers and Light Sleepers (1992) 01. My Bonnie Boy [add]
02. He Became Poor [add]
03. Christmas Is Coming [add]
04. Carol of the Advent [add]
05. No Wind at the Window lyrics
06. Justice in the Womb [add]
07. And Did It Happen [add]
08. Look up and Wonder [add]
09. God Immersed in Mystery [add]
10. Funny Kind of Night [add]
11. The Pedigree [add]
12. Ma Wee Bit Dearie [add]
13. Ho Ro Ho Ro [add]
14. The Aye Carol [add]
15. Simeon's Song [add]
16. Carol of the Epiphany [add]
17. The Refugees [add]

Sent by the Lord (1996) 01. El Cielo Canta [add]
02. Sarantaņani [add]
03. Cantai Ao Senhor [add]
04. Jesous Ahatonhia [add]
05. Wen Ti [add]
06. Gelobt Sei Deine Treu [add]
07. Kyrie Eleison [add]
08. Come Now, O Prince of Peace [add]
09. Look and Learn [add]
10. Sent by the Lord [add]
11. Somos Pueblo Que Camina [add]
12. Kyrie Guarany [add]
13. Gloria [add]
14. Let Heaven Your Wonders Proclaim [add]
15. Loving Creator [add]
16. Maranatha [add]
17. The Earth Is the Lord's [add]
18. Alabanza [add]
19. Alleluia [add]
20. Bayuvaya [add]
21. Re Ya Mathematha [add]
22. Senzeni Na [add]
23. Thuma Mina lyrics
24. Ch'iu Chu Lienmin Women [add]
25. If You Believe and I Believe [add]

Love + Anger (1999) 01. Sing Out Gladly (Munezero) [add]
02. The Love of God Comes Close [add]
03. Amen, Amen, It Shall Be So! [add]
04. Alimighty God [India] [add]
05. Have Mercy on Us, Lord (Pakistan) [add]
06. Our Burden Is Heavy (Unzima) (South Africa) [add]
07. Poor Folk Won't Always Be Forgotten [add]
08. Goodness Is Stronger Than Evil [add]
09. I Shall Praise You, O God [add]
10. Don't Tell Me of a Faith That Fears [add]
11. Inspired by Love and Anger [add]
12. Sing Out, My Soul [add]
13. Give Us Light (Jyothi Dho Prabhu) [add]
14. We Will Not Take What Is Not Ours [add]
15. God Bless to Us Our Daily Bread (Argentina) [add]
16. The Family [add]
17. How Can We Stand Together? [add]
18. God to Enfold You [add]
19. Over My Head [African American] [add]

There Is One Among Us (2000) 01. Alleluia (Duncan) [add]
02. Bless the Lord (Kenya) /You We Bless (Prayer) [add]
03. Kyrie Eleison (Bridget) [add]
04. Lo I Am With You [add]
05. Magnificat [add]
06. First Born of Mary/He Came to His Own [Reading] [add]
07. This Is the Body of Christ/Christ the Branch (Prayer) [add]
08. Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ/Christ the Branch (Prayer) [add]
09. Nothing in Height [instrumental] [add]
10. Ameni [add]
11. Give Thanks, Worship and Praise the Lord [add]
12. Deo Gratias/I Love You God, My Strength (Prayer) [add]
13. My Eyes Are Dim With Weeping/Lord, Do Not Punish Me in Your Anger (Psa [add]
14. Lord of Life/When All the Tests Have Been Done (Prayer) [add]
15. Be Still and Know [instrumental] [add]
16. Hallelujah [Korea] [add]
17. There Is One Among Us/ Listening to Old People (Reading) [add]
18. Bring Your Best to Their Worst [add]
19. In Love You Summon [add]
20. We Will Take What You Offer [add]
21. The Peace of the Earth [add]

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